On The Day The Media Prints Ibrox Accounts Lie, A Former Record Journalist Joined Their “Fan Advisory Board.”

Image for On The Day The Media Prints Ibrox Accounts Lie, A Former Record Journalist Joined Their “Fan Advisory Board.”

Yesterday, the newspapers ran an interesting story out of Mordor.

The story is about the creation of the Ibrox “fan advisory board” and it named its first slate. For openers, I think the very idea of them creating a “fan advisory board” is a recipe for disaster. Imagine the sort of people they’ll have on there? Well, friends, we know at least one of them well.

It’s Gary Ralston, former Daily Record sportswriter and now working at Stirling Council as their senior media officer.

He’s been there for two years, and whilst that keeps The Record itself from being directly involved in this, you have to wonder if they aren’t anyway.

We know the media is full of these people, and Ralston is a guy we’ve long suspected was nothing but a paid stooge for their interests.

I know that there are Celtic fans working in the mainstream press but how many of them have ended working for the club in the media or PR departments, as Jim Traynor did? How many of them end up serving on fan advisory boards as Ralston is right now?

People wonder why we don’t trust these people.

It’s because far too many of them are far too close to the club over there, and yeah there are some who are too close to Celtic as well in some ways, trotting out the party line without pause. But the problem is so much worse over there; it’s where “succulent lamb journalism” started out at the end of the day.

The reason this is a big story, to me, is that you can draw a straight line between this and the coverage yesterday of the Ibrox accounts.

You show me a single outlet which failed to parrot the Ibrox party line that they posted a profit; nobody did it. Every single national title told the same lie, and I have no problem calling it that.

When you look at both of those stories in context, one about a former Record reporter going to serve on that club’s internal fan board and another about how his former employers (and everyone else in the mainstream) is pushing a verifiable, easily disproved fiction the linkage virtually leaps out at you.

That club knows that it can do this stuff and get away with it, because the mainstream ranks are full of people whose first loyalty is to Ibrox itself.

What a scandal that is. What a disgrace our media are.

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  • Bob (original) says:

    An ex-copy / paster of the SMSM, which is living on past glories,

    taking on a role with a club, which is living on past glories, [of another club]?

    Can’t get too excited about that.

    We can see every day now just how thoroughly discredited the UK MSM,

    – and especially the BBC – has become.

    The only hope is that there is an ever increasing number of people who are

    sourcing their information from various, trusted online sites and YouTube channels?

    …like The Celtic Blog! 🙂

  • TC says:

    Fraser Wilson’s piece in today’s Record very interesting James.

    • Clachnacuddin and the Hoops says:

      In what way TC – If you lower your standards to read that vomit inducing rag then at least let us know what the probable evil lies that they’ll likely be smearing on Celtic is !

  • Jim says:

    Just out of interest, who are the equivalent Celtic supporters in the media?. Only one who comes close I can think of is Sutton, but he’s more a pundit, and is always careful to balance any praise with criticism, deserved or not.

  • John L says:

    COCKROACHES . In a nuclear fallout that vermin would still be writing positives about that midden. How Sad.

  • Thomas Cochrane says:

    Who are these people in the media who print “friendly”stories about Celtic on a regular basis? Name names !?

  • John Copeland says:

    I seem to remember reading a few years ago that Gary Ralston had written 2 , yes 2 , the Rangers books …while he was employed as a scoop at the daily Record … a labour of love as it was described as being ! Not only that but the bold Ralston was the proposer for having only 800 away Celtic fans inside Ibrox while employed by the rag Record too… I’m pretty sure he typed up a printed opinion piece for his masters on the subject! look at the shambles that has turned into ? And his reward …..

  • Johnno says:

    “A fan advisory board” so the lunatics are finally running the asylum?
    Of course it’s nothing more than feeding the loyal bears bullshit, that the gormless zombies love to munch upon on a daily basis from there troughs.
    Without a pot to piss in, there will still be the demands to spend even more money come January, especially when we extend our lead for the title, totally ruin the festive period and adding a new year misery for all the scum cheerleaders.
    So who will the scum board make there next victim for their dire failings?
    Seems like that tosser has just put his own neck into the noose, and only a matter of time before the trap doors open for himself?

  • Robert Downey says:

    Shades of Jabba.

  • Kevan McKeown says:

    Remember this rat well. A pernicious Celtic hater, that used his articles tae attack the Celtic team, club, or it’s support, on a regular basis, usin nasty, snide angles. Obviously found his dream job.

  • Clachnacuddin and the Hoops says:

    I’ve never heard of this guy from The Rancid Record but the connection doesn’t surprise me on bit…

    They are obviously trying to curry favour with the lunatic brigade of their support with this Fan advisory Board –

    At least they engage with their fans rightly or wrongly unlike our lot…

    If the assault on Kyogo happened to one of theirs – That fan group would be in the media squealing from the heavens about it –

    In some certain ways they are a lot smarter than us – sadly –

    And on a final note…

    As I’ve made clear a million times I don’t financially support any Scottish Media outlet and wouldn’t therefore know them anyway – But it’d be interesting to know the name of the Celtic supporter in The Scottish Football Media…

    Ex players apart – They will be very, very few and far between I’d say !

  • Paddybhoy67 says:

    I live in Stirling, and so does he. How Ralston got that job would be an interesting investigation for someone outside the msm. Was there a thorough interview process? Were other candidates intervied? How did he move from being a blurb writer for the Scottish Parliament in Edinburgh to a cushy cut and paste number for a Council that is cutting basic services like nursery care, community service, adult education provision, and do on? Was the commute too far?

  • Scud Missile says:

    I’m just quite surprised it ain’t Hugh Dallas or John Cheaton that’s on it.

  • Leslie Gray says:

    This will shock most people that I’m about to say!

    I thought Chris Jack’s (Glasgow Herald) analysis of the Rangers accounts was fair and reasonable.

    He highlighted the one off items (over 4 mill loans) which allowed them to show a £252,000 profit.

    Revenue down.

    No sellable assets within the squad (maybe keeper).

    Comparing the working model, profit and money in the bank with Celtic.

    Overspending in the summer.

    Previous managers compensation.

    If this manager fails, they will be in a extremely difficult position AGAIN!

    Didn’t expect it but a good read.

    • James Forrest says:

      Well that’s actually unexpected. I mean he’s still trying to push the idea that they are in profit, but he at least recognises that they needed more loans to pay the bills. I suspect he’s worried, as any sensible Ibrox supporter would be.

  • Rab Ross says:

    Ibrox Fan Advisory Board or IFAB for short …. Nice

  • Tommy Rodger says:

    “Those evil eyes have no place in Paradise”.

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