Celtic’s Last Boss Was Exceptional. Keevins Is Already Comparing Clement To Him.

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Credibility is a bitch. It’s a mother to build it up, it takes tremendous time and effort. But it can be all undone in a flash by one moment of stupidity, or betrayal of all that come before. When did our media lose its credibility?

When did the writer of today’s worst article – Keevins of course – lose his?

A better question; how the Hell did people ever think he had any in the first place? I have never seen anyone in journalism so woefully ignorant of his subject matter.

As readers, we don’t ask much of the mainstream press. How could we?

We know its limits and we know its target audience; braindead Sevconuts for the most part. We recognise that you can’t ask too much of such stunted intellects and fools. That’s why most of our fans no longer read the mainstream media. But I assume that there’s an audience for what they produce, or they wouldn’t be able to produce it. I wonder at times who that audience is.

No, we don’t expect much but we are surely entitled as consumers of news to expect better than what is frequently produced by the likes of this guy.

His article today is such gushing fan-boy sycophancy, directed at yet another Ibrox boss, that it’s almost amazing to consider that he once wrote similar stuff about The Mooch, and about Van Bronckhorst before him, and Gerrard before that and even Caixinha and Warburton.

Amazing too that he never stops lauding Ange these days. Remember what his acronym for Ange was? Absolutely Not Good Enough.

Now you’d think Keevins recognised his genius from the start, so much so that when he wants to flatter the new Ibrox boss this is the best comparison he can come up with. Four games into his tenure. Where he’s won three and drew one and got one of those wins courtesy of the Lanarkshire Referees Association.

Apparently, he has “figured out” Scottish football. Faster than Ange did too, according to this moron. Ange took “six games”, he has done it in half that time.

And remember all that schtick Ange used to get about how wins over the likes of Dundee and St Johnstone had proved nothing? That the “real” tests would come when he was up and running but had to go back to the grounds where he had lost early?

Well, not for Clement being judged only when he has visited all the tough venues; it seems now winning at Dundee is the real challenge, the one by which managers can be seen to have the stuff or not.

I read nearly identical rubbish when The Mooch had won his first six or seven games. The articles on Van Bronckhorst and how he “carried himself” made me want to be physically sick at times. All to contrast Celtic bosses, of course, who seemed “harried and harassed” and who looked like they couldn’t handle the pressure.

Now Rodgers knows what a challenge is. As if he’s never seen that in his career before, as if he didn’t win an FA Cup at Leicester City, as though he had never been tasked with the awesome responsibility of a taking a nowhere Liverpool side to the brink of a title. As though there was not a long run of success behind him right here in Scotland.

I don’t even mind that stuff being overlooked.

I do mind that this “now Rodgers faces the real thing” was being written before this season even started, about the Ibrox boss these people now all agree was an absolute dud. They treat their audiences like mugs, but theirs is clearly an audience willing to be treated that way, or they wouldn’t get away with it.

So no, I don’t ask much of these people. Nothing except a basic level of professionalism, a detached ability to analyse a situation, a moment, and write something that makes sense and doesn’t come across like something scraped off an Ibrox forum wall.

Instead we get guff like Keevins produced today, toe-curling, ass-kissing, hero worship for a guy who hasn’t yet proved a damn thing in the game here. Four games in and he’s the new messiah, just because he can talk in complete sentences and remains calm? When has he been under the kind of pressure that would crack his composure?

Hey, people like Keevins thought Ange was on the brink of the sack after six matches and they had his body language that of a beaten man.

Now his demeanour is what other managers should aspire to, and Clement impresses because he’s got that stuff … I mean honest to God, that’s just pathetic.

But pathetic is what we’ve come to expect, although it falls far, far below what even the daftest member of his readership should settle for.

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  • John Copeland says:

    Ah , but did you not notice that in the headline of the piece it stated that Clement IS as good as Postecoglou ,then as the fable unravels ,the old QEII types up that Clement COULD be as good as Ange ? Now if you ask me ,I would say there is a whole universe of difference between the two assumptions ! It’s just the daily Record giving it’s pet project a booster in the arm before today’s vital game at Hampden …. always on message – that’s the new mantra !

  • William McGrandles says:

    I read his article earlier and was wondering how on earth is that man still in a job
    thinking this must have been written by an 8 year old (no offence kids) utter tripe I remember vividly his comments on Ange and all the rest of the sycophantic crap he wrote Yet still he never learns
    like Kenny Miller who wrote as much crap in his column today (It’s the hope that kills them) I was waiting on your piece on Keevins
    Keep up your Good work James

  • Roonsa says:

    I was in the motor the other night and I accidentally turned the tranny onto Clyde SSB. I knew it was Clyde SSB because the first thing I heard was the clipped tones of Hugh Keevins. I didn’t even bother listening to what he was saying and switched it off. It’s pointless. He is the pied piper of the idiots who follow football in the West of Scotland. And there are plenty of them who “follow Celtic”. You know the kind of guy I am talking about.”I’m a Celtic fan but …..”.

    As for his piece today, I did see the headline. I didn’t bother reading the article. Keevins is the guy who, at the start of Ange’s tenure at Celtic, said he wasn’t good enough. Yet after a few games in charge of the huns Clement is a mirror image of him? Does that mean Clement is also not good enough? I’m quaking in ma slippers.

  • Thomas shevlin says:

    We really shouldn’t be talking about him, the attention is what he craves to keep himself relevant, let’s just ignore the nasal whining little runt, say absolutely zero about him,starve him of his oxygen.

  • John L says:

    Kenny the idiot looking for a village wrote the same pish.

  • Bob (original) says:

    Glad you read Keevins’ article, so we don’t have to suffer! 🙂

    The old codger probably has numerous templates of ‘articles’ that he’s

    accumulated over the decades. Just needs to dust them off, update the

    names, a quick tweak – and job done.

    We were the ignorant readers pre-internet days.

    Today, Keevins and the rest of the SMSM are exposed, and their p!sh

    comes back to haunt them on a very regular basis – via a quick Google search.

    And it’s hilarious that Keevins is STILL getting paid by The DR,

    as its daily circulation continues to plummet to that significant, 50K number! 🙂

    Keevins won’t be missed.

  • SSMPM says:

    If it’s professional journalism you’re after my advice is to stop reading that trash, it only makes you angry and you’re better than that. HH

  • king murdy says:

    keevins is nothing but a bitter old fool, whose day came(if ever), and went, a long time ago….

  • Olly says:

    James, you are always hard on Keevins and as you say is is playing to a target audience. But that target audience pays his wages. If he were to play to the Celtic audience who would read it in the rag he works for?

    Does he actually believe in the shite he produces? No idea, but I would hazard a guess he doesn’t.

    I guess it was easy in the past when ‘ today’s paper was tomorrow’s chip wrapper’ (I may not have got that right) and your target audience would bairly remember what was said a year ago and by whom. Obviously with the internet and site’s like this we can be reminded and given a laugh at his and his audience expense.
    But when it comes down to it he is probably just trying to pay the bills like the rest of us. (At least I hope so).

    I do agree with the essence of your article and it is pathetic but when you’re target audience thinks holding up a red cad to stop liquidation will work, what can I say?

    I would be fairly hopefully/ confident if he were to produce that shite every year, should Celtic have the same turnover of managers he would be called out.

  • Peterbrady says:

    I will bet anyone any amount big lurch will be hounded out of sevco by Easter by the zombies and all the media bigots

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