Celtic’s Unheralded Penalty Call Is Further Evidence Of A Stinking Double Standard.

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The goals that were not allowed will dominate some of the headlines tomorrow.

The red card which was given and the one which should have been will get their own media attention.

But more and more it’s the penalty kick call which only a handful of outlets want to talk about which rankles.

Not that we didn’t get it – we were never going to get it in a hundred years – but that a similar incident last weekend saw the Ibrox club get (one of) theirs.

In the aftermath of the match, the hacks lined up to tell us how it needed to be given, how it was obviously a penalty, how the outcome was never in doubt.

But the question I kept on asking and which I’m asking now is simple enough; when do you ever see those given? That happens in penalty boxes everywhere, all the time.

It’s against the rules. Of course.

But it is so rarely punished that you might never know that. Back when refs didn’t have technology on their side it was not a surprise that in a crowded penalty box that sometimes something gets missed, but even with VAR watching everything, how come, even now, so many of these are ignored?

Except for the one last week. Which came, of course, as the Ibrox club stared down the barrel of the gun. That’s the only reason they gave it. That’s why they went looking for an incident, any incident, to highlight in the first place.

Yeah the Hearts player is stupid. He’s stupid to think he could get away with that. Which makes the Ross County player today smart because he knew that he could. Everyone knows that they can get away with things against Celtic which would be penalised against the club from Ibrox, but the Hearts decision is exceptional because almost any club could have got away with that against almost any opposition. But the Ibrox club is special.

Or at least, it is refereed to special rules. Their defenders are allowed to handle the ball. Their players can make vicious challenges. But do not dare win a 50/50 against them. Do not expect any infringement in the box to go unpunished.

I said in my article following that game that of course no precedent had been set, far less one that would affect us.

“We would never get that,” I wrote and so today was no surprise.

But just because I’m not surprised, it doesn’t mean that it’s not a disgrace.

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  • Whoriskey says:

    Have you ever spoken to our SLO, James? I would love to know why our club never complains about the naked cheating in our league. Good on the manager for bringing it up but the club should present a video of all the dishonest mistakes and ask why every club bar the huns suffers from it. The more it is highlighted the harder it would be for the hun refs and VAR to keep doing it. The Bunnet certainly did that.

  • Dinger says:

    Var video advantage rangers

  • Bob (original) says:

    To paraphrase someone who shouldn’t be anywhere near Celtic Park:

    it feels like being in a “parallel universe”,

    where our Board is simply an extension of the incompetent / corrupt SFA.

    Any double standards, inconsistencies and down right cheating are just

    ignored. Nothing to see here.

    Just shut up – and give us your money!

    The Board is both complacent and incompetent. 🙁

  • Brian says:

    Maybe one day someone from Celtic will publicly ask the question why!! Especially after a win not a dropped points game.

  • david says:

    i saw this clearly on Sky TV as Oh had his shirt pulled at a corner. the TV replay showed it again but no one even mentioned it.

  • SSMPM says:

    I know VAR is being utilised mainly to a certain club’s advantage but on rare occasions we do get decisions as a result of VAR. Decisions I don’t believe we’d have got without VAR and certainly not to the huns degree but that bias would be there regardless. VAR can at least be utilised by the likes of us to highlight the discrepancies in refs’ decision making.
    Imagine a world again where VAR was not available. Those refs dodgy decisions, those honest mistakes, would be made time and time again. Unchecked whatsoever.
    A shirt pull is cheating and a shirt pull is a foul. A foul is a foul. Rather that it not be given, as you say in most games it isn’t, I personally would rather it was given in every game. Cheating is cheating.
    In this way it should and would be a vehicle for change. Those cheating players would not have to decide if they’re going to do it and hopefully get away with it, as happens in most games and for most teams now and ever was. They would instead know they’re not going to get away with it.
    Those fouls, those decisions being given with regularity would then hopefully drive that form of cheating out of the game or at least reduce that form of cheating to a minimum. I’ve played and managed a fair bit, not in this country, from when I was younger through school into my fifties. I’ve been chopped, shirt pulled and my pet hate, had my toes toes stood on too many times to count. I’d have preferred for that not to have occurred.
    I’ve been managed and coached, ran and coached youth football too and make no mistake managers coach this and other forms of cheating into the game. In effect being taught and coached how to cheat from an early age. Of course I have. Why? Because that what you had to do to compete on a level playing field. There was never any point in being the only team not to. The only trophy that kind of honesty won you was a fair play trophy, if your lucky. Proper charlatan I know. HH

  • Bunter says:

    James – the double standards of Beaton, Dallas et al makes me sick to my stomach and worry about the future of the Scottish game. Who wants to watch a corrupt fixed league? Celtic has winning despite these people, but eventually there corrupt decisions will catch up on us and hand trophies to Sevco.
    Yourself, Phil Mac and the bloggers are excellent in highlighting the corruption in our game. Unfortunately for all of us, until the Celtic board grow a backbone and comment and actually take on these corrupt officials in the Scottish game, we’re all just pissing in the wind. Oh for a Fergus McCann or a Robert Kelly.

  • Gerald Allen says:

    Same Old, Same Old, nothing ever alters . Somehow we’ve just got to keep winning these games even though we’re playing against 13/14 players nearly every w/e. Heart in mouth through 90+ minutes of football every week but Brendan seems to be starting to show that he’s got some great young players coming through and with the players he has had to inherit from Postecoglou I’ve got a feeling we can win the league again this year.H. H.

  • SSMPM says:

    Funny how those minimal minutes on the BBC highlights of our game managed to feature and require the panellists to discuss VAR’s decision regarding Oh’s challenge with White to disallow Scales’ goal and then show and discuss the Maeda’s ‘offside’ VAR decision to disallow Oh’s goal.
    Also funnily enough, after all that chat last week that VAR reviewed, and insisted needed Beaton’s attention to help grant the huns a last minute penalty to get them back into the game with a shirt pull yet even though showing in the quick highlights that Nightingale had a fistful of Oh’s top in the penalty box when he attempted a header on goal, that it wasn’t reviewed by VAR or even mentioned in the pundit’s match review featuring the very same Neil McCann.
    Bent as a ten bob bit. HH

    • Jimmy says:

      Not sure who was on Var rangers v hearts but him and Dallas need to be answering why they are not on the same page when both instances are the same. I dont care who asks the question but it needs answered.

  • Tam says:

    Andrew Dallas didn’t use the wrong frame he used the right frame. He was going to disallow the “goal” and the frame he used proved it. We call it CHEATING. For years people phoned super score board extra to point out the referee had cheated CELTIC. To be told that the referee had a split second to decide which was “correct”… The referee had a bad day at the office we were told …. now we have VAR they are still cheating….I wonder what excuses they will come up with now…. and they will

  • Eldraco says:

    One day, some day , these corrupt bastards will cost a club 52 million euros what then?.

    What can we do seems to be the club response. ” Better” I say.

  • John L says:

    You are so right. C.I.S Govan, it can only not be cheating it everybody is treated the same, and that is not happening, if Heart’s are to get anything from today game, they have to overcome about 15 people. They are nothing but Dirty Cheating Fuckers with not so hidden agenda’s. We need every club to shout from the roof tops about this, but that won’t happen as most of them wee rangers sympathisers. Come on Celtic FC , do MORE.

  • James McHugh says:

    You just have to look who is in charge of var for the game yesterday it’s like father like son anti celtic these masons should not be near Celtic games the celtic need to speak up bring back wee Fergus he would sort the sad sfa out var only suits one club and that is sevco

  • larsson7 says:

    The Question is what are the Celtic board doing about these “Honest Mistakes”
    Brendan is beginning to spot a rat,
    Son of the bigot,the guy who gave thems 4 penalty’s in one game has found a we nest for himself up in the VAR could not make it up if you tried.

  • The great jc says:

    Yeah Eldraco, if it does cost Celtic 52 £million, the Celtic board won’t care and even if they know the SPL are cheating filth… it’ll be too late, so, move on Celtic you spineless invertebrates.
    Yep….backwater Scotland… like the hun scum, still living in the 1690’s.

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