Matt O’Riley May Not Have Been Misquoted, But He Has Certainly Been Misrepresented.

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This morning I read Matt O’Riley’s “comments” to the Danish media with great interest, as I’m sure many of you did too. But of course, we read only the interpretation of them which was offered by the Scottish press.

“O’Riley Happy At Celtic” isn’t a headline you are ever going to read when they can get five transfer stories out of him instead.

The dishonesty of these people is such that I assume the worst, always, about them and reading O’Riley’s comments today I see various ways in which they could have been twisted.

When he talks about it being “hard to say what is going to happen” is he talking about at Celtic, who want to keep him and with whom he just signed a new deal, or with his hopes for recognition with Denmark? I am betting that it’s the latter.

What’s clear is that he says all the right things about us.

Besides, “hard to say what is going to happen” isn’t what you expect to hear from a guy who wants to leave.

He says he’s “ready to play at the next level” but again, that’s not a definitive statement from a guy who is banging on the manager’s door for a move. This is the media reading between the lines at best and twisting his words at worst.

We are so used to this now we can virtually write this stuff for them.

I wrote earlier about how they first promoted Luis Palma when he was wanted by Ibrox and then helped push the lie that their club was ever interested in him in the first place … they have no shame whatsoever and they are forever pushing stories about Celtic players which turn out to be untrue.

We all know that O’Riley will one day leave this club.

This is an inevitability.

He is young enough though that he can do that some ways down the line yet, and when he signed his new deal recently it was obvious that he’s in no hurry to do it. He certainly enjoys being part of this squad, and in particular playing under Brendan Rodgers.

This is the press doing what it does. Matt O’Riley is in the form of his life, and they cannot wait to see him leave the club.

It’s a continuation of what I talked about the other day with Sutton; he’s one of the only people in this media who talks this game up. The rest would see every player of quality leave Celtic Park, regardless of what it did to our wider game.

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  • Kevan McKeown says:

    It’s just constant speculative garbage. Had tae laugh when a saw another article today, claimin that Patrick Roberts signin a new deal for his club is a ‘killer blow to Celtic’ ! Whit complete and utter pish. Who the fuck are these people ? Whit a sad, shallow life, continually makin up lies for a livin.

    • Clachnacuddin and the Hoops says:

      Who are these people you as Kevan ?

      Ma answer…

      These people are simply ‘peepil’ !!!

  • Clachnacuddin and the Hoops says:

    He might leave next summer – £30 million starting price for his right boot please – !

    Couple that with automatic qualification to an even more lucrative Champions League and turnover would be £180 million at least…

    The Cheats with whistles, flags and monitors cannot do anything about us coining it in for O’Riley among others…

    But by fcuk they can about that Champions League money and they’ll try anything..

    Saturday proved that – and rest assured so will the weekend after The International break and many more as well !

  • MarkE says:

    Start a newspaper mate, call it the Daily Tims(you can have that name for 5% post tax profits) and speak the truth ?

    • Clachnacuddin and the Hoops says:

      Or The Daily Truthful !

      Jeez Oh – Any Sevco fan that bought it would be jumping of The Kingston Bridge…

      How would Liebrox cope with The Daily Truth !

  • Johnno says:

    Oreily has all the potential for becoming a Celtic great and a potential future captain in the making imo.
    Of course with having the tag as the best player in Scottish football, and with him being a Celtic player, then he has to go within the Scottish media?
    The same happened during the summer, especially when jota left, and a few more where hopefully to follow suit for the scum cheerleaders within the media.
    Never happened for them.
    Instead they are left with the prospect of key players staying and the quality of the backup options improving in many positions within the squad, and not even completed yet?
    Matt Oreily will still become a very wealthy man by staying at Celtic, so is it really impossible for himself to follow the same career path as calmac chose, like many more before them?
    Of course within todays game, the prospect of turning down eye popping money for a player can be very hard to resist for players, yet still very few have actually had better and worthwhile experience within the game, that is on offer within our own club.
    We have already seen young Matt turn down the money on offer by Fulham, with being more interested in creating a better career opportunity for himself.
    He has already achieved that when he joined ourselves, and still improving.
    Any target for young players is to be getting a high level of quality within there game, then matched with being able to keep the consistency levels going?
    Matt has certainly added both to his game this season, which Rodgers has to take great credit for also.
    Like yourself James, I would be expecting Matt to move on at some stage, but would also like to think it may well be longer than expected also.
    Like anything in football, you can never tell, and within Matt, still seeing a player enjoying his time at the club, and there still remains things within the game that we do provide, that no amount of money can buy also, just maybe Matt likes the look of that prospect also?

  • Pan says:

    Are you doing a bit here James? There is no way you are this naive and stupid.

  • Walter Chinstrap says:

    One thing for sure is if he leaves then a fair few seats at Parkhead will be drier!!

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