John Beaton Gets ANOTHER Celtic Game. Are We Really Going To Continue Tolerating This?

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The news that John Beaton and Andrew Dallas will be the primary officials – with Beaton in the middle of the pitch and Dallas on VAR – for the match against Dundee at the weekend is another blatant provocation to Celtic.

How can one official get our games over and over and over and over again? Is he the only person on the Celtic rotation?

Our club are mugs for continuing to allow this. I don’t want us to stamp our feet and act out like they do at Ibrox but we ought to be asking serious questions about this. If you were to pick the two officials fans least trust these would be the two.

Beaton shouldn’t be near a Celtic match. Andrew Dallas has risen to his current role with the most scandalised second name in the history of Scottish officiating.

The son should not have to pay the price for the sins of the father, but think of the arrogance it shows to try to rise in his footsteps? Think of the kind of association which thinks it’s okay.

Celtic should be raging behind the scenes, and we should be asking how in a game where Willie Collum can barely get a sniff of involvement with the club across the city that we have had the same guy twice in a matter of weeks since complaining about him.

There is nothing surer on Earth than that Beaton will get at least one more high-profile league fixture and I think he’s such a certainty for the cup final that I would put money on it right now.

And I don’t even care if these are the last acts of the crumbling Crawford Allan regime; his own agenda is now crystal clear. To do as much damage to Celtic as he possibly can on the way out the door, which increases my conviction that we played at least some part in forcing him out the door.

There is simply no basis for giving us Beaton over and over again. Our club knows exactly who and what Beaton is. This is a continuing insult to us.

It’s all well and good saying that we have to rise above this, but come on. This is constant. This is so blatant that it would make you sick.

Yes, we are probably good enough to neutralise the officials here and render their contribution irrelevant, but how many other clubs in this league have to overcome not just the opposition but something that reeks the way this does?

I hope we’re not putting up with this. We can’t be.

Every single person in our support knows exactly what is going on here and those inside the club do as well.

What we do about it is another thing entirely, and we certainly can’t do nothing.

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  • Bennybhoy57 says:

    5 points lost recently in games involving Beaton..Hearts 3 points And sevco 2 points..
    He’s the go to man to try and help the team he supports.

  • Big Wolf says:

    It does not take a great deal of research or scrutiny to generate unmistakable evidence that Celtic are being targeted with regards to the appointment of match officials. Over the last 6 matches and the Dundee game due this Saturday (7 matches) our referee appointments are as follows Robertson 3 matches (43%) Beaton 2 matches (28 %) with Anderson and Collum having a match each. For our last 3 matches and the Dundee match this Saturday (4 matches) Beaton and Roberston have refereed them all 50% each.

    An important observation is that there will be 20 days between Beatons 2 matches and for Roberston 28 days between the first and second match in this period and 20 days between the second and third.

    Across the city the stats are as follows, for 7 matches including this Saturday at Paisley. McLean 2 matches and one each Muir, Robertson, Dickinson, Beaton, McDermid. However, McLean’s 2 matches were 42 days apart.

    One of the Professional Game Management Officials Limited (PGMOL) in England criteria and that of other Football Associations, is that an official cannot referee the same club more than once in a Month. Irrefutable, evidence that we are being targeted for unfair and unequal treatment since Brendan’s comments. Collum hasn’t refereed a Sevco league match since 6 December that’s 143 days. Sevco have had 19 league matches since then and we get the same two referees for 4 matches on the trot. Corrupt.

  • William Melvin says:


  • Jim says:

    Before getting to reading the article, which I’m sure I’ll enjoy as always.
    The answer is YES.

  • Jim says:

    Good level headed article. Celtic are not only a football club, they are a business, and answerable to shareholders. It would not be hard to argue in court, and provide proof that this adversely effects said business, and the football authorities are responsible for a campaign detrimental to our ability to trade, make money and be successful. It sticks out like a sore thumb, and is treatment given to no other club or company.
    Taking anything to the football authorities is a complete waste of time, they are the party responsible for the ‘exceptional’ treatment in the first place. Once again, Celtics failure to do anything , can’t help but scream complicity.

  • Taj says:

    Couldn’t agree more James. The board has no backbone and that’s why we find ourselves getting these two more than any other referees. Think we’ll get at least one of them for the Glasgow derby. I cannot believe the blatant useage of Beaton. Crawford Allen should have been given his jotters long ago. Just hope the Bhoys can rise to the challenge so that this insult will have no impact on the league. HH

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