Can Conor McGregor Not Find Celtic Park Or Something?

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I noticed that there was a lot of commentary in the media the other day about Conor McGregor and his wish to one day visit Celtic Park. This is one of those occasions where I genuinely roll my eyes and have to express bewilderment.

Conor McGregor is a multi-millionaire several times over. In fact, wasn’t there are a story not that long ago that said he was interested in buying up our club?

I thought that was pretty daft at the time and it remains pretty daft, especially as it doesn’t sound as if he could find Celtic Park if he was dropped in the middle of the Gallowgate.

Hey, if it’s such a dream of his to come to a game I am sure it wouldn’t prove difficult to do. I can’t stand these people who express their love and devotion from afar but who never make the least effort to act on it.

I think Rod Stewart is a prancing, Tory buffoon but that man is at Celtic Park on a regular basis. Sean Connery used to come regularly before he inexplicably decided that his friendship with Murray was more important.

Even Snoop has been over here a couple of times, and others, like Gerard Butler and Ross McCall are often pictures in the stands.

Because Celtic Park is actually quite easy to find and if you have the right contacts – and I would imagine he does – getting tickets should be no problem whatsoever. So what is he waiting for? And why has he waited this long?

Honestly, maybe I shouldn’t get cheesed off at this stuff but it really does annoy me when people like him do this stuff. If you dream of visiting Celtic Park and you have time and money you can certainly do it without much difficulty.

The only thing lacking is the motivation, and until he’s sufficiently up for it he shouldn’t embarrass himself with such daft comments.

I’m certain if he visited Celtic Park he would get a warm welcome. He’s an international sports star with a massive profile and who richly deserves every success he’s had in life. His is a proper rags to riches story.

If he’s having trouble finding the place, I suggest one of those online booking sites; they will sort out his flight, his digs and even a nice ride to the ground.

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  • Michael Canning says:

    Say it to his face lol

  • DixieD says:

    I think we can do without ‘fans’ like McGregor. The video of him punching the old guy because he refused to take a drink from him is sickening. I’d be happy if he never set foot in CP.

  • Dave Boyle says:

    I don’t blame the author for not being particularly knowledgeable about MMA but a cursory Google search would reveal McGregor to be an odious roaster who deserves fuck all success in life. Hope he continues never setting foot in Celtic Park.

    • Patrick Cannon says:

      James that got me thinking, people say oh he’s a good celtic man. But what makes a good celtic man? It annoys me when some celeb or ex players are though more celtic men than some fans. When was the last time they took a day off work and even said my grandma died just to make an away game, you know what I mean. I consider myself a good celtic man but many moons ago I remember walking behind a fan who I thought was wearing a rucksack, when I got to him it was basically scaffolding around his body with metal pins into his head to keep it locked. His celtic scarf was proudly wrapped around it. So save me the piss, true celtic men! Many average celtic fans go through a lot more to see their team than those privlage look at me types m

  • Robbie says:

    This Summer was my first opportunity visiting the U.K. and Celtic Park. I remember it was the day after our season opening victory against the Staggies, and when I got off my train at Glasgow Central the city was hosting the UCI Championships. As I navigated my way around Glasgow, I met two police officers who were watching the race (one of which was a Celtic season ticket holder), and they helped me with directions on how to get over onto the Gallowgate and walk on down to Celtic Park. Beautiful weather that day and I loved learning more about the history of the city’s East End. Folks in Glasgow were so kind, and I could tell they really wanted to show their city off which by far was my favorite place to visit in the U.K. and Ireland.

    A question that I have to my fellow Celtic supporters is why is it so popular to take a pop at Rod Stewart? He seems to really love our club and I know he perhaps has a different political viewpoint than many of us, but I know when he tours here in America, he is more than accommodating to any Celtic supporter he comes across. I guess I probably don’t agree with his political viewpoints (I’d probably be a Labour voter if I lived in the U.K.) but at the same time I guess personally if someone loves our club and happens to vote Conservative, then I’m comfortable with that. If they love our club and support us the more the merrier!

    • Jimmy says:

      It’s only an opinion Robbie. I would suggest Rod is very popular in many Celtic households including mine. Hail Hail.

    • Johnpaulbruen says:

      Well said my friend, this nonsense about he’s a Tory so he can’t b a good Tim is petty and ridiculous

  • Robbie says:

    I forgot to put my original point down in my comment haha. My point is if I can fly from Idaho in the United States all the way to London and take the train up to Glasgow, and then walk what is it-three miles to Celtic Park from Glasgow Central just to see my club’s stadium…then surely Conor McGregor and come see Celtic.

  • Phelim grehan says:

    McGregor has a poor reputation with women at home and abroad, a quick check on your Wattsapp will probably confirm this,as such he wouldn’t be made very welcome at Celtic park. He had a series of serious allegations made against him but like most people with a lot of money he seems to avoid the long arm of the law . I’d hold off on inviting him to Celtic but I’m sure he’d be made very welcome at iPox he’d fit right in there .

  • Stephen Mc Dowell says:

    I don’t want that self-serving numpty anywhere near our club, he is an ignorant violent clown whose behaviour in recent times has been, lets just say less than exemplary, why would we want to be associated with him in any way?

  • James Forrest says:

    Excellent comments on this one guys, and to be honest I hadn’t realised any of that stuff that you folks have posted about him.

    Definitely one to stay far away from our club.

  • Clachnacuddin and the Hoops says:

    These celebs are indeed interesting…

    Pictures of Connery at Parkhead with The Lisbon Lions before he ‘jumped the dyke’ to Murray and Liebrox –

    The other way round is – Rod Stewart…

    Pictures of him in a Rangers (deceased c.2012) top or two before he ‘jumped the dyke’ to Celtic –

    As The old Bucks Fizz song said…

    A Makin’ Your Mind Up !

  • Kevan McKeown says:

    Remember somethin that was doin the rounds at the time about Sean Connery, when he supposedly favored Celtic. Some time in the 80’s, he called Celtic Park askin for possible tickets, on the eve of a sell out Celtic-rangers game at Parkhead. After an age waitin, the person he finally spoke to, asked him who he was and SC replied ‘I’m Sean Connery’ ! And the guy said ‘Aye and I’m Donald duck’ and hung up. SC was apparently, so extremely pissed off, he never tried again. Meant tae be a true story.

  • Torky58 says:

    I’m with you James this guy talks a good game and although he’s got as you say a ‘rags to riches’ story, for me, he’s a bellend. I can’t go him at all and I know among our support that’s not likely to be a popular opinion, I don’t really care. I’ve seen a lot of supporters rave about this guy but I don’t see the attraction and if his next fight was in my back garden I’d drop the blind. I admire his success as a sportsman but that’s about it, the whole circus that he’s created around him is a melee that wouldn’t be good for our club and I hope he never visits our stadium as we don’t need his type of media hype.

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