English Football’s Loudmouth Pundits Scorn This Whole Country, Not Just Celtic.

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The hacks had a nice time yesterday, eah? A really nice time. I knew they would, and I knew something else too. I knew that our result would provoke the contempt of those “shock jocks” down south who love nothing more than to urinate all over our game.

Our game. All of it. Quite why the Scottish press continues to give these people oxygen to spew poison at us is a mystery to me. There’s a part of me which knows this is a continuation of their long-standing policy that repeating any negative commentary on Celtic is good for business and for trying to set the agenda around our club, but that no longer stands up.

If these people can’t see how that sort of reporting reeks of contempt for the game here as a whole then they are quite mad. How can that possibly be of any benefit to Scottish football? How can that have the slightest good effect on us?

You know what annoys me most about these clowns? They call themselves “shock jocks” and take such pride in it.

But you can train a rhesus monkey to throw its shit too. There is no intelligence or analysis involved in this stuff, it’s easy, it’s cheap, it takes no effort whatsoever. And in this case, it’s not particularly shocking.

Arrogant English fool has a pop at Scottish football; hardly innovative, is it? It’s not exactly breaking new ground, right?

I don’t know what the ratio of spending is between ourselves and Atletico Madrid, but their team has to have at least half a dozen World Cup winners in its ranks.

We are majorly over-matched, and part of the problem is the bloated league which they represent and which continues to suck much of the oxygen from the rest of the game.

Yet two of their own teams – Manchester United and Newcastle – are currently rock bottom of their own Groups, with the win for Copenhagen last night a particular shocker.

How much better resourced are those two clubs than even those sides around them?

That’s the real embarrassment if you ask me, and yet nobody down there wants to acknowledge it.

Both have managed one win in four games.

Newcastle can perhaps be excused their disastrous form thus far as they are in a half decent group, but Manchester United should currently be ashamed of their performance, and especially with the squad they can boast.

Their group has Copenhagen and Galatasaray in it.

The fourth club is Bayern; they are showing the way with four wins out of four. Of the four English teams, only City can boast that.

I still think Man Utd have a chance of going through. I think Newcastle, with PSG, Dortmund and Milan in theirs are in a lot of trouble although there’s not much between them and the Germans at the top; three points is all that separates them.

I am just so sick of these people running down Scottish football, and our media echoing their thoughts as though these were people with something to offer the debate instead of sneering fools sniggering at us from their ivory tower.

Are a few negative stories about Celtic really enough of a reward for these people that they’re happy with that?

I mean I can read reasoned, sober analysis of our club and its European performances, and I would especially welcome those sorts of articles from people south of the border who are not tainted by anti-Celtic hate and can put our performances in some kind of perspective.

If this analysis was being offered by a Barney Ronay or a Jonathon Wilson it would be balanced and fair and reasonable.

It would not be this screech of attention seeking garbage.

Shame on our media for running with this stuff. These people are going to run their mouths off, and there’s nothing we can do about that.

But ignorant guff about how we shouldn’t even be allowed in the tournament when four English clubs are there and two are presently bottom isn’t even elitest, it’s just disgusting, it’s people making noise, it’s one step up from anti-Scottish bigotry and not a big step at that.

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  • Kevan McKeown says:

    Says it all really, when any type of negativity from another country against Celtic, a Scottish club, is not only welcomed and encouraged by our own media, they don’t even attempt tae defend us. It’s nothin new and just the sad fkn state of affairs up here. It just highlights how deep the bias goes.

    • Clachnacuddin and the Hoops says:

      Good point Kevan !

      What really rips ma knitting is that a few Celtic supporters still buy them…

      All I can say is that these people are very very strange Celtic supporters –

      We need to starve them to a financial death !

  • Kevan McKeown says:

    And btw, ah get the point that it’s ALL Scottish football they get at, tho ye would think our media would at least try and stick up for the 2 biggest clubs, although only one disgracefully enough, receives that kind of regular back up and its not us.

  • Tracey Cummings says:

    Man U lost 4 goals when down to 10 men, we lost 5!

    • woodyiom says:

      We were 10men for 70mins against Atletico Madrid and had him sent off when we were already 1-0 down. Man U were 10men for 50mins against Copenhagen and had him sent off when they were 2-0 up FGS! Not even remotely comparable situations Tracey!!

    • Michael McCartney says:

      Tracy we were playing Atletico Madrid, Utd were playing Copenhagen, Man Utd have spent 204 million we have spent less than 10 million. No comparison.

  • Johnno says:

    Even in the Republic, as a Celtic supporter it remains a thankless task.
    Trying to defend our club against the main opinion of “Scottish football is nothing but crap”
    Even worse when it’s from football fans of English clubs who claim to have a soft spot for the celts?
    Still no regard for what we have to endure as a club, and blind to the ready-made money on offer to there own club’s, and yet still struggling to buy the ready-made success?
    It’s way the CL is so important to the likes of myself.
    We still possess many things that English financially fake club’s just can’t and won’t buy, so just left with jealousy in return.
    Of course the scum cheerleaders within the media throughout Scotland and England hardly help matters, but yet they haven’t and will never break us, no matter how hard they try to.
    Being a Celtic supporter is something that money just can’t buy, and if that remains as being a scummy Hun in return, then there problem thankfully and not ours to deal with

  • Bill says:

    I agree with your thoughts, but at the same time it is my sense that Celtic are operating in Europe well below our capabilities. I think we can manage these games much better. It doesn’t make sense to say we can’t compete with these big teams and then have a game plan that attempts to compete with them. It’s a a recipe for disaster. Some will say it doesn’t matter if you lose 2-0 or 6-0 but it does in terms of confidence, perspective of other clubs and countries, and the intangible feelings of pride or despair of the client base. We can do better.

  • SSMPM says:

    It’s nothing more than arrogant unionist bigotry against what they perceive as the Republican supporting Irish Micky lovers. Hence the Scottish orange unionist press echoing their words.
    However to put it into context it’s a hierarchy and the rankers are the bottom suckers, nowhere near the top and they know their place. Can’t be “simply the best” whilst licking the sauce at the same time. Silly Billys.
    The huns and their orange supporting propaganda press continue in their belief that they “are the people”. That is their place, bending the knee to suck off, sorry, suck up to their masters, their betters. Silly Billys.
    As for the EPL snobbery, they too know their place. Behind that arrogant mask they know it’s little to do with them and more to do with Sky TV investment in their league and Middle East money in their teams. It’s not as a result of their own efforts or input.
    I admire teams like Copenhagen and the results they achieve from mostly their own effort and talent. This in spite of witnessing at first hand and repeatedly our own failures there. No ginormous signings just results. Unlike this country Scandinavian teams continue to produce talent way above our own level. Enough to mince the wealth producing Man Utd and again in spite of selling players to the big leagues. That’s the headline they should highlight.
    As for us, as for Celtic, we just have to carry on in our own little bubble it seems. In a league that’s absolute pants, in a country that produces no world class players anymore and accept that ‘we are what we are’ in the big money league of Europe. HH

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