Not One Outlet Has Followed The BBC To Correct This Week’s False Celtic UEFA Story.

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Yesterday, this site published a piece about how the BBC has become the first major news outlet to actually write the truth about the reason Celtic got a UEFA fine for the Atletico Madrid game.

The Celtic blogs were ahead of this story, and ran down the details the media couldn’t be bothered to. But you would think that when the biggest of those organisations has corrected the record with the truth that the others would rush to do the same.

But no, not so much. It seems that they will, after all, be running articles for a long time to come in which they repeat something that has now been exposed as a lie.

I cannot understand why they would not want to correct this except out of ego and arrogance. It would be easy to do. They could do it the way the BBC did it if they don’t want to just come right out and admit that they blew it in the first place, but none of them has even done that.

This is really pathetic. I know they read all the blogs, so they know that this story has been blown apart and that there’s no truth in their initial take on it. They know that the surest source of them all – UEFA itself – has confirmed this. So, where’s the correction?

I genuinely cannot understand why they won’t just issue one.

There can’t be an agenda or an angle here, because it ultimately doesn’t matter what Celtic got fined for, only that they did and that a small group of fans has let us down again. It puts UEFA in the crosshairs for being crass and stupid in their application of the rules, but who benefits from that?

UEFA got this one right. UEFA’s policies now make more sense than they ever have and should get a nod of approval from all of us, so who benefits from them looking ridiculous and stupid although neither of these things is true in this case and there’s no point for anyone pretending that they are?

If it’s an attempt to paint Celtic as some kind of Big Bad, that’s not going to work either since the reason we didn’t get done is that UEFA seems to agree that we’re the Good Guys here, because everyone in this country knows the Palestinian cause is just except for a section of the Ibrox support and the leadership of the two biggest political parties.

We did not get fined over the flying of Palestinian flags.

This is a story. It’s a big story, and not just because it explicitly contradicts the mainstream media’s initial narrative.

The press should not be allowing that interpretation to stand … but they refuse to correct the record, even though the truth is now out there, and a lot of people know it.

The question is; why?

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  • Scouse bhoy says:

    The answer is simple the celtic board will do nothing just as nicholson did nothing at that var farce of a meeting.

  • Clachnacuddin and the Hoops says:

    The question is why ?

    The answer is “Because it’s Celtic” !

  • Neil Smith says:

    I can understand why they won’t correct… Original articles more negative towards Celtic… Suits the narrative

  • SSMPM says:

    The question is why: what question is why?
    That they won’t correct it?
    Or that our board won’t take them to task for publishing untruths unredacted in light of the facts
    Or that our board will continue to allow them into our Paradise to commit further untruths?
    If we banned Martin/ McGuire or whatever name he goes under, then what’s so special about them?
    Or is it simply a case of with our board we have to accept that ‘we get what they’re paid for’

  • Effarr says:

    It has got nothing to do with ego or arrogance and you shouldn`t be afraid to spell it out. It is called HATRED, with a large slice of jealousy.

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