Where Do Ibrox Fan Sites Find All These Economically Illiterate “Finance Experts”?

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Another day, and another bizarre Ibrox fan media report from one of their “finance experts” telling them that the accounts are nothing to worry about.

Remember when Neil Patey was the media’s “go-to-guy” for putting a positive spin on this stuff? I wasn’t in the least bit surprised when he turned up a few years ago as a paid “contributor” on Ibrox fan media.

But he’s not been heard from for a while, and I am astonished to say that for all he had become like a bad joke, popping up every year to positively talk about even the direst Ibrox figures, he’s been made to look like a whizz-kid at a Fortune 500 next to the guy who has replaced him, a guy called Dan Plumey. Or “Dan Plumey: Financial Expert” to give him his proper title.

Where do the Ibrox sites find these guys? My God.

There is an episode of Succession in which one character asks another if he’s “Scooby Do-ing” him, and if he attended “Hannah Barbera Business School”; it’s a beautifully contemptuous multi-faceted joke. That’s where I feel like these guys got their qualification certificates, at a literal cartoon factory.

The Ibrox site noted that David McCarthy went on the PLZ show and critiqued those figures; he’s the second mainstream journalist to do it via that platform.

The question is, why isn’t he doing through The Daily Record, where he normally works? Is the subject off-limits at official publications? Is that why we’ve yet to read a full and honest appraisal of them there?

“I think it’s just the way you interpret those numbers which is why having that bigger picture overview becomes really important,” Plumey says.

In other words, nothing to see here. Nothing to worry about. He then goes over in a fashion that suggests someone trying to convince himself as much as anyone else, to end on this paragraph, badly in need of some good editing.

“I think when you (look at the big picture) you can see the volatility and what (the club) have been trying to do in recent years which is why on the bigger picture, those numbers for one particular year are not really a cause for concern because there is a lot of growth they’ve had over the last few years and you’d expect at some point to get some fluctuation in the numbers year to year.”

The problem for this guy, apart from that sentence which someone really should have tidied up for him instead of just copying verbatim before pressing “publish”, is that we’ve done exactly what he is telling us needs to be done to fully grasp this.

We’ve studied the “bigger picture” and the “bigger picture” is a club which has never posted a profit, which has never not finished a season in debt, a club which even though it’s posting its best turnover yet is also posting its biggest level of spending at the same time, even though the turnover sources they had last season were not available in this one.

That means the numbers for this campaign will make those for the last one look as brilliant as some people seem determined to claim that they are.

And Ibrox fans are determined not to see that, even to the extent of their fan sites bringing in a “finance expert” who, instead of informing them of what they need to know, tells them only what they want to hear.

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  • Nathaniel says:

    I blame the schools

  • Dan Dwan says:

    If the rotten mob with the assistance of the SFA’ corrupt officials win their games in hand we could end up having a very slim advantage at the top of the table.I agree obviously that Financially they are a shambles, never posting profits etc -all that aside however we are sitting with 70 million plus in our bank accounts!! and find ourselves in this position. What the f..k are the custodians of our great club playing at?? It was obvious to the dogs in the street that our priority signing last summer should have been a top class centre forward with the challenge of champions league & the loss of our Asian strikers in the new year…yet here we are with Mikey Johnston Oh & Tilio trying to rescue 3 points at home to a bog standard Motherwell team!!


    There’s a reason Celtic are sitting on £70+Million at the moment. It’s ‘rainy day’ money for when we don’t qualify for CL.
    And not surprisingly it’s this year folks. The year Sevco must qualify automatically or it’s’bye,bye from them.

    Over £100 Million lost in the last 11 years and no more Director Loans of ‘share confetti’ from anonymous donors or ‘Dark Money’ with UEFA looking on. They desperately NEED that automatic entry to the ‘money pot’ and every week from now on the MIBs and Varmen oan the Sky will be on autopilot. Guaranteed.

    Once again a Celtic Board colluding in saving the huns neck. The ‘10’ in a row Season was no fluke, it was pre-planned to save SEVCO. If we had won that year it would have broken them forever. Their fans would have disappeared like ‘ snaw affa dyke’.

    The whole ‘Professional game in the ‘best wee bigoted country in ra wurld’ is totally corrupt.
    All the Clubs know it and won’t do anything about it. Especially Celtic who should have been at the forefront of cleaning up the game post ‘2012’. But no, PL and the Celtic Board are more concerned with keeping the share price up and with it their bloated and salaries bonuses.

    Instead of being part of the ‘Solution’ our Custodians are the biggest part of the problem.

    • Stephen says:

      The trajectory to ruin, yet again. I await with bated breath, Tribute II – The Return of the Phoenix.

  • SSMPM says:

    Just no accounting for them Experts. Does that mean they used to be Perts

  • John Copeland says:

    Maybe these financial ‘ experts ‘ have been hit on the heads by a stray Budweiser glass bottle or an empty ‘ mad dog ‘ bottle at George Square ? Could be that the ‘after shock ‘ is now taking its toll ….oops !

  • Effarr says:

    I agree 100% with DD.

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