The Media Thinks Ibrox Will Sell To Buy In January To Challenge Celtic.

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There is nothing our media does better than pro-Ibrox delusion. They are masterful at it. There are people in that business who have made careers on the back of pushing imaginary versions of events and doing positive spin on behalf of that club.

Yesterday, somebody sent me a link to an article from over on one of their fan sites. The article in question had gotten its cue from the mainstream media, and an outlet which suggested that Ibrox would be looking to “cut its losses” on some of the summer signings in January, in order to provide the new boss with his war-chest.

You read the words “cut their losses” and you automatically assume they want to move these guys off the wage bill whatever they get for them. In fact, the article names Sam Lammers as the one they are especially keen to get shot of and what’s meant to tempt other clubs is the idea that they would take what they paid for him!

Isn’t that recouping your investment rather than cutting your losses? And quite how anyone who has actually watched him lumbering about the pitch can expect, even for a second, to get the money they paid for him back for this joker is a mystery to me.

Some of these folks really do live in Cloud Cuckoo Land, honestly. Lammers is one of the worst footballers I’ve ever watched, and Dessers, in spite of a few goals of late, isn’t that much better. Don’t even get me started on Cifuentes, who is not just bad but hilariously so, to the extent I doubt that most of Scottish will ever see him in the flesh.

They squandered virtually every penny of their summer spend, and although I’m not surprised that they intend to try and dismantle the guts of this squad as fast as they can I am astonished that they think they see any meaningful money for any of these guys, except perhaps Butland and that’s not exactly going to net them a fortunate.

The need for them to sell in the January window has been made clear by their horrendous accounts, published just this week to great fanfare from everyone who didn’t look too closely. For some reason, their fans are expecting big money to be spent, although nobody can tell them where it is going to come from.

Celtic will certainly spend money, and that’s what puts them in a really difficult position because they’ve convinced themselves that this league can still be won, and they expect the club to throw everything into trying to. If they don’t they will be blamed. Not a one of them will put it down to Celtic being better. It will be about their own club not doing enough.

The media will do everything it can to help. It is already doing it, in announcing that they’ll sell Lammers for what they signed him for. What a joke. They will be lucky to get half of it, they will be lucky to see enough cash to get Lawrence Shankland on a six month loan.

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  • Johnno says:

    The scum couldn’t even sell raffle tickets for the prizes of shit they would have on offer

  • Ronno says:

    I’d have bought Shankland for ourselves in the summer to be fair as we’ll be needing that level of cover still for the January February Asian Cup period and he’s proved his worth for the SFA 11 tonight though he’s a weird looking wee fella to be honest.

    Still what’s good for the goose is good for the gander.

  • Clachnacuddin and the Hoops says:

    They will try for Shankland for sure…

    Celtic should simply blow them outta the universe on that one –

    That would really really pure sicken them…

    An ‘alleged’ Sevco fan banging in the goals v them as Celtic glide to the title –

    If they somehow manage to raise the cash to match Heart’s demands then The League could be closer than what I’d like it to be…

    That guy will score plenty in Glasgow if he ends up in Glasgow –

    Hopefully it’ll be at Celtic !

  • Jim Duffy says:

    I think we should be looking to sign Lawrence Shankland ,he would certainly do a job for us and it would put one over on sevco.

    • William Melvin says:

      Aye bud,and not to mention his scabby heided manager, Nae knees……lf he’s still there at Tynecastle !
      Can you imagine his coupon as his star striker goes off to Paradise to sign for the untermenschen rather than his beloved bloo’s !
      Oh,ma sides

      • Michael M says:


        At this time, during a genocide, you call Celtic ‘ untermenschen’?

        I’d have a rethink on that one, bud.

        I can’t believe this passed moderation.

  • Fun time frankie says:

    To clach shankland is a Celtic man .

  • Davie says:

    The problem is selling any of their players, after the money clubs spent on their duds, player value reputation is now seriously tarnished.
    Coupled with who will drop wages to move as The Rangers gave them silly contracts.
    European Market players will be available on loans until the summer, but these are players not quoted at their current clubs.
    Players from Asia will be available but any worth a fee will be signed by big clubs.
    So my darling clementine won’t be signing any players other than same standard he already has.

  • Magua says:

    The worst player that I have ever set my eyes on, was Tony Cascarino. I was at his Celtic debut, in Cork. He was a total disaster on his debut. Things did not improve when the real action started. I still cannot believe that we were able to punt him to Chelsea…and got Tommy Boyd in return. At least Dick Turpin wore a mask.

    Hail Hail.

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