Celtic Dominates And The Same Desperate Hacks Keep Pushing The Old Fairytale.

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You could set your watch to it. Every year, at the end of the campaign, after we’ve taken the major prizes, the narrative starts; the club from Ibrox will be “ready” next season. The media never gets tired of it, and last night it was the turn of John McGarry in the Mail.

Do they ever learn? Do they never just spent the summer licking their wounds and trying to build, without making grandiose promises? Every time they do this, they raise expectations through the roof, and in the last few seasons that has resulted in early sackings.

It helps this narrative, of course, to have to sack a manager midway through, because that enables the incumbent to make the excuse that he is still working with someone else’s team. January windows are ignored or dismissed as having little relevance; “He needs the summer” is always the way this is framed. And so the wheel turns again.

Their fans are great at kidding themselves on.

But some stats which appeared today on one of their sites sounds a warning note if they care to hear it; of the three manager – Van Bronckhorst, Beale and Clement – the current boss has the worst points per game record over his first 30 matches in charge. Van Bronckhorst has far and away the best; this was borne out in what he was to achieve there. He got the club to a European final and won the Scottish Cup. This guy isn’t going to get close to that.

It’s apparent already that some of the teams have figured this guy out. The slip in their form towards the end of the season was blamed on stuff like fatigue and injuries; in fact, teams sussed his tactics and started to adapt to them.

Once that happens only a really good manager can change things on the fly. Rodgers proved that he can; whatever minor changes he made to the playing style from February onwards won us the title. Clement’s team went backwards in the same spell.

But still, McGarry and others are confident.

They claim he’s done a good job. He’s actually done a modest job and not a successful one, and I genuinely don’t know what it is that they think they see.

The football is only marginally better than that of Beale, and Beale’s 30 game record had him beat. It’s all well and good saying that “the gap is only one point bigger” than when he started, but that ignores what we all saw happen; they got in front and then finished eight behind; that’s a ten point turnaround in a quarter of a season, and that should scare them.

It doesn’t. Instead they’ve ordered another helping of the Kool Aid and they are busy downing it with smiles on their faces. Madness. But a familiar type of madness, because its been repeated every year like clockwork since they pulled their way into the top flight at the second attempt. Today does not matter. It’s always about what they’ll do tomorrow or someday soon.

And as I said in a piece earlier in the season, some day never comes. They are yet to learn that.

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  • Martin says:

    If the sevco fans were to accept 2 or 3 years in advance of knowing they’d be 2nd or 3rd with a view to steadying the ship and gradually progressing they might actually have a chance of making a fist of things thereafter.

    Luckily they can’t accept that. We’re very close to the point where a good/ambitious managerial appointment at Hibs, Hearts or Aberdeen seriously risks the zombies coming 3rd next year, which would be so lovely.

  • Walter Chinstrap says:

    When all this rebuild and close season guff comes around I can’t help but see Sisyphus lugging the big chuckie for eternity.
    Brings a wee smile to my coupon.

  • Mr Smith says:

    Yes, the got rid of a manager who took them to a European final and replaced him with a London wide boy. Reading between the lines things must have been bad behind the scenes to even contemplate that move.

    You couldn’t make this stuff up.

    Great to see Celtic finally catch Rangers title count:

    Titles 54 Scottish Cup 42, League Cup 21, European Cup, 1 : total 118.

    Titles 53.5 Scottish Cup 33, League Cup 27, CWC Cup, 1 : total 114.5.

    Titles 1 Scottish Cup 1, League Cup 1 : Total 3.

  • Davie says:

    Forget the antics of the ibrox impersonators.
    Celtic must get it together for the start and continuation of the new season.
    All the signings are NOT working out, certainly not yet.
    Buy a del boy reliant Robin and that’s what you get, it does not change into a BMW.
    Celtic need some players who can step into the team and make a difference.
    A couple of projects are okay but we have around 3/4 of a team that need developing, that’s far too many, we can develop our Scottish youngsters and bring in some talent to aid them.

  • DannyGal says:

    I can’t help noticing a high level of inconsistency in this narrative from the broken bothers and their apologists. If there is no gap and only injuries and VAR decisions cost them the title, then why is Clement saying he needs a complete rebuild in summer? Doesn’t add up!

  • Marty McK says:

    They and their cheerleaders in the media, without fail act as if Celtic will not be rebuilding over the summer. It’s bizarre as they ALWAYS ignore this fact.

  • John says:

    It’s groundhog day & ‘theRanjurz are coming again’. You can fool some of the peepul some of the time, but not all of the peepul all of the time. The gullible & deluded must surely wake up to the realisation that they are no longer ‘top dog’ in Scotland. Once they do most of these tabloids will be out of business.

  • Robert McLaughlin says:

    What the Govan Mob do with the little money in the Bank that they have from the Gullible is their business Best just to Ignore them… Anyone heard from Dave King Hiding in Deepest Africa is He….I remember him shouting to everyone Once Stevie G stopped the 10 We would Collapse like house of wet paper bricks!!

  • Kevan McKeown says:

    Always the same, every season. Never the level headed, or pragmatic approach for most of them. Straight in with the unmerited, over-hype and predictions. Tbh, we should always be grateful for their gullible mindset. Makes it all the harder tae take, when the reality comes back tae bite them on the arse big time. Keep it up, that’s whit ah say !

  • Captain Swing says:

    I was delighted when they sacked Van Bronckhorst as he was definitely the best they were going to get. To replace him with a spoofer like Billy Bealeshitter just about had me ordering popcorn in bulk quantities, but I think when it comes, the implosion of the present incumbent will be the most spectacular yet!

  • Gerry says:

    Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.’

    GVB was undoubtedly the best out of he, Beale and Clement, and also the least up his own backside.
    The other two are just snake oil salesmen, that have been loved by our smsm and the majority of Sevconia.

    Beale was soon discarded by Ibrokes, when his team’s results against us, could not match his motor mouth predictions. Big Phil now knows he’s skating on very thin ice, with virtually the same squad and results.

    Will our smsm ever wisen up to this…probably not !

    ‘Wise people learn when they can; fools learn when they must.’

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