Celtic Have The Advantage Now, In Spite Of Beaton Playing His Part To Perfection.

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A day on, my view of what happened yesterday hasn’t changed all that much. An outstanding first half where we played them off the park gave way to a hesitant, bang-average second where we allowed them back into the game. When we got the third all we had to do was shut the door and keep them out and we somehow conspired to let that away from us.

My disappointment is tempered slightly by the knowledge that they know they escaped with a point, by the skin of their teeth, in a home game which they thought they only had to show up to win. We’ve proved that we’re the better team, we’ve proved that we have the vastly better manager in the dugout and we are now almost certainly favourites for the title.

We need to win six games to do it. That’s the kind of run we’ve gone on this season and we’re more than capable of doing it again. Our players know what they need to do, and in the home games especially I think we’re just going to be way, way too strong. The Ibrox club will dread coming to Celtic Park on the back of that first half yesterday.

As I wrote the other day, prior to the match, this was their shot and they knew it. Home advantage, not a Celtic fan in the stadium, a half-fit Celtic midfield duo and their hand-picked referee. They were in a strong position except they aren’t nearly as good as they think they are. Most importantly, they needed to win. We only needed to get out with the point. In terms of the mission, it was part of the way done. We’ve hurt them and they know it.

But one person played his part on their behalf yesterday; John Beaton, who is garnering great praise in the media for what I thought was an abysmal performance.

He was not going to give the penalty, until his mind was changed. He’d had given the second Ibrox goal straight after it although the foul in the build-up was absolutely crystal clear.

And he should have booked Silva before he got the yellow out for him for a breathtakingly cynical and embarrassing performance.

Beaton was so bad yesterday that I tried to think of where I’ve seen a performance where there was such one-sided benefit of the doubt; the OJ Simpson jury maybe. It was as close to open cheating that you are ever going to see, that’s how I felt watching it.

It’s the foul in the build-up to what would have been their early equaliser which shocked me and which summed up his whole day.

Celtic players were being booked, and our momentum halted, on the flimsiest pretexts. He was perfectly happy to allow the Ibrox players to do whatever they wanted and that Celtic should have had a free kick in that moment was readily apparent to every single person watching the game at home.

His decision not to give it is atrocious. That the VAR officials had to call him over and say to him, “Hey, what in the Hell are you doing? You can’t allow that” should be enough to put him under the spotlight in any other environment. It’s a disgrace that he isn’t. The media love-in he’s getting for having three key decisions overturned is nauseating.

Beaton did his bit to swing that game yesterday, in the little things, because that’s really all that an official has to do; influence the game through the little things, the casual decision to award a free kick to one side but not the other, to allow one team’s game to flow whilst restricting the other. These are the ways officials can decide matches … and titles.

We deserve credit for getting something from the game anyway, and had we been a little better defensively we’d have taken a lot more from it.

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  • Joe McQuaid says:

    On the coins and other stuff thrown at our coaching staff and team. We need to go big on this as it is beyond a joke in its frequency and increasing level of danger. Can anyone tell whatever was the consequence of broken glass being thrown into Joe Hart’s goal area last season?
    We should demand closure of part/all of their stadium on safety grounds the next time we have to go there. They clearly cannot control their crowd – they can’t blame us! Let’s give them NO excuse to retaliate in a few weeks time and be on our best behaviour.

  • Big Wolf says:

    Beaton resorted to two specific tactics on Sunday, which has been deployed successfully over many years by biased referees such as Dallas, Gordon, McDonald, Wharton, Clark, Syme, Muir to name but a few. Book Celtic players early for any innocuous tackles to exert pressure on these players. Secondly, if Sevco (or any other team) commit a foul on a Celtic Player and Sevco (or any other team) have a breakaway with a good opportunity to score wave ‘play on’.
    By my counting Beaton deployed the’ play on’ tactic on 5 occasions on Sunday. When Yang went down with a head knock he waved play on, as Sevco were attacking, as soon as we won possession, he stopped the game to allow Yang to be checked. The early bookings for Johnston and O’Reilly was a Joke.

  • SSMPM says:

    Unfortunately for us defensive foolishness and naivety by AJ gave VAR a decision to make and Beaton having given the non pen decision initially was allowed the opportunity to change it to a penalty and thus the booking for diving. Something that should have happened earlier in the game.
    I’m not saying Beaton was not trying to influence the game at other times, he was and did.
    AJ got a flick on the ball then stupidly and foolishly had a second unneeded flick, in what initially looked like the same motion, across an all to willing to go down Silva’s knee area. The ball remained in play after AJ’s flick on the ball and he gave them the route back into the game in doing so. It’s our own bias not to see it what it was poor, unnecessary and stupidly suicidal defending by AJ that allowed them back in.
    It was then followed by an almost carbon copy tackle on Iwata again missed by Beaton. A slight touch on the ball but followed through on Iwata, rectified thankfully by VAR to our benefit on that occasion.
    Of course Beaton hated having to give the foul to cancel out a 2nd goal but it too was the correct decision. Cut that sort of nonsense out and we’d have won the game, cut it out in the remaining games and we’ll win the league. HH

  • Bhoy in paradise says:

    Catching up on things as usual here ?
    On the money again James. Beaton was awful and tried every dirty trick in the book to help the rangers.

    I take some comfort in the fact that they need all the help they can get. Pretty sure that we will see a lot more of that help going their way from now to the end of the season.

    So there it is. Celtic have to overcome a helluva lot if they are to hold on to the title HH

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