Even The Hacks Are Forced To Admit That Celtic Just Might Be Back In This Race.

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When I saw, this morning, that Jackson had put up a piece on our game last night, I read it with the usual cynicism with which it is wise to approach everything that guy writes. But he was giving us credit, mostly because he had to. When a team is six up at half time and finishes the game with seven goals, all from different scorers, that can’t be ignored.

Few in the press corps wants to come right out and say it, but the stupidity of writing off a Celtic team which had a dozen games left to turn a two point deficit is now becoming clear to some of them. They know if we’ve hit form, we’ve got a right good chance of retaining our title, in spite of the love they are all gushing over the Ibrox boss and his side.

A lot of us thought, in the aftermath of the Motherwell game, that maybe this was the corner being turned. Last night has further strengthened that view. The Ibrox club is getting the big wet sloppy kiss right now, but that will change if we keep on winning.

Now the hacks have to at least entertain the possibility that this is going to be a race after all, and that Celtic may just win it, and so they have to cover us with the requisite respect, which is what Jackson did today. The usual caveats are all there, of course; we have to beat Hearts, and even that won’t “prove” anything until we’ve been to Ibrox … funny how nobody said that before they came to Celtic Park and lost and nobody wants to mention that since.

Still, it is good, it is amusing, to see them jump through the hoops a little bit. They know that if we continue to play like last night that we’re going to do it, and having spent the whole season attacking us relentlessly that they’ve pushed the fans and the team together in a way it might not have otherwise been during our sticky spell.

Of course, it may not matter. We might still slip and thus hand this title over to Ibrox. But if the corner has been turned right, and we go to Tynecastle and win, and especially if we win well, nobody, not even the likes of Keevins, will be able to deny it any longer.

And some of them are going to look properly stupid if we do turn this around and win this. But they are stupid, and we’ve long known it. To rub their faces in it though … that would be special.

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  • Clachnacuddin and the Hoops says:

    Vomit is one horrible awful smelling body fluid…

    So much so that I had to pay two alcoholics £20 and a bottle of malt each to clear it and clean it after my drunken travel sickness in ma motor coming back from an open air dance in 1996 ! (Incidentally the guys asked me if I’d do that every weekend as they were happy with the payments) –

    But by fuck every single Scottish print and broadcast room will have bucket after bucket after bucket overflowing with sick if Celtic (God willing) pull of this title win in May…

    Please, Please Brendan and your players make this scenario happen for us all !!!

  • Kevan McKeown says:

    He’s one sly bastard. Aye he gave us a bit of grudged credit. Tho no before his ‘ mild’ insinuation, that it was the crowds response tae the Kilmarnock goal that was responsible for our 1st half performance, which is bullshit. It was just a much better performance end of. Nae other reason than that.

  • Sid says:

    Much better last night, getting the ball in the Box with bodies, causes problems.
    However forgive me for not getting carried away though, I believe this title has almost gone already. Some of us were highlighting the need to stay ahead of Sevco. We’re going to have to be perfect imo and that’s not happening with this team.
    With the title on the line and the referees hand picked, realistically how many points do you see them dropping outwith us?
    Sevco coming from behind and winning was huge and a big step towards the title.
    To have any chance we need to at least win every game upto and including Ibrox. I can’t see that happening.
    Would love to be proved wrong.

    • Clachnacuddin and the Hoops says:

      It’s gonna be agonisingly close Sid – But you raise some valid points there…

      Probably they’ll be an outcry in the media about The Kilmarnock Penalty last night and they were therefore never getting the second stonewall one for certain…

      Clements bitching and wailing about officials is paying dividends –

      But they would have got these decisions anyway wheather he was greetin the way he was or not !

      • Gerry Fagan says:

        At 1 nil down the huns should have been down to 10 men, a tug on the shirt by the hun defender as the Killie player raced by with only Buckland to beat.
        On field ref,ignored and so did Dallas on VAR,.
        Win this league and it will be so, so much sweeter because the obstacles have been greater.?

    • JC says:

      That’s the spirit.

  • William McGrandles says:

    This league was never over shame on those
    without faith you don’t deserve a season ticket
    they’ve still to play us twice and their shitting it
    ? ? ??

  • Gerry says:

    Always keep the faith…

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