Celtic’s Summer Window Was Indefensible, No Matter Who Tries To Defend It.

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This afternoon, there is a lot of chatter in the media, on the forums and on the Celtic fan sites about the “wonder goal” Tilio scored back in Australia.

One Celtic site has taken that and the performances from Kwon to suggest that these are quality players who just weren’t given a chance at Celtic Park.

That’s an attack on the manager, of course, and feeds into their pre-existing narrative that all the ills at our club are down to Brendan Rodgers.

Because, of course, if they are then they can’t possibly be down to somebody else.

I always like to see our on-loan players doing well. But hearing talk that we’re missing out on something by having Kwon at St Mirren, the Aussie back in his homeland and even Mikey Johnston out at West Brom is messing with the vortex of reality.

We have watched Johnston time and time again. We know he’s not nearly good enough for Celtic.

An Aussie league player was never coming here and fitting right into the team and it’s an absolute fantasy to suggest that he was. We paid £1 million for him. That’s farcical. We paid the same for Kwon, from South Korea’s second tier. These are not, by any stretch of the imagination, quality footballers. They have potential. That’s all it is.

Our team was short of players out wide for weeks. That’s why Johnston and Forrest ended up back in it. Had Tilio possessed the stuff to make an immediate impact he’d have been in the team. Nothing we saw in the short time he was made him stand out.

The idea that we should have dropped McGregor or O’Riley to shoehorn Kwon into the team when he was the very definition of a raw, untested player is manifestly absurd.

It is embarrassing to suggest that these guys would have enhanced this team and should have been playing in it on a regular basis. Embarrassing.

It doesn’t stand up to the slightest scrutiny.

It is an attempt to defend a transfer window which we all know was a disaster. It is, in effect, an argument that we should ignore the evidence of our own eyes – and most importantly ignore what the coaching staff thinks – and let the chairman’s son keep his job.

Celtic fans know better than to get excited over Johnston again.

Years and years of waiting for him to fulfil his potential have been squandered. Any chance he gets at this club again will be similarly wasted.

Whether it’s a mental thing or not, he’s not cut out for turning out for this club on a regular and consistent basis.

Kwon is playing in a defensive minded team in the lower part of the league. That does not qualify him to take McGregor’s place in a Celtic side that plays most of the game in the opposition half; yes, even this one manages that.

And getting excited over a goal scored in the Australian League? Hey, I’m glad the kid has scored a goal and I wish him well. But there’s nothing to suggest that he would have the quality to play in this league and in this first team squad.

I suspect we have a better footballer already at the club in Rocco Vata. You’ll notice how silence has fallen on that subject, right?

We have two centre backs who can’t get into the team ahead of Scales and Welsh. Wasted money on the pair of them. We’re now talking about rushing Carter Vickers back.

More than half of the signings have flopped and this is four transfer windows in a row where but for Alastair Johnston we’ve failed to sign footballers who has cemented a place in starting eleven.

Here’s a story for you, which might provide some context.

Yesterday, Stoke City announced that they had terminated the contract of their technical director Ricky Martin after just 15 months. And what was the reason for his dismissal? He has signed 25 players over the last year and they flopped.

That would do it at most clubs.

Lawwell Jnr has to be coming up on that number himself, and instead of questioning what in God’s name it is that he’s doing for his money we have people defending him.

Those who aren’t part of the solution are part of the problem.

Those who don’t even recognise that we have a problem … they’re beyond getting through to at this point. Or they are simply yes-men from their buddies on the board.

It’s not a good look either way.

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  • David says:

    Tilio seems to have bulked up a bit whilst been able to keep the ball at his feet when running at pace,early days but signs looking good so far

  • Tony B says:

    Lawwell camp follower Brennan and many of his own camp followers over on Geezer Quack News won’t hear a word against The Lying Leech, no matter how bad things get.

    How many of the support these toadies and duffers represent is another matter.

    Hopefully they constitute an irrelevant rump hanging on to prior imagined greatness, brought on of course by The Lying Dude.

  • Sid says:

    How desperate is Paul 67?

    A player who has zero pedigree outside of Australia scores a goal in the A league, comparable to the Scottish Championship and its used by someone with zero football experience to attack our current manager in the midst of trying to win a league. The new Daniel Arzani, (played in a world Cup ? ) can’t even keep his weight in check, clearly overweight yet portrayed as our missed saviour.

    The arrogance from these people who think being decent in the A league transfers to being a hit in Scotland when the pace and physicality are world’s apart is staggering. Yet Paul 67 and the Lawwell family think they are right and our manager is wrong. Remember these guys are deemed worse than the other new signings who are far from the level required. This is before the obvious struggles of being able to adapt in a new football environment that BR clearly stated. Tilio is fat, yet we’re lectured to think this is the standard of a Celtic player. Just go now Peter and Mark.

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