Ex-Celt Sutton Has Won Another Critical Battle As The Todd-ler Spits Out His Dummy.

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When The Mooch opened up with both barrels on Sutton, we all knew that it was an act of utter stupidity for which he would pay dearly and regularly. We knew something else; in the end, Sutton would win. Every criticism he offered, every single point he raised, would be borne out in the end when The Mooch got his jotters as was certain.

When Ibrox’s prancing fool Cantwell made exactly the same mistake, and got himself into a public slagging match with a man who doesn’t just buy ink by the barrel but has a TV platform as well to wage war from, that was only ever going to end the same way; in total victory for Sutton.

Cantwell is nowhere near as good a player as he thinks he is, and that’s a problem right off the bat. Hell, Vinicius Jnr isn’t half the player Cantwell thinks he is, to read this guy’s soaring self-regard you would think he was an elite level footballer with nothing to prove.

And yet, as Sutton points out, this joker has everything to prove. In October, when Cantwell made his daft comments, Sutton fired back.

“The thing I don’t understand, I genuinely don’t understand, is that there is that old adage in football of ‘do your talking on the pitch’,” he said. “I think at this moment in time, he’s away with the fairies! I really do. The sort of frustrating thing is that for someone who to date has had a bang average career, he doesn’t half have a high opinion of himself. The truth is he’s better known for his social media presence, being on TikTok, than he is for what he’s done on the pitch. If I was him, I’d want to address that. He needs to focus on his football.”

His critique of Cantwell was so on point. “If you go back to last season in the big, meaningful games against Celtic, what is your memory of Todd Cantwell? Stealing a water bottle away from the Celtic midfielder Reo Hatate. Not a ball, a water bottle …”

What a fool Cantwell was to open this battle up, and after last night – when yet another manager has not fancied him, when yet another boss has refused to pander to his tendency to drift in and out of games – Sutton looks certain to win it sooner rather than later.

The fact that Cantwell was so enraged that he had his wee petulant tantrum after the match is telling. He knows that this new manager doesn’t rate him as highly as The Mooch did and so he can see that this is heading the same way his time at Norwich did.

Ibrox fans who have fallen in love with this guy and who have sniggered over the way he’s slagged his former club appear oblivious to the idea that that’ll be them one day, because he has time only for himself, regard only for himself, loyalty only to himself.

And Sutton saw this coming, of course.

“Four Norwich managers didn’t see enough. Daniel Farke, Dean Smith, caretaker Alan Russell and David Wagner. He claimed that Bayern Munich almost signed him. That’s great, I almost invented the television set. But I didn’t. Cantwell ended up loaned to Bournemouth and Scott Parker didn’t see enough from him there, either. That’s not one manager. That’s five.”

Already it looks like it’s going to be six. Ibrox’s boy-band wannabe is watching as it all slips away. This is the kind of guy with the wrong attitude entirely. He’s one of those players who, in three years, is more than likely going to be playing at Walsall or somewhere like that.

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  • Frank Curran says:

    Walsall wouldn’t touch Cantwell with a barge pole.

  • Fun time frankie says:

    Joey Barton Mark 2.

  • Celticfcman says:

    Stop talking about this person. He’s nobody.

  • Pan says:

    Now, now. There was no need to insult Walsall.
    Cantdowell is the “flying Barbie” due to his proficiency at diving, without even being touched. His timing is off even at athat.

  • Davybhoy says:

    Please don,t insult poor wallsall he,s not good enough for them .

  • Clachnacuddin and the Hoops says:

    Aye ‘Tick Tock’ Todd right enough…

    The clock is ticking for ya at Liebrox –

    And you maybe won’t be hearing The famous clock at Highbury with Arsenal for sure…

    But there’s a Highbury in the lower EFL leagues that might be suitable –

    I think it could be at Fleetwood Town !

  • John says:

    Seen manager of theirs is already under pressure from hun fans after last night & aberdeen result, and others raging bout notwell being taken off saying he is huge talent misunderstood as he needs freedom to express himself and not be restricted by tactics, must be some player or is it jus they haven’t a clue.

  • Eyes wide open says:

    Sutton calls it as he sees it and he is usually proved right. The rangers fans are so, so desperate for heroes that they ignore the evidence right in front of their own eyes.
    Their team is full of players who are flops and / or past their best.
    It will be sore for the fans when reality bites as they live in constant denial about most things regarding that club ( same club / making a profit / accepting media lies and spin).
    They still play Simply the best at Ibrox, enough said .

  • Patrick Cannon says:

    James I think you might have being doing a disservice to Walsall mate

  • Aaron says:

    Absolutely dreadful player woud not get a game in my local 5 a side league ?

  • Jimmy says:

    How bad and slow are sevcos central defenders. Ball over the top has cost them dearly in the last few games. Take note Brendan.

  • Jpc says:

    You give him way too much credit Chris, he’s a lot worse than Walsall

  • Joemartin says:

    Wee barbie Cantplaywell or even dive well what a blowhard .

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