Celtic Park Basks In The Sound Of Silence As The Forgotten Men Stake Their Claim.

Image for Celtic Park Basks In The Sound Of Silence As The Forgotten Men Stake Their Claim.

What a way to silence the critics. The snipers. The people wishing us to fail.

What a way to turn the volume down on those who are hammering away at the squad depth and the “fringe players.”

What a response from two of our Forgotten Men last night.

St Mirren made that hard for us.

They made it very hard.

And having shredded the approach of Hibs I now want to praise the approach of the Paisley side, because they had a go. They scored early. They defended their lead, sure, as long as it lasted, but they didn’t just sit back all night.

They pressed us, they went for our throat. So, although it was hard it was a better game of football, by far, than the sorry spectacle at Easter Road was.

Yeah, they indulged in some theatrics and John Beaton had his usual shocker where he gave everything he could against us and wouldn’t have given the penalty but for VAR guys who obviously knew even our not-so-stringent system would have been rocked to the core by not calling him over for a look at that one … but I think a team that at least tries to play football against you is entitled to a bit of gamesmanship if you’ve actually been in a game.

For all that, we had the quality and it was the guys who have been getting the stick who came up with the goods, and that will always make me smile.

And especially considering some of those who were left wiping egg off their face like Kirk Broadfoot trying to use a microwave.

No sooner does Hugh Keevins profess someone not good enough to play for Celtic but that individual makes that aged, ignorant reptile look like the fool that he is. On the way to the game last night, I had the displeasure of hearing him on Clyde running down Oh, so of course it would be the big man who snatched the winning goal.

I don’t think it needs to be said how pleased I am for him, as I’ve been saying for a few weeks that he’s been getting into good positions but badly, badly needed a goal.

At the same time, I’m been marvelling at those who have written him and others off as a waste of time. So yeah, I’m delighted he’s off the launch pad for the season.

But here’s the thing; I thought that when we went two up front, we caused them all sorts of problems and if Oh is going to be part of the future here we need to consider playing two up front more often. I do think we need a striker in January.

But hey; I was only saying that all the way up to the last minute of the transfer window anyway … and I couldn’t hide my disappointment that we didn’t get in a forward not so much to act as a backup but to challenge Kyogo for the top sport.

Two up front, in certain games, is going to win us points when nothing else is working. Oh can certainly be part of that system.

As pleased I was for him, I was also delighted for David Turnbull.

Again, this is a guy who has taken tremendous stick but he has a happy knack for scoring goals and we needed that last night at the critical moment after conceding the early goal … Turnbull can do us a job. This is clear to anyone who looks at his record.

Consistency is the thing, and he needs to find some … but I love this guy and he’s mentally strong and has all the skill in the world.

Brendan also has tremendous faith in him, and last night he seized the moment, as big Oh did, which is all you really want your fringe players to do.

Yang looked sharp when he came on. Holm has the assist for the winner, and what more can you ask from him?

They all did their jobs last night, they all did what we wanted them to do … and so for another wee while the incessant critics of Celtic and our squad will simply have to pipe down a bit, because this is a squad game and we have built a good core group and there are some members of that squad who are still finding their feet and others we know can produce and simply must do it with more consistency if they are to stay in the team.

That was a big three points last night, and we do have the chance to move eight clear at the weekend, albeit the mob across town will have their game in hand.

But how good that was last night to be able to enjoy the simple act of going to watch Celtic, to disregard the madness and enjoy the three points.

Nothing else mattered last night, nothing else was important, and every one of those fans who turned up and could be bothered to stay to cheer the side on … on a cold, miserable evening I was glad for us and everyone watching elsewhere whose only concern was that the team win that game.

Which they did. Well done to us all.

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  • Clachnacuddin and the Hoops says:

    Good point and St.Mirren played well so actually a very good three points indeed…

    St.Mirren have every right to have a go as you say and it was a very good delivery for their goal –

    Our own strikes were of very good quality also…

    But that was a vital vital win last night for sure –

    It certainly sickened a few Sevco Huns for sure and thereby obviously sickened 99% of The Scottish Football Media as well for certain !

  • Kevan McKeown says:

    If some of our support have, or were ready tae write Oh off, ye can hardly blame them. In his displays he’s been naewhere near consistent enough. Was great tae see him gettin the goal last night and hope he can kick on from here. Tho he’s still a good bit tae prove, if he’s goin tae build the supports confidence in him.

  • Michael McCartney says:

    We’re going through a wee sticky spell at the moment, Win on Saturday and then go into the International break 8pts clear, that will do for me.
    Last night was a struggle but everyone gave their all. The winning goal was the culmination of a really good passing move, big Oh didn’t half hammer it home. Really happy for some of the fringe players, Yang, Oh and Holm freshened things up just when we needed it.
    I wish some of the negative brigade would wait until a player has at least 6×90 mins under their belts before even attempting to judge.
    I’m fed up saying this, but back in the day some of the doomsayers in the support would have written off quite a lot of the Lisbon Lions, before Big Jock turned them into European Champions.

  • Thomas Cochrane says:

    A very good game but….Missed the Green Brigade ??? History may very well be the judge.

  • Malc says:

    That Keevins creature has probably spent half his life being bitter with Celtic now. I almost pity him. Almost…

    Definitely need a striker, Lawrence Shankland would be definitely be a candidate in my eyes.

    I guess the burning(!) question now, is what sanctions are the huns gonna get after last night? Late turning up – fair enough, traffic probably a nightmare with the poor weather? – but then their fans get the game stopped thanks to pyro. I won’t be holding my breath.

  • Captain Swing says:

    If you managed to make it all the way through the second half commentary of Sevco’s game on Radio Shortbreid to the manager interviews, you’ll have heard something very unusual. Robinson was actually highly complimentary about Celtic’s goals. He was more focused on his own team’s performance, obvs, but he made a particular point of saying how good both goals were. Can’t imagine that coming from Naismith, McInnes, Martinjail or many others.

    I was quite apprehensive before that game last night because not only have St Mirren been doing well – they could be as high as second if Sevco didn’t get such an, ahem, “anomalous” number of penalties – but because they because they are also a big, well-organised physical side which we sometimes struggle to break down, who can play very effective counter-attacking football. I had even wondered if Oh starting might be a good option, with Kyogo as an impact substitute if/when required. The two playing together was very effective though and no doubt food for thought for BR. Reminded me slightly of the combination of Edouard & Griffiths in 2019/20 run-in.

  • Fred Howden says:

    Well said Sir !

  • Guillermo Mac says:

    It was fantastic to hear Celtic songs last night. The fans were right behind the team and roared them to victory.

  • SSMPM says:

    You just about covered the game James with little much to add though dodgy defending for their goal seemed to be the chat going around. Was it Scales to blame or was it Taylor being the debate. What I noticed was a lack of central midfield defensive support when their midfield had brought numbers to the box. I think we had 3 out wide on the right including Phillips when the cross came in and they had 3 at least in the box for Scales and Taylor to cover with our midfield Bhoys all over the place.
    Consistency of performance is what’s seems to be missing. The Bhoys from the squad do have talent but they don’t either seem to get enough time on-field, are able to or have the energy to maintain it. It’s not simply that they are not willing or motivated. I saw how gutted Turnbull looked when he hit the post with the pen.
    It seems a long time ago since we had a relatively successful and consistent penalty taker. Mark Reid? It’s bonkers for a club with the talent and size of our club.
    I know it’s not a popular choice but nothing is consistent right now so when CCV comes back into the frame 3 at CB and 2 up front please. HH

  • Paddybhoy67 says:

    I wonder if the St Johnstone and Hibs games would hae been different if we’d ” consider(ed) playing two up front more often

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