Celtic Get The Needed Points, But By God That Was Another Ugly Victory.

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God that was hard to watch. What is wrong with us? Where is the fire that you want to see from a side closing in on a title? That was awful today, a disjointed, frustrating victory. There are people who will say that only the win matters. They are wrong. There is a way to win at a time like this, a performance that exudes the confidence of champions.

I am confident that we will be champions when this season ends, but again, we’re going to have to play a lot better than this to get there. That doesn’t even look like a time holding something back for the games in the next two weeks; it looked like one going through the motions. The Famous Name took his two goals brilliantly today … without him, where were the goals coming from?

I really don’t want to hear from Rodgers or anyone else if the message is that they think that was good enough. I want to hear our manager telling these players that they were miles off it today. He said we “come to life” at this stage; we played most of that game like a team struggling out of a deep sleep. Too many of them were not just off their game but miles off it.

I have not enjoyed this season. There hasn’t really been any sustained bit of it where I thought that we looked like the team we know that we can be. A lot of is has been like that was today; difficult to watch, full of poor performances and aggravating mistakes. I am not going to enjoy the next few weeks either, I suspect, although next weekend we can go six clear before the other lot even kick a ball. Hearts will not play the way they did against them at Hampden.

There needs to be a marked improvement in how we play before that one. The nervousness, or whatever it is, which plagues us right now has to be set aside. Next weekend is massive. It really is. Half of the punditry expects us to lose that game, and that’s frustrating because that Hearts team is certainly no great shakes and we should be able to dispatch them comfortably.

But I’m getting the distinct feeling that nothing about this is going to be comfortable. Too many players are off the pace. Too many of them need a kick in the backside. Rodgers cannot be happy with that, and although his decision to play Forrest was entirely vindicated (and he has to start again Hearts, there’s just no way he won’t) he has big calls to make elsewhere on the pitch.

Winning ugly is sadly necessary at times. Today was as ugly a win as I’ve seen from this team, and I’m alright with that for the most part because the only thing anyone will remember at the end of this one are this was a day we won three more points and took another step towards being champions.

There are four games to go. We have the three point lead. I wanted to improve on the goal difference some today, but maybe there’s not destined to be much movement on that front anyway. All I know is that I hoped I’d come out of today feeling more relaxed about the next fortnight … and to be perfectly honest, I really don’t think that I do.

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  • Frank Connelly says:

    Is our Captain actually physically never mind match fit. He’s miles off it. No physical presence up front. Midfield has gone missing and why do our fullbacks continue to push forward and move infield clogging up the space. That was grim today. Don’t give a toss about Sevco my worry is how poor we have been now for weeks nae whole season

  • The Joker says:

    You couldn’t put a George Michael paper between the 2 clubs both are shite,our shite is just slightly better and upmarket more than sevco’s.

  • Joe McQuaid says:

    A struggle – although Hatate was a whisker away from making it 3-0 and then final 20 minutes is completely different. Instead at 2-1 I had to go wash the dishes and peel some veg to take my mind off the game…
    CalMac obviously in need of the minutes – think we start with him and Iwata next week. And we will certainly appreciate Maeda when we get him back.
    I’m sure BR would have ripped into the players at FT but now its focus on the next game – nothing else matters – one game at a time.

  • Gerry says:

    We know that we didn’t play well but we won and got another vital three points.

    Let’s not kid ourselves…these last two performances have pretty much summed up the bulk of how this season has transpired!

    Our performances and results have been erratic, with there being little or no consistency.

    Bottom line though, we are in a position, that the Sevco hordes would love to find themselves in and we have to ensure we see this through !

    If we do, our team and manager will get the requisite credit, and we can all breathe huge sighs of relief!

    So as someone else said, keep the faith and let’s get this over the line !

  • Peter Cassidy says:

    That was a terrible show by Celtic has been all season Rodgers management of the team has been poor and to be honest Celtic have been rotten.It Is pass pass back side ways midfield to slow and not strong enough defence very shaky under pressure forward line just average if we do the double I will be very surprised and shows you how poor the spl is at present the rangers still could win all the silverware and again would show the rotten level of the spl has become .

  • Stuart Saunders says:

    This team is the worst Celtic team I have seen in years . The standard of play is shocking . Our midfield players are terrible in passing seeing a pass, tackling . The defence is the midfielders and the rest are attacking all the time who is going to see the pass that splits the defences scales Taylor jonstone vickers no way . Roger’s sets the team this way he is to blame for the standards that this team are playing which is shocking, even if we do win the league Roger’s needs to go we are going backwards fast under him

    • James Forrest says:

      Worst in years. God almightly. elieve me when I tell you I’ve seen much, much, much worse.

    • Captain Swing says:

      I assume you began watching Celtic after the 2020/21 season? Woeful though some performances have been, it doesn’t even compare to finishing 25 points and 30 goals behind a bang-average Sevco side. And don’t get me started on the teams containing Biggins, Muggleton, Payton or Hayes that I’ve watched lose at places like Airdrie never mind Dundee.

    • Jay says:

      Out of the starting 11. Hart, CCV, AJ, GT, CalMac, Reo, O’Reilly, Kyogo, JF (9) were part of our treble winning season last year.
      Add Maeda & that only leaves Scales who wasn’t part of it.

      Our main issue is the players we have lost over the last few seasons (Jota, GG, Juranovic, Starfelt) we have failed to improve the position so the squad has been weakened.

      The moment we have an injury or first team player going off the boil the support acts for the most part isn’t up to snuff.

      Iwata, Bernardo & Idah are the only player on the bench who I think can hold there own when they come on.

      I would like to see Rodgers give the 2 cbs signed in the summer a chance but I guess they appear to not be his cup of tea based on what he has seen on the training ground. But the small glimpses when he has been forced to play them I’ve not felt either looked any worse than scales. Who is currently playing terribly & is going to cost us something in a game soon.

  • Johnny Green says:

    Another thing we should be considering here is the unique nature of the game. I was looking forward to it, to get it over with, but also dreading it because of the gruesome twosome officiating at the game. The Beaton/ Dallas partnership was a big concern for me and I’m sure the players would also be well warned by the coaching staff to tread carefully all over the park to avoid any mistimed challenges and any rashness in the box etc. They were fighting with one hand tied behind their backs and they have got to be given credit for giving those two fukkers absolutely no excuses for causing us any damage, so all things considered that was a bloody good victory.

    • DannyGal says:

      Agreed Johnny-G! We scored two quality goals and conceded an own goal. The broken brothers two goals were mistakes by St Mirren, whose goal was quality. Did anyone else notice Tavernier? I said to My Wife he didn’t look himself, she replied his heads in Saudi. When he didn’t go for goal from a 28 yard free kick I said if he does that again she’s probably correct. Next thing it’s a 25 yarder in line with goal and to my astonishment he hits a cross to the far post. It’s either Dubai or his nemesis Daizen coming back to haunt him!

  • John McGuigan says:

    This team remind me of the one that lost the ten in a row not much in it. the display today was nerve racking its going to be nails bitten to the quick over the next few weeks, Rodgers, has to fire them up for the Hertz game, am not confident at all just now the rest of the teams in the league have no fear of us at the moment, or that other bunch of c____but who cares about them. personally i will be glad when this is done and dusted and we are hopefully champions again at the end of it.We need to have a good clear oot and get rid of as much of the dead wood as possible and bring in some quality for next season hopefully some players with a bit of height would be a welcome addition, Hail Hail.

  • John Smith says:

    Said it last week,Calmac’s the most overrated player in Celtics history,,,,

    • James Forrest says:

      Lol for God’s sake.

    • Jimmy says:

      Sorry, but that’s nonsense. A fantastic servant to the club who deserves lots of credit.

    • Jay says:

      He has been/is phenomenal but Brendan needs to drop him for a game or 2 as he is clearly not fit or sharp. To be honoest I wouldn’t be surprised if he is playing through quite a significant injury in order to help us but I don’t think he is helping.
      Before the Rangers game I couldn’t think of the last game he made such a costly error & then he made a good few errors yesterday too.

      • FrozenCelt says:

        I agree. Cal Mac looks badly right now. Unfortunately, Iwata isn’t really a suitable stand-in.

        • Jay says:

          I think Iwata would be ok if we had a more solid defence behind him. When he can’t trust the CBs it puts more pressure on him to control the game which brings in the mistakes. I think there is potential in Iwata just needs a bit of time. Difficult situation as you don’t want to be risking things in the run in but I think he can do a better job than the off the ball Cal Mac.

    • Stephen Mc Dowell says:

      have you been on the soup?

  • Eldraco says:

    Whats wrong ? We lost harry, since that day the wheels came off and no replacement. Whats wrong ? We let go of jota when there was no need to do it. Our fitness is wrong,

    Pure unadulterated dross that was. And what has harry done with marinaros? Something Ange never did. We replace that we john hayes ! Gimmie a fuckin break.

    Spend the 70 and more across the board if we are genuine about CL roll that ball coz this team are not CL and tbh not even europa. Yes, that bad.

  • Woodyiom says:

    Yes it was brutal but it did have the ultimate “sliding doors” moment re Reo’s shot coming back off the inside of the post – on another day it would have hit the post and spun in – and then bang up the other end of the park and Idah slices in an OG. Instead of going 3-0 up and cruising as well as putting the goal difference out of sight (even if lose the derby game) we end up with a nervy 15mins plus added time.

    Its certainly not the first time we’ve had a sliding doors moment this season – think back to Tynecastle, and for all we rightly berate Beaton’s deliberate subversion of the match viz the red card and Heart’s penalty, there was a sliding door moment there with our pen. Idah scores it and we’re 1-0up with 11men but instead he misses it and 90seconds later we’re down to 10 men.

    If you take the game as a whole yesterday despite being truly awful we were in total control for the vast vast majority of it. We know what our weaknesses are but there’s not a lot we can do about them now (they are for the summer) save maybe drop Taylor and put Scales at LB and play another CB beside CCV but Brendan is clearly not willing to that so we have to stick with what we have and get behind the team. Tbh provided we get 4 points from our next two home games its still in our hands EVEN if we lose at Rugby Park – I’ll take that position any day of the week. As another contributor says every game ticked off with the gap still intact is good news for us and bad news for our rivals 🙂

  • Billy STones says:

    Probably the worst celtic team in my lifetime and i am 71says it all when forrest is our star man . Could tell right away from the kick off so pedestrian useless

    • Joe McQuaid says:

      No chance – you’re giving me the best part of 15 years and I have seen many poorer teams. We are probably needing 4-5 upgrades across the first team squad to be happy domestically and another couple for Europe. Have you forgotten the 1990’s with McStay trying to carry the whole team?

  • FrozenCelt says:

    Beaton gave Hart a yellow card. Any chance that will come back to bite us?

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