Has Someone Had A Word With The Village Idiot Over His Celtic-Aberdeen Remarks?

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I noticed yesterday that The Village Idiot was squealing about how he was misrepresented over his comments about the Aberdeen players giving Celtic a free ride whilst putting everything into games against Celtic. Gutless. I wonder who challenged him over it?

Because somebody did. He’s flapping like a chicken with its head cut off.

His comments were scandalous. He as good as accused them of cheating their own fans. You’ll notice that he never levelled similar comments at Hearts for the way they meekly surrender every time they come up against the Ibrox club.

This guy … he really cannot hold back from letting his bitterness and spite pour out even when he should be acting like a professional. I am amazed Sky Sports continues to put up with this. They do themselves no favours in keeping him on the payroll.

He’s said that he was not suggesting that Aberdeen don’t try against Celtic.

Garbage. That’s exactly what he was suggesting.

He has defended his assertion that Aberdeen try harder against the Ibrox club though, because Aberdeen are just so consumed by hatred for them.

Amazing. Players from all over Europe who couldn’t have found Ibrox on the map if they were standing in the middle of Govan before now are so hate-filled that they raise their game!

This guy lives on another planet, he really does.

Or maybe it’s just that when you, yourself, are consumed by hate that it makes it hard to imagine how anyone else sees the world in a different way. That sums him up pretty well.

Aberdeen’s record against them is only marginally better than it is against us.

There was a period during the 90’s when their record against us was much, much better.

So, it’s not true and it has never been true.

It’s obvious too that what he’s actually doing is having a dig at Barry Robson; I wonder if it’s Robson who has had a word in his ear and told him to clamp it?

Somebody has.

Because smoke was coming out of his ears after we crushed Aberdeen at Celtic Park two weeks ago, and he couldn’t contain his anger at them for not being able to lay a glove on us.

His bile poured forth and he vented his spleen … and now he’s correcting the record because people have gotten their wires crossed.

Except we didn’t, and we know we didn’t. What a clown he is.

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  • Kevan McKeown says:

    He shouldve been MADE tae explain himself anyway. Nothin but a bitter moron. Probably realizes his job could be on the line. So would be interestin, if it turns out we get a win today and Aberdeen manage a result tomorrow, what his reaction will be.

  • James Archibald says:

    I just read lindsay’s article in the herald he’s trying to make out with the stats as well but tells him no then at the end boyd is a brilliant pundit not being afraid to express an opinion is a prerequisite of his role aye right the day he lays into them hell will freeze over HH

  • John Copeland says:

    I think personally ,that big fake Kris Boyd has been warned by his main sponsor – SPANX – that unless he stops being a halfa moron , especially on TV , then they will cancel their deal with him . Obviously he’s panicked at the thought of himself looking like Mr Creosote and reeled in the invective comments ….

  • Clachnacuddin and the Hoops says:

    Seen on Video Celts that he was having a right go at Keevins…

    Scottish Football Media twats fighting with each other –


  • Tony B says:

    You only get these muppets in the meeja in Scotland. Imbeciles like Boyd wouldn’t get the time of day in England, and the only reason he gets the gig is that he is a hun.

    That is the only qualification you need here.

  • SSMPM says:

    He’s clearly not the full shilling and has serious anger hatred issues.
    I’m all for promoting opportunities for people with disabilities and mental health issues in the workplace. However with this foul mouthed shite Sky highlight the hypocrites they are and should be ashamed to be employing an out and out discriminating bigot like him.
    OMG another missed penalty. Is no Celtic player able to pass the ball 12 yards consistently? HH

  • SSMPM says:

    Deary deary me. Motherwell and St Johnstone dropped points at home and barely looking like we’d score. As if that couldn’t get worse it could be down to a 6 point lead tomorrow with the huns still having a game in hand, so potentially only 3 points.
    I can see the headlines from all the huns; not only is the new saying ‘Celtic penalty’ but now it’s ‘when will Celtic get their 2nd penalty’. Even then we still can’t win. Absolutely shameful Celtic. Shameful

    • Jim Duffy says:

      Don’t know what to say ,I’m like how could we so bad ,as far as I heard on radio jockland , Motherwell had 2 corners scored with one of them ,once more our set piece defensive set up is , amateurish,naive un professional,no one covers the back post our defence has always been suspect ,the last good defensive manager was Martin o Neill,.

  • Clachnacuddin and the Hoops says:

    “ I just read Lindsay’s article in The Herald” (c. James Archibald)… Your a DISGRACEFUL Celtic fan – If you have the slightest bit of moral in every sinew of your fibre being, then read that in The Celtic Blog !

    SSPM – “ I can see the headlines from all The Huns “ – Absolutely don’t ! – Hey I hear your being pedantic. – But still not a fcukin penny towards these scum please…

    And Jim Duffy – You’re as bad as Archibald above – Another Scottish Media Lover !

    “ I (you) heard on Radio Jockland” – For fcuks sake – Surely there must be something better out there like Celtic Fans Forums ????

    Hopefully we can all enjoy Clyde Superscoreboard on Monday evening if The Sevco Huns lose…

    However – When they sniff ‘our blood’ they sniff ‘our blood’ so it’s unlikely aided n’ abetted with Cheats with whistles, flags and monitors, at Pittodrie tomorrow…

    (Hope I’m seriously wrong though) –

    Not to worry – Certain Celtic fans ??? Can enjoy the trappings today of The Herald n’ Radio Scotland….

    However if Sevco get by Aberdeen – Hell Folks, – I’ll grant youse free rain (sic) deliberately as the alternative is too royal for me ! – to read and listen to what yous want !

    But still – From me… Fcuk The Scottish Football Media !

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