The Media Could Not Help Putting A Pathetic Anti-Celtic Spin On Ibrox’s Latest Signing

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I don’t mind the media’s stories about how we were in for Silva and missed out on him. One look at his scoring record convinces me that this is no great loss. They can pretend all they want that we were part of that “transfer race”; only time will tell if he is a good player, and you know what? The odds are against him based on his stats.

No, what bothers me is the pathetic effort they made to put words into the guy’s mouth and to ascribe more to the words he said than was justified. These people are to be marvelled at in the corrupt way they go about their business at times.

Silva did not take “a veiled dig at Celtic” no matter what they want to say about his comments. That’s blatantly lying, I’m afraid. I am not going to the bat for Ibrox’s new signing, I’m saying that if they read a “veiled dig” in the words that came out of his mouth then their minds are warped by their own prejudices. What he said was that he had joined the biggest club in the country, or something to that effect. And big deal. That’s not a dig at anyone.

That’s standard stuff. How many players have done this over the years? How many in Spain, Germany, Italy, England, France and elsewhere? What is he supposed to say instead? “I feel great, I’ve just signed for the second biggest team in Scotland”? Really? Who in God’s name expected that? Who expected anything other than his crowd please statement to satisfy the Ibrox media department and get on the good side of the fans?

And he needs that, because it’s all he’s got. That record and that price tag which is slowly strangling him doesn’t justify vainglorious boasting, so instead he talked up the club. I expected nothing less, particularly as the Ibrox board are the masters of chickenshit behaviour such as this, and are forever feeding supremacist guff to new signings.

Perhaps, too, he had on his mind his praise for Celtic and Jota, who I daresay he knows well, from when we beat them in the Scottish Cup last season.

The Ibrox media department, if they are at all competent, would have found that quickly enough and they would have known it was a matter of time before the Celtic sites highlighted it if the mainstream press didn’t, and so I can well believe they gave him a line to take to try and head off any potential trouble.

That the media has tried to turn this against Celtic is absurd. If this is the big signing the club and its allies are maintaining it to be, surely it speaks for itself? Surely it does not require this kind of spin, this kind of bitchy, petty behaviour?

But they can’t help it. This is who they are. This is what their industry is now.

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  • Bob (original) says:

    The above example quite nicely, and simply, sums up where we are with

    the SMSM – including BBC Scotland in particular.

    In terms of Scottish football, they add minimal value to the game, IMO.

    Arguably, the SMSM adds negative value to the game,

    with its poor ‘reporting’ – and straightfoward copying / pasting of PR content.

    The SMSM lost all credibility in 2011/12, and the downward spiral of their ‘quality’

    has simply continued, if not accelerated towards the drain.

    The old media – and their nonsense stories – won’t be misssed by most [?]

    Scottish football supporters. 🙂

  • Johnno says:

    As usual the scum cheerleaders don’t and won’t do reality, when a good lie will keep the mutant zombies happy at the shithole.
    The scum have gone all in with yet another loan signing in the hope that it brings a title and some breathing space in financial terms?
    But where is the planning involved?
    What about the shite strikers under long contracts, paid way over the odds for them,and trying to keep unity within the changing room?
    Nothing but a panic signing, that I fail to see how it would have any successful consequences, as the scum still remains masters at wasting money?
    Would expect ourselves to be looking at bringing in players with a longer term investment and benefit for the club?
    Silva doesn’t fit that agenda for ourselves, so fail to see how we were possibly interested in him whatsoever?
    Agreed that we need to be looking for another striker, but surely we must be looking for a striker with a far better pedigree than Silva?
    Do we really need another bench warmer, as Silva would be Nothing more to add to the plenty we have already imo?

  • Kevan McKeown says:

    How pathetic was that man and so typical of the DR. Can’t just leave it at them gettin a player over us. They have tae find a way tae gloat. Though how many times have we seen this before and it ends up back in their faces. Imo we should go and get Miovski, ah think he could do a turn for us.

  • Roonsa says:

    By what measure is the Third Lanark Homage the biggest club in Scotland? Lolz.

    The only reason people are wetting themselves over this guy is that Wolves paid £35M for him. And have since tried desperately to get the boy to live up to that price tag by loaning him out to “lesser” leagues in the hope he’ll come good. That plan has failed thus far. His strike rate is very poor.

    Theae are all things you have already pointed out, James. Are Celtic fans really getting worried about “losing out” on him? I can actually see why he might choose them over us. They still have European football to play. He thinks he can go one better than Ramsey and score in the Final penalty shoot out. But in all honesty I would be annoyed if that was our answer to our Asian Cup striker crisis.

    I have no idea how this will work out for them. It might work, it might not. I don’t care. I just want Celtic to stop pissing about with project loans with a view to buy or punt purchases and take the perceived “threat” seriously.

    We have to win the League this season. Anything else will be an unmitigated disaster.

    • Peter Cassidy says:

      The new super loan player for the rangers 2012 record for scoring for wolves over the last couple of seasons is 5 don’t know how many he scored whe he was loaned out 2 twice since he signed on 2020.He might do job for them but going by his record and the wages he is getting you would think buying a goal scorer like the hearts centre would be the one you would go for.But the coaching staff at bigot dome think he can score goals for them time will tell the rest of the media hype is what you would expect a player costing £35 million but then again plenty of duds have costs clubs more.

  • Clachnacuddin and the Hoops says:

    And still Celtic Supporters (all be it very, very, strange and very, very odd) Celtic fans will be buying papers today or clicking them online…

    Financially supporting them either way of course –

    Just my humble opinion of course…

    But it is a pure weird person that would shell out their hard earned cash to read Lie after Lie after Lie –

    That goes for football supporters of Every football club in Scotland as well as the foolish Celtic contingent that financially support The Scottish Football Media !

  • John L says:

    If Luis Palma puts a sock in that big gub of their’s, we will hear nothing about the 1 that got away. It’s just arse licking pathetic.

  • John Copeland says:

    Wait until a jobsworth ‘ advises ‘ him not to bless himself entering the field ,like Amoruso and Negri were previously at Ibrox ! He’ll soon get the message what he has signed up for …..Ey bossa ,what eess zee beely boyza ? Sssssshhhhhhhh !

  • Eamonn Little says:

    I remember in 1996 when another Portuguese star Fernando Coutho decided against signing for Rangers,then spelled out exactly why,our media were desperately trying to spin it,that Jorge Cadet had been in his ear when they were at euro 96 together.This caused JC to receive abuse from Rangers fanbase as it was obviously swallowed hook line and sinker

  • Clachnacuddin and the Hoops says:

    He’s said he’s joined the biggest club in Scotland…

    Nope Mr Silva – Stadium Capacity, Turnover, Profits and Trophy Hauls say otherwise (Especially The Champions of Europe one) !

    You’ve been lied to sonny Portuguese Boy –

    But your new temporary home is Liebrox so don’t be surprised…

    And get yourself some arithmetic lessons while your in Glasgow sunshine – because they clearly didn’t educate you very well in Portugal !

  • JimBhoy says:

    Cheque book out Celtic in January with 3 first team ready signings,

  • John says:

    Seen the lad recently v. Sheff Utd. Completely out his depth. Gave penalty away. Ended up crying. Hope there are many more like that this season. Cannot see many penalties being given against him.

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