The Scottish Sun Is Trying To Turn Celtic Fans Against Liel Abada.

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We all know the level at which elements of the Scottish sporting media operate by now. But The Sun is one of the worst outlets out there, and for the last couple of days they have given acres of coverage to some of the nonsense that’s being spouted about us in Israel and in the camp of the Israeli national team in particular.

Yesterday the focus was on their manager calling our fans antisemites, a charge which the club itself moved to refute after the issue was raised by this blog and several others.

Today, without offering any context, they have a headline which scream that it’s Abada who “made” Celtic ban The Green Brigade. The paper knows that it garbage but headlines the story like that anyway.

“Celtic banned Green Brigade ‘solely because of Liel Abada’s actions’” this disgraceful piece shrieks.

They know a lot of people won’t click on that headline, and why should they? Most of us know what The Sun is and what a dire history it has.

Those who do click that headline will do so only because they want to know who has made such a wretched claim.

But I know from long personal experience that there are people who don’t ever bother to read past the headline, and so that’s clearly an effort to turn those people – and sadly there are more of them than I’m comfortable with – against the player.

It’s blatant. It’s shocking.

It’s actually not even just an attempt to paint a target on Liel’s back but is an attempt at actually manufacturing news rather than reporting it.

Because of course, if the view that it’s Liel’s fault that The Green Brigade got banned enters the public consciousness and the discourse, some people in our support just might boo him the next time he plays … and so that automatically lets that rag write another dire series of headlines.

I mean everything about that headline is disgraceful.

It’s clear-cut soup-stirring and hate-mongering, nothing more.

There’s no context presented, there’s no clarification that this is yet another statement out of the rent-a-quote Israeli national team, where so many people seem to be colossally ignorant about goings on at our club.

The only reason that these nonsensical stories continue to circulate is that our fans haven’t had any opportunity to definitively crush them, which we would in two seconds if Liel was fit and playing in the team.

I suspect he’ll get the standing ovation to end them all when he makes his next appearance in the Hoops, and that’ll do the job.

The irony, of course, is that it’s the sheer unprofessionalism and carelessness of the Israeli national set-up which is responsible for his injury in the first place.

That hasn’t stopped them running their mouths off, and of course nothing would stop The Sun trying to turn Celtic fans against their own club and the players in it.

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  • Stewart says:

    Never bother with what that paper churns out,,, this was the same rag that painted Liverpool supporters with pilfering off the dead and dying on the park at Hillsborough on the behest of their tory overlords,that rags past, present, future story tellers should be ignored

  • Jim M says:

    It’s way past time the club officially announced a banning of this rag from all press facilities at Celtic Park. Wonder if there’s also a case for legal action?
    Absolutely disgraceful allegations based on your summary. I refuse to click to see their supposed story.

  • Eldraco says:

    He should just Sue the paper and be done with it, in fact every time any of them print untruths sue them no matter the source. Keep doing it until they are bankrupt it won’t take long

  • Roonsa says:

    I have never, once, in my life, picked up a copy of The Sun – or that awful rag News of the World which was, thankfully, kicked into touch by common sense.

    I love Liel Abada and I loved Beram Kayal and Nir Biton before him. Not so much Eyal Berkovic and I’m glad Big Bad John booted him in the face. I couldn’t care less that they are Israeli. Or, in the case of Abada, Berkovic and Biton, Jewish. It means absolutely nothing to me. People should be judged on a case by case basis.

    Or, should I say, it shouldn’t. But the Green Brigade have changed that through their self-aggrandising and selfish grandstanding.

    And they are 100% to blame for giving the press the opportunity to attack the Celtic fans as a whole. The Green Brigade and The Sun deserve each other but I don’t want any part of it.

    It’s time for Celtic to step up the “open to all” rhetoric.

  • Kevan McKeown says:

    Complete and utter bogroll. Lyin, sewer level, sleazy, you name it, disgrace of a tabloid. Always has been. Would need tae ask maself some serious questions if ah ever even read, never mind bought that garbage.

  • Matt says:

    That headline is libelous.

    No apologies, no excuses. If the club have a shred of self respect I would expect an action to be raised by the legal team asap.

  • Johnno says:

    Just one of the reasons I wasn’t in favour of the Palestine flag protest.
    There was always going to be a backlash for the club and support to defend itself against, especially with such nonsense allowed to be printed by scum cheerleaders.
    As for Abada, i still wouldn’t be confident about weather he would still want to represent the club again?
    At a guess, there is a fair chance of him getting encouragement to quit ourselves, from back home imo.
    That would be a great shame to ourselves, as it will be looked upon him been forced out of the club, which would be a total lie.
    Hoping he can stay with ourselves, as a fabulous player for ourselves, and been sorely missed with his injury.
    As much as we can sympathise with the current situation in Gaza, holding anything against Abada would be a ludicrous claim, but we all know how the scum cheerleaders within the Scottish media work, and yet we still gave them free ammunition to fire at ourselves still?
    A horrible situation all round, that I wish our club wasn’t caught up within

  • James McHugh says:

    Celtic should ban that so called paper leckie and the rest of the huns with typewriters all leckie does is tar us with the same brush as that mob over the road

  • Tony B says:

    I believe that fanny, Tam nothing to see here Cowan, works for The Sun.

    Nuff said.

  • SSMPM says:

    The Sun is like all right wing leaning organisations. As with all of the Murdoch media group it increasingly seems to manipulate and manufacture humungous lies for its own end. Terrible big ones, terrible, terrible lies, the biggest lies ever as a certain, eh where I am today, ‘truther’ does and like Trump deserves to be pissed all over.
    Like this shite tory right wing government and no rigid views vote seeking at any cost Starmer, the Sun should look in and report on their own deficiencies. They’d have a field day self-flagellating but like most British MPs they’d rather align themselves with a country that’s committing massive humanitarian crimes.
    That goes to all you idiots out there that support that stance too and purport and hide behind ‘this is a country defending itself’.
    I don’t hate Jewish people any more than any Celtic supporter that I’ve heard or listened to. I’ve never heard an anti Jewish remark or seen a banner, let alone a song, in Paradise that’s anti Jewish.
    Anti Israel and it’s genocidal attacks through the decades I have though and they’ve rightly been given and taken some flak. It’s a football ground. Nelson Mandela spoke very eloquently on the issue of the oppressed Palestinian people. Deservedly so too.
    Hamas are a murderous organisation and hate Jewish Israeli people and want to wipe them off the face of the earth, as evidenced 4 weeks ago. It should and they should rightly be condemned and hunted down. Unreservedly so.
    Israel should have went into Gazza building by building, tunnel by tunnel and sought them out for those actions, not murdered 10,000 or so innocent people, 40% of which I believe is children, infants and babies and with that count growing daily.
    The Israeli government’s actions, like Hamas, are cowardly hiding their murderous slaughterous intent of each other behind the use of innocent Palestinians. Both organisations and others are followed and proven to be led by cowardly genocidal dictators perpetrating heinous crimes against humanity.
    The Sun and sister papers in this country and abroad should be reporting on that, not Abada and Celtic, both of which we support and will continue to do unconditionally, well bar one issue that they don’t spout steaming bile like Hamas, Hesbollah and Netanyahu.
    The world would be a better place without them all and that includes the Sun. HH


    Why oh fluckin why do some Celtic fans persist in subsidising the SMSM and that ‘Other Nation’s’ Broadcasting Corporation?
    It’s masochism to the ‘nth’ degree.
    They must know that the Media doesn’t have their best interest at heart.
    They are Anti Celtic, Anti Catholic, Anti SNP, Anti The Scottish Govt and rabidly Anti Independence.
    So why do they do it?
    It’s like inviting someone into your home, give them money and then allow them to commit ‘grievous bodily harm’ on your
    brain and belittle every facet of your life.

  • king murdy says:

    if it comes to it….i’d rather have wee liel abada at celtic park every 2nd saturday than the “famous in their own living toom” GB….
    all these GB apologists talking about the celtic board curbing freedom of speech !!!! absolute pish !!
    protest against isreali treatment of palestine in george square….
    i just want to see a game of football ffs !!! and cheer on the hoops….don’t need ANYONE pushing their politics down my throat….be they left or right.
    how in the world did jock stein’s celtic ever manage to win the EC without the the GB bullies in attendance….makes their accomplishments even more amazing….

  • Scouse bhoy says:

    The celtic board have many reasons to crush that rag but of course they wont
    The people of merseyside showed what to do with with that mob.

  • John Copeland says:

    That’ll be the same rag outlet to which certain Celtic’ suits ‘ leak news content to when in a hurry to get out the information ? Why ! They know the Sun’s anti Celtic FC agendas and yet regard the paper and some of its scoops as friendly ! Maybe I’m missing something ……

  • Scud Missile says:

    So if our club are so pissed off with The Sun the journalists from that rag should be barred from attending any Celtic press conference’s.
    They really are dregs of the earth at that nickel&dime newspaper.

  • John Smith says:

    BAN them from Celtic park ,until we get an apology,,,,

  • goodghuy says:

    I have right of centre political views, I support the west and always will, I back the uk and the us and all the other western nations , because I think personally they try and do the right thing, and I do think Israel has the right to defend itself like any other nation. I do have sympathy for the Palestinian people like any other person with feelings, it’s a shame for them and it is a real tragedy, but it’s a tragedy for Israelis as well, it’s a tragedy for both. The problem with the green brigade, is they are biased and very one sided. They have been a shown up to our club for long enough, and it’s time we got our “ open to all “ saying back. The fabric and ethos of Celtic is that every person is allowed in to the stadium, and I do feel that the board have taken that into consideration and said no, enough is enough. Just about time we hit back to the football side of things, after a long week at work you want to relax with a beer and go to the football, and get your coupon on.

  • Eugene Cairns says:

    I think it would say everything if a tribute tifo to Abada could be organised.
    It would shut up all those who’s agenda is clear
    They are nakedly Anti Celtic
    Rise above it !

    • Patrick Cannon says:

      I remember Hillsborough very well and the discussing reporting in the sun. So in my opinion how any football fan not only liverpool fans can read that discrace of a publication is beyond me. Fellow football fans whent to support their team and didn’t come home. Think of they poor family’s and imagine being in that situation. The sooner every one stops buying that rag the sooner it circles down the drain, can’t happen quick enough for me, 9

  • Brian says:

    Why doesn’t the player open his mouth and say it’s lies. Really that simple.

  • John L says:

    Why O Why do Celtic suffer fools like this, it’s about time our club grew a backbone, ban the whole lot of them and I was also disappointed with the managers response to Kyogo,s booking and penalty claim. The fans should be able to have a representative on the board, someone who will say what the rest of us are thinking , and YOU would definitely meet that criteria.

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