Celtic Fans Know What Scotland’s Shame Looks Like. 100 Sectarian Marches Given The Green Light.

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Today’s “news” that over 100 sectarian marches are due to take place in the city of Glasgow over the next two months will have surprised exactly nobody.

Not even after a weekend where our fans have been slaughtered for making a bit of a mess.

The chattering classes are great at attacking football fans, but when it comes to challenging a vested interest, even one which exists to promote sectarianism and anti-Irish racism, they are conspicuous by their silence.

The complete lack of media outcry over this, and the same council which is slamming our supporters rubbing stamping this grotesquerie, is absolutely obscene. We are being criticised for a bill of just over £34,000; how much does this annual disgrace cost us?

It’s the reason many of us do not trust our media or political class.

Over the last couple of days, I have heard the brazen claim that football fans throwing a party after winning a game harms the image of Glasgow.

How exactly does it do that?

My good friend was over from Poland all of last week, and she loves this city in a way most of its citizens would be shamed by. Her understanding of its history and its background is first-rate. She has even made a special effort to master the local dialect.

I took her to watch our title decider on Wednesday night and then to the women’s game on Sunday. She was out on Saturday and caught the celebrations in town; she went back home on Monday with nothing but the best memories of this city.

I suspect she’d have had a very different impression of it had she stumbled into the disgusting June-July spectacle of streets filled with drunken bigots vomiting up their anti-Catholic bile. It is in fact these religious and cultural fundamentalists who are an embarrassment to this city, and it’s the toleration of them and their 15th century mentality which makes us a laughing stock. This is not something the tourist board will be openly boasting about.

Other cities do not have this. Other cities do not permit it.

There is no reason at all why this one should.

There are a handful of places in the world which would allow these cretins to display their vast array of hatreds on public streets every single year, and those are places I wouldn’t particularly want to live in. This is a toxic stain on this nation.

That’s why more and more I start to wonder if it’s the marchers themselves who are the bigger stain or if it’s their enablers and those who lend them some faux legitimacy; our media and the political class which has spent the last few days battered our fans because we broke a bus shelter.

Where are the John Mason’s and Matt Lindsay’s now?

Lindsay went out of his way to suggest that these two situations aren’t comperable; I agree. This is worse, by far.

But it’s people like him, and their refusal to discuss it, who are the larger problem here.

We know intolerant knuckle-dragging scum will want to preach their hatred. We know that supremacist trash will want to march and tell themselves that they are special. It is up to those in authority to tell them that such displays of intolerance are not acceptable and won’t be permitted.

These people owe our fans an apology, and the people who can start by offering one are all those local businesses which bitched our supporters out over the last couple of days and ran to the media to complain about disruption and scaring away their customers.

Our own night of partying stands in stark contrast to days and days and days of disruption for this redneck stuff, and if that doesn’t scare their potential customers then perhaps we should conclude that the rednecks are their customers … otherwise, yeah, I wonder why we haven’t heard from them on this.

I doubt that we ever will.

They seem to think Celtic fans are an easy target … and I suppose that when you consider the collective shrug of the shoulders over sectarian marches and the cost of them, the reputational damage they do to Scotland and the social consequences of permitting one group of people to pour hate on another group all in the name of “culture”, then I guess maybe some people agree.

But those days are over with. We’re not staying silent on this, and we also have a big megaphone to shout through.

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  • sligo123456 says:

    Brilliant comparison between good and evil in this city James. Vile anti social hate marches with only one aim to show utter contempt for Irish and catholics in their midst!

  • JohnCopeland says:

    I once heard one of those Troglodyte’s say quite emphatically years ago , that ‘they had the right to walk on the Queen’s roads ,as much as anyone ‘ ? I always thought that was called Jay Walking and was illegal ….

  • Jim Burns says:

    High time these sectarian/racist bigots were stopped from polluting our city. The SNP controlled council have nothing to lose by banning them or at least allowing only one on their ‘special’ day. Nothing to lose because the british bigots will never vote SNP.
    Glasgow, where the bigots prevent St.Patrick Day parades taking place. You really couldn’t make up. C’mon SNP Cllrs, they’re no friends of yours, they’re Scotland’s shame.

    • Michael McCartney says:

      Agree , As an Independence supporter I can’t understand why the SNP and Greens didn’t at least put a limit on these marches, the rabble of sectarian bigots are no friends of Independence and would never vote for any Independence supporting Parties, so they have no votes to lose.

      As an ex Labour Party member I was always shocked with some in Scottish Labour, cosying up in certain areas of Scotland with these fascist leaning monarchists, but that’s Labour for you would always sell their principles for a few votes.

  • Michael Mccreery says:

    For all Benidorm lovers, it allows parades also in July. Should seriously think twice when booking a holiday.

    • William Melvin says:

      Thanks for the heads up,Michael.
      I had no idea and tbh l don’t think the thought would have even entered my mind.
      Thanks again,bud

      • Shug59 says:

        I went to benidorm years ago with my kids, like you unaware that they allow an orange parade every year , we were sitting poolside on our first day with our wee boy he was around six at the time , next thing a mob of Belfast toy soldiers sat around the poolside and started shouting abuse and actually spitting on him being so young he was unaware why , we reported it to our holiday rep but nothing was done and for the rest of the week these grow men bigots 40 handed would make comments when we passed and a fly wee spit towards the wee man who loved wearing his celtic top at the time , Absolute scum animals that live in the past and don’t even know their own history and that the guy they celebrate his army was funded by the pope and didn’t go to Ireland to save protestantism, they also celebrate their battle of the Boyne on the wrong day , the majority have no clue ?

    • Stephen Mc Dowell says:

      Are you serious? those Neanderthals are allowed export their horseshit to mainland Europe? So they can’t even take a holiday from their own hatred? ‘Sums them up really, sewer dwelling rats.

    • Antony Ivatt says:

      Yup,couldn’t believe when I saw it,they have them in Liverpool every year as well. Horrible bastards

  • Gerry Ferry says:

    Try living in the north of Ireland mate. We get thousands of these marches all year long. Celtic should pay clean up costs as long as Glasgow City Council sends the orange order the bills for the disruption they’ll cause. Believe me that would cut the number of marches in no time at all. Good article buddy. Coybig. #double. Hail hail

  • jim brogan says:

    people against this should be arranging a petition to have these hate marches stopped and i also think celtic fans should have a whip round to pay the clean up bill for our party at the weekend. hopefully this would stop the bickering towards us and put pressure on the hate marchers to pay for any disruption they cause which imsure would run into hundreds of thousands.

  • Johnny Green says:

    FK them all, the long and the short and the tall.

  • John mcghee says:

    Fuck the 12th of july they marched on and watched there cheating club die in 2012 RATS THE LOT OF THE SCUM BIGOTS..

  • Clachnacuddin and the Hoops says:

    Fuck it – I’ll just call it straight as ALWAYS….

    So The Sevco Huns started this by (super spreading a fatal disease to their fellow ‘human’ beings) and being ‘marched’ to George Square by Police Scotland to actually riot against the said protectors of the public (Police Scotland) by injuring countless of their officers as a token of ‘thanks’ for their efforts in a time of global pandemic…

    I often wonder what these poor officers on that day suffered and what they thought of Chief Superintendent Mark Sutherland and his decision making that allowed countless of his staff and partner agencies (Scottish Ambulance Service Employees) to be battered, maimed and injured…

    I don’t know Mr Sutherland personally – He might very well be a very pleasant fella for all I know but his professional decision making on that day in 2021 was about as useful as a pile of puke in a spacesuit and here we are now with the situation that Glasgow is a football celebration party zone…

    It won’t be 100% perfect in any crowd of that size in George Square or Trongate but it’ll be a helluva lot easier for Polieas Alba dealing with our boozy happy folks than their (Sevco’s) permenantly unhappy ‘peepil’ –

    I’m sorry – Actually I’m not – But Fcuk it… If the Orange mob can do what they want then it’s time for a St. Patrick’s Day parade in Glasgow approved by both Glasgow City Council and Police Scotland…

    If they get it then they cannot stop us getting a one day a year Hoolie…

    If they won’t facilitate it then The SNP will actually NEED to do something –

    And if not well then – It’s time for a SCOTTISH SINN FEIN !

  • Peter larkin says:

    Nothing more than a disgrace evil hatred being allowed to pullute the air of Scotland with there anti Catholic and anti Irish hatred walking the streets most of them will walk with there football tops on of there cheating team wearing there sashes and spouting there hatred and will be singing we are the peepil still cant get my head round that one a just hope the Scottish summer keeps up the good weather for them heavy ? rain great winds should help the unwashed get clean for a few hours the MP and councillors will be quiet about it as usual as some off them come from the same dying breed but all the businesses will have to shut for the days the ogres are out causing mayhem poor old George square recked again and a blind eye turned by the authorities time. To stop this sectarian marching for good enough is enough

  • Hugh Josey says:

    When our educational facilities and our ability to hire teachers is in such dire straits I cannot understand why Aitken et al spend much needed money on marches that paralyse parts of the city and curtail shoppers coming into the city!

  • DannyGal says:

    I genuinely thought the hate crime bill would’ve put an end to the most open form of religious and sectarian hatred that exists in the UK, these grotesque marches.
    I’ll certainly reporting these marches as hate crimes though I’m not sure how much heed the police will take as they used to take an active part in the marches, please don’t tell me they still do!

  • DannyGal says:

    Please report this hate crime here as I just have:

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