Kenny Miller Doesn’t Have A Clue What Celtic Wants, Or Needs, In The January Window.

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It’s always fun when people with no connection to Celtic Park and nary a friend inside the building think that they have some inside track or special knowledge about what we want or what we need. Kenny Miller might once have been a player at our club but we know it’s not his first love.

He’s an Ibrox media apologist.

So, any claim he makes to understanding us cannot be taken seriously.

He thinks that Hart will remain the club number one past that window, with business only being done on that front in the summer. I have no idea whether that will happen or not, but he certainly doesn’t know what our plans are, and his rationale is senseless nonsense.

He says clubs can never buy real quality in January.

We’ve disproved that in recent years. It was the signings of Hatate, O’Riley and Maeda which turned Ange Postecoglou’s title challenging title into a title winning one.

He says that players who are available in that window either cost a lot of money or they are going cheap because they aren’t playing. None of those guys was languishing on the bench when we signed them, and all of them were available for modest sums.

In addition to that, there are a lot of leagues which only allow 25 players over the age of 21 to be registered in a first team squad. Some of those clubs have very decent players who they can’t register and can’t move on. Just because they aren’t playing every week doesn’t make them poor quality players.

A new manager might come into a club and change the playing system, and that will automatically put some players out of the side who under a different boss with a different system would be regular starters. That’s how it works.

What Miller is trying to say – and doing it pretty badly – is that Celtic will find it difficult to significantly enhance the squad in that window.

You wait though; he will never apply the same logic to Ibrox’s signing targets or their strategy. He has spoken more than once about January and how Clement will “strengthen” without ever bringing these issues up.

So what special powers does Clement have which Celtic – with more money to spend, by far, if that’s what it comes down to – do not? What skill-set does the Ibrox club possess which Celtic currently lacks, with years of finding quality players behind us?

These people never really write what they believe.

They write what they want to believe. They never write that which is true, but that which they wish was. They are transparent, and Miller is especially poor at this stuff.

He’s not the sharpest tool in the box, even if he is on TV more than Jeremy Hunt at the moment, and just as unwelcome.

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  • Tony B says:

    Kenny Miller gives morons a bad name, but he’s just the latest in a long line of hun imbeciles like Bawwy, Nosferatu, Bydie, microwave egg boy etc etc. who prove the old adage that empty vessels make the most noise.

  • Johnno says:

    The day I even listen to that dopey peanut headed fuck, would be the day that the ears would be facing amputation?
    Same applies to all the Hun scum cheerleaders within the Scottish and sky media outlets?
    We have already addressed the problems to some degree with the increasing footballing calendar that next season will bring about with increased number of matches, which will call upon bigger squad numbers?
    Only advantage the scum have over us currently is that they don’t attract international players, so more breaks available for there mountain of shite available?
    Rodgers knows exactly now, where he would like to strengthen in certain areas within the squad still.
    Money is available, and a longer term plan will be put in place also,again something the scum can’t, with making such a bollocks of the so called summer rebuild?
    Again Rodgers will make some big decisions upon the process involved, which needed tidying up as not every decision Ange undertook in player recruitment was a huge success either, but there again no club ever gets that 100% correct either, especially within the markets we have to operate within?
    That Hun eejit will be out yet again with the begging bowl and doing the impression of Oliver twist during January with no long term plans in place whatsoever?
    Course the scum cheerleaders can’t face reality, when the good lie has served them in the short existence of the scum

  • Jaz says:

    Spot on

  • Effarr says:

    Maybe he has the same type of informer at Parkhead as PMcG has had at Ibrox (?) for the past 12 years. Probably the janitor.

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