After Celtic Acted On The Green Brigade, Ibrox Was Forced To Confront Its Own Fans.

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You have to laugh at the way the Ibrox club constantly echoes ours, on everything from transfer policy to the way it deals with its supporters. The minute Celtic banned the Green Brigade I knew a show-down between Ibrox and its own ultras was going to come.

Yesterday, they released a statement urging their own fans to behave. Pyro was the main issue, but it wasn’t and it isn’t their only concern. Once Celtic decided to get a grip on some of the bad behaviour in our stands they came to the swift realisation as to how quickly events surrounding their own could start to get away from them. There are plenty of things to worry them.

Not, of course, the bigoted dirge which pours from their stands and which that support cannot seem to leave behind. You have to want to, I guess, and they clearly don’t. Ibrox fans are perfectly happy to be “up to their knees in fenian blood” and aren’t for giving that up.

Their sectarian banner at one of the European games was appalling; it was equally appalling that UEFA did not deal with it. Perhaps they just don’t realise what they were looking at, but those inside the club are well aware of what it was and what it meant. They did nothing.

They have tolerated the vile songs and banner for years. They did nothing.

So what changed? Well, first we did. Our decision to sanction the Green Brigade has shown a willingness at Celtic to clean house.

That puts the spotlight on those clubs which won’t, and Ibrox is the biggest culprit. But more, we are creeping, I think, ever closer to some kind of version of Strict Liability and Ibrox has to know that.

A problem like this, it’s not just going to go away. The task of sorting that crowd of theirs out will take years and their only saving grace was that nobody could countenance fining them or deducting points if Celtic also had issues, thus requiring punishing both clubs.

They know they’ll get far less leeway if they are standing in the dock alone. People who would balk at taking on both clubs might not feel that way about taking on one of them … and the behaviour their fans engage in is absolutely indefensible.

If Strict Liability is coming both their club and ours are going to have to live with a little bit of denial in the stands, denial that any such rules will ever be brought in or implemented.

Celtic, at least, has a lead in this regard because we’ve gotten out in front of the problem and we’re trying to do something about it. Ibrox’s statement virtually apologises to their fans and express regret and sorrow at having to grasp the nettle. They didn’t want to.

But as usual, events at Celtic have forced their hand.

They have now warned their own supporters about their conduct, albeit in a manner that leaves most of us unconvinced that they are serious. Yet they have to be. They know if Strict Liability comes in that their club is on the slipperiest slope there is, and whilst its laughable to think that they will be deducted points or lose prize money under the current system, that’s sort of the point.

If the system is about to change, they are going to find themselves in bother.

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  • John says:

    I think that’s why they keep singing ” follow follow ” everything we do they try to follow , a very sad club and set of fans .

  • Tam says:

    Is that why they “the rangers” sing a certain song….we do or achieve something and they “follow” and the SMSM help them compare our achievements…Europe for example…

  • John cannon says:

    Just wondering about their finances. How much did it cost them to get Gazza to do there christmas add for them .looked like an expensive dinner

  • Clachnacuddin and the Hoops says:

    If strict liability comes in and it’s The SFA or The SPFL in charge then Celtic are truly fcuked…

    They will engineer things in their favour every step of the way –

    Ok they might deduct them of five points…

    But that’ll be after they’ve deducted us FIFTEEN !

  • Tom says:

    The Difference is that their fanbase to a man / woman spend their time at orange walks and this associates itself fully with therangers 11

  • Charlie Kelly says:

    Cannot believe our sanctimonious attitude,we never banned the GB for there singing of Sectarian songs.They were banned for standing up for Palestine and speaking out against the Tory Board at Celtic,Long may they stand up for the oppressed throughout the world so many of our support forget why our club was started

  • Frank Dougan says:

    The problem with sectarianism in Scotland dates back to John Knox in 1560s and has been entrenched in Scottish politics ever since. The Catholic church was abolished and lies and propaganda about Catholicism was established by the hierarchy to depict Catholicism as demonic created by the evil lies of Martin Luther. The problem with Protestantism is it actually means Anti Catholic. This is where the fault lies in Scottish society as it is inbred in the education system. Look at the Orange Order and the hate marches dating back to 1690 that continues to contaminate the streets every year for no other reason than to defile Catholics and the government of Scotland and England do nothing to stop this evil hate that breeds contempt and hatred against Catholics. The fault is at the door of political parties and city councils who allow these hate marches because these people who are the establishment are entrenched in their ideology.

  • sligo123456 says:

    Great post Frank.

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