Celtic’s Rivals Have Such Tiresome Media Cheerleaders, Don’t They?

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I read today, with some amusement I might add, as Kirk Broadfoot insisted that his favourite team can win a treble. Maybe it’s just me who thinks that when the team in question has one trophy already and might only be, if it wins its games in hand, two points behind in the league that he’s stating the obvious, but apparently that’s good enough to get him headlines.

This is the guy who couldn’t boil an egg without it blowing up in his face, so I didn’t expect the wisdom of Solomon exactly but still … he says he wants them to go for it, to try and do it, as if professional footballers are sitting there saying to each other “I know we can do this, but maybe we shouldn’t put too much effort into it.”

He’s a symptom of a wider issue. The media is so full of pro-Ibrox punditry that you need to sift through it all every day in order to find actual stories about other things. And almost every single one of the current crop of “go-to-guys” the press constantly talks to from that club are absolutely thick. None of them will be getting visits from the head-hunters at CERN any time in the future. Hell, the head-hunters at McDonalds wouldn’t trust them to flip burgers.

We know how bad The Village Idiot is, and the most amazing thing to say about Barry Ferguson is that he’s not even the stupidest pundit in his family. We’ve got Neil McCann, we’ve got Alan Hutton, we’ve even, from time to time, seen Lee McCulloch in the commentary box although you’d get more insight if you put a wax dummy done up to look like him in there instead.

But Kenny Miller could accomplish great things. He may even, in time, wrestle The Village Idiot’s spot as the stupidest and most ignorant ex-Ibrox player in the media away from him. And the incredible thing about this lot is that their profiles appear to increase in direct proportion to their intelligence.

Derek Ferguson has been making a living on no less a platform than the BBC for years … listening to him talk about VAR recently was like spooning your way through word soup. The Village Idiot seems to be everywhere; two newspapers publish his stuff and he’s a regular on Sky. But Miller has him beat. You cannot pick up a paper or turn on the radio or the telly but there he is, talking absolute rot almost all of the time, contradicting himself at every turn into the bargain.

There seems to be a nearly endless parade of these guys, with the BBC responsible for giving at least half of them a leg-up and their start in punditry. It is the most shocking mediocrity and what makes it worse is that you get the impression that these guys aren’t being quoted in spite of their stupidity but because of it, because that generates “controversy”.

But there is nothing “controversial” about an absolute idiot proving his lack of insight or intelligence. That’s an insult to every one of us who is forced to listen to or read it. And for Celtic fans it is particularly bad as these people combine it all with bias.

I mean, aren’t you scraping the bottom of the barrel when you’re quoting Kirk Broadfoot like this? Or is there lower to go yet? As a media watcher, I sincerely hope not. But in the industry which still thinks The Village Idiot is worth a contract you never know.

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  • James Archibald says:

    I didn’t even read it when I saw it knew it would be a waste of time


    Won’t be long before SEVCO’s ffffishell Fan Medjia partners are quoted in official dispatches and given a seat on Hunscene at the weekend. Or provided with a set of crayons by the Shun or the Daily Asswipe.

    Still you must give EBC scotchland credit for employing sooo many exDebtdome employees. I think they’re trying to save an endangered species for posterity.

  • Charlie Green says:

    They used to say if you played for Queen’s Park they would find you employment when you retired. It seems Sevco have taken up the mantle.

  • Frank Keenan says:

    This is the same guy who burnt his feet when cooking he was cooking boiled rice and was told to stand in boiling water for 5 minutes

  • John Copeland says:

    I don’t think that the quality of pro the Rangers ‘ people ‘ has reached the bottom ! Nowhere near ! Take Billy of the Dodds as a prime example ? He speaks on national TV and radio with grammar as ‘ a cuttle ay times !’ I believe that should be ‘ a couple of times !’ This is the standard of alleged commentary from people who get constantly employed , especially by the BBC …using our dough . The standard of commentary is heading in one direction as far as I can see it . There will soon be a time when these people will need to stand on a ladder to reach up to touch the bottom , they are so bad ,with very few exceptions .Anybody got a torch ?

  • Danny Bhoy says:

    Let’s not forget that this very man being used for his thoughts by the Scottish sports media has previous for sectarian abuse towards an Irish Catholic while playing in England. The English FA gave him a hefty match ban. Almost never mentioned anywhere in Scotland. Maybe they feel sorry for him and think that the match ban was too severe, as they did with Kyle Lafferty.


    Do they actually get a wage for the garbage they talk?????

  • Johnno says:

    Fair play to yourself James and the others who wade through the shite coming out of the Hun scum cheerleaders.
    Couldn’t and wouldn’t do so myself, prefer my little bit of sanity than ever been dragged down to the dopey Hun scum zombie level all the same.
    Of course these scum cheerleaders have to try and keep such a shower of shit relevant, especially when a fair few of us Tim’s have long moved on from taking any notice from the scum, and just rather celebrate in our success.
    Even more so when upon the receiving end of all those cheating years from the scum.
    Hun scum tears and pain isn’t a bad second to our success these days and long may they continue also

  • Clachnacuddin and the Hoops says:

    Well I only know what they are saying from reading on here…

    Though I’ve heard Miller the incoherent rambling wreck on Clyde but only after Celtic beat them (Sevco) –

    I sometimes hear McCann on Sportscene who is one of their better analysts but sometimes struggles to hide his bizarre ‘jump the dyke’ bias towards Sevco…

    Honestly it’s so great not to pay a halfpenny bit towards anything in The Scottish Football Media…

    Is there any Celtic guys in The Scottish Football Media at all in any capacity these days –

    PS – Just remembered that there’s Chris Sutton !

  • Andy says:

    If they all teamed up, they would struggle to match the intelligence of an amoeba. They, along with the rest of the media, are so predictably pro-ibrox in everything they say and write. What staggers me though, is the fact that the actions of that utter scumbag Balogun appear to have been completely swept under the carpet. It beggars belief that that is even possible.

  • Tim Buffy says:

    As Basil Fawlty would have said: “He’s from Drongan.”

  • Allan Loveman says:

    When they scrape the bottom of the barrell n then break through and into the dirt they find John brown n nacho Novo

  • Roonsa says:

    Kirk Broadfoot. LOLZ. This is a guy who would make Alan Hutton look like Mastermind.

    Ayrshire huns should be banned from voicing any opinion on football.

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