Celtic Is Now “Going For 55” As Some Dark Truths Finally Start Dawning Over At Ibrox.

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Of all the miscalculations in the history of the world, the one Adolf Hitler made when he decided to invade the Soviet Union was perhaps the greatest. He had not the slightest doubt that the invasion would succeed. He famously told one of his generals that “We have only to kick in the door and the whole rotten structure will come crashing down.”

That’s the first comparison that always comes to mind for me when I think of Dave King’s own prophesy of May 2018, when he said that it would only take the club at Ibrox winning a title and the whole of Celtic would collapse. “We only need one league. We don’t need two or three. We need one. Once we take one away, it’s a pack of cards,” he said.

In 2021, they won their solitary title. Celtic did not collapse. Celtic simply rebuilt.

King’s rationale for this mad prediction, that our cost structure was too high, that we couldn’t cope without Champions League football, that fans would not want to renew season tickets if there was no longer ten in a row to chase, was proved to be as daft as his constant battles with the courts. King was never the sharpest tool in the box but even by his standards that one has not aged well. Which is precisely why we love to highlight it.

The truth, then and now, was much simpler; it was King himself whose club was way out on the limb. In order to catch us they spend more than they should. They never stopped, even after his departure where he was able to goad the club into the ever-evolving insanity which now has them with the largest wage bill in the country. Their earnings are up, but if they post a profit in relation to this campaign, I’ll eat my Celtic title winner’s t-shirt.

Every year they make a loss without a title to show for it – that’s twelve out of the last 13 years in which an Ibrox club has done so – the water around them gets a little deeper. Celtic has won the title for the third year on the bounce whilst operating at a surplus; that’s incredible to consider, and should scare them to death over there.

It means that our success is sustainable. It proves King’s prediction of 2018 to have been no more based in reality than Hitler’s view of the Soviet Union was. He based his prediction not so much on an incomplete understanding of Celtic position and strength, but on a fantasist’s delusion. Dave King saw what he wanted to see. Fans of his club saw only what they wanted to see, and especially when they won that title. They’ve been waiting for our collapse since.

The strength of Celtic must be terrifying to behold for those of them who do look at this rationally. What must they think of the other fans who thought that their club was on the verge of a generation of dominance when they won the Covid title?

As Matthew Marr and I have already explored, there was no actual evidence to suggest that this was in the offing; in fact, everything pointed to that title being a one-off and so it has proved to be. Even if we don’t win the Scottish Cup, we’ll have won six out of the nine trophies that have been competed for since, including all three of the titles.

We’re now “going for 55” and beyond that we’ll overtake the Lie in terms of titles won. Their “most successful club” claim is already in our sights; we can equal their alleged record by winning the Scottish Cup, and then it’s all in front of us to grab in the next campaign.

How long can they sustain their club at the current level?

The easy answer is that they can’t. You cannot indefinitely keep posting losses. At some point whoever is paying the bills will simply stop doing it. Yet if you take a look at their forums today they are filled with demands – yes demands – that their board ramp up the spending to ridiculous new levels. That UEFA will come down hard on them if they do hasn’t dawned on them. That their directors simply cannot do it hasn’t dawned on them either.

Celtic could continue to win the SPFL title far, far into the future. Their club will have the second biggest wage bill come what may; they are certainly large enough to support that if it is done at a sensible level. Because they have the second biggest wage bill they will win occasional trophies; it only takes for us to have one bad afternoon and we crash out of a competition. That’s what happened at the start of this campaign at the ground where we won so emphatically last night.

But their fans do not buy season tickets to win the occasional League Cup. They expect titles, and especially those of them who drank the Dave King Kool Aid and cannot bring themselves to accept that he was wrong. Instead, they believe that there was something their club could have done and which they failed to do … and that might be the maddest delusion of all, and whether King realises it or not, he has put them in that dire position.

If their fans turn against the board, what happens next over there? The Peepul are not going to be receptive to any suggestion that they cut their cloth to suit and that they try to do things better, instead of trying to solve the problem by throwing money at it, which an entire generation of their supporters still believes is the answer to everything, instead of learning from what happened to Rangers when they were unable to break that habit.

Yet, that’s where the biggest problem these people have still lies.

They still prefer to delude themselves about the fate of the first Ibrox club.

As I said in a previous piece, it is one thing to ignore the lessons of history.

It is another thing entirely to base your understanding of history on a false prospectus.

How are you supposed to learn from that? How are you supposed to make progress from a shoddy foundation? To know what Sevco is, you need to understand what Rangers was, and they don’t.

Too many of them still don’t get this; Rangers never was a super club.

For almost all of Murray’s time there, they were spending money they did not have.

Their “glory years” were built on accumulating debt, and on the largesse of a bank which itself later went bust. Without that steady flow of Other People’s Money there never would have been a nine-in-a-row over there, or the big name signings or the hubris they can’t seem to shake.

Without that money, they would already be behind us in the trophy count. That there would also still be a club called Rangers playing at that ground is of no consequence to those of them who cling to the Survival and Victim Lies like a comfort blanket.

Celtic has been the bigger club since Fergus finished the stadium.

The Ibrox age of unreality, when they were able to present themselves as a European giant, is already in the past. What they are steadily having to come to terms with is that Sevco is Rangers without the sugar-daddy owner or the bank writing the cheques.

Much worse, from their point of view, is that Celtic is stronger and richer than ever.

We are, in many ways, the club Murray always wanted them to be. Five trebles in seven years … that was something that he never managed, even in his pomp, even at the height of his alleged strength. It should be obvious to those who can be objective how overmatched they are.

The way we destroyed Kilmarnock last night wasn’t just about putting this league title to bed; that was a warning for next season.

A Brendan Rodgers Celtic side, with his own players, with his vision driving it, will be much more powerful than the one that finishes this campaign, and the one that finishes this campaign has left them flailing in the dust in spite of a slow start, in spite of stuttering form, in spite of some self-inflicted wounds.

We’re not the ones who are a good kick away from crashing down.

Over the next 12 months, Celtic should be going all out to deliver that shattering blow.

Once we take away their “most successful club” claim they’ll be the ones struggling just to hang on.

We know what we’re made of.

We’re going to find out just what the House of Sevco is built on.

I suspect that their supporters are not going to enjoy that.

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  • king murdy says:


  • KirkieBhoy73 says:

    They are now going to start claiming the “war titles”, meaning they will spout shite about actually being on 62 titles, or thereabouts.

  • MW says:

    We will be struggling to keep up with them, Ibrox Noise according to their sources have ring fenced £25 million for the transfer kitty plus anything the sales bring in startIng with £25 million for Butland, cloud cuckoo land but they believe it, absolute loonies.

  • Jim M says:

    While lawwell is rooted he’ll do whatever he can to preserve the “old firm “, he previously stated after the first club went into liquidation that it was costing Celtic 10 million a year.

    Sevco have been spending money they don’t have and hopefully sooner ,rather than later the chickens will come home to roost .
    I’d heard a rumour a while back about UEFA sniffing round their club about financial irregularities regarding shares .

    They have simply painted themselves into a corner trying to buy success and now as you say James, reality is going to be a large bitter pill to swallow for their board and the peepul.
    Players are leaving on freedom of contract, loanees will return to parent clubs , high earning players which are of no relevant value remain and the other over priced players Beale bought aren’t making much, if any impact on the pitch .

    Bargain basement , loanees , and out of contract players are what sevco will need to look at now , this is their reality check due to bad management and appeasement to the peepul who hoped for success which is now a pipe dream.
    Can’t wait to see how that works out ,……administration MK2 I’m thinking, that is if lawwell has left the building.

  • Johnny Green says:

    The huns see what they want to see, they hear what they want to hear and they would like to feel how they want to feel. However, right now all they can feel is pain and misery and they had better get used to it, in fact they should already be used to it. They have been Espanyolified, and there is no hope for them, they are the Celtic whipping boys and will remain so for the rest of my mortal life and have actually decided that I am not going to die… far, so good.

    My dearest wish though, is to see us doing 10-in-a-row with maybe an odd victorious European run thrown in. We might also even get to the stage when we don’t even discuss them at all as they become that insignificant, and that could potentially be quite soon the way things are going.


    Would be interesting to know WHO is actually picking up the tab for the £100+ Million losses accrued since 2012.

    Even benevolent Donors or Fans with wealth would baulk at writing down that amount over such a long period
    Even Director Loans converted to confetti shares is also a gamble as all it does is artificially inflate the value of the Company. If, and it is more than possible, it goes tits up then that worthless shareholding is gone for good. Even Administration is a gamble for the Loan/ Share conversion Lenders.

    It has to be asked who or what Organisation has such wealth that it can divert from serious scrutiny large funds on an annual basis to sustain the Ibrox Money Pit? Even Chairman Park had to bail out to preserve his own Pension Pot and family fortunes. Is Ibrox in hock to more seedy, nefarious income sources or are there State Actors at play?

    I’m sure that we can have full confidence in the SFA. SPFL Leadership being all over this hypothetical scenario.
    Perhaps Ian Maxwell’s performance at the recent Scot Gov Committee meeting was robust enough to allay all fears.

    In another Footballing Multiverse the English fans can look to a Statuatory Footballing Ombudsman protecting their interests.

    • Clachnacuddin and the Hoops says:

      DUP £1 BILLION handout from The Tories…

      And some clever and creative accountancy…

      And Ian Paisley’s yer uncle (Well Sevco’s) !

  • Scouse bhoy says:

    For every fiver keep reminding them and the gutless media who took great pleasure in reporting that saying.

  • Davie says:

    1=55, what school did they go to at ibrox.
    Rangers were Liquidated, the debt died with them as did the history of the real Rangers.
    theRangers have 1 premiership title, nothing can change that, only the defiant won’t admit they died and try to claim the history.
    So they want to take on the dead clubs history, however they don’t want to know about the debt, by denying the debt of Rangers, they can’t accept the history, both are tied together and died with the liquidation of Rangers.
    Ibrox only has impersonators living in the stadium, any reference to past achievements is purely fictional.

  • Connor says:

    Sir I’m 45 and I have to say that I have never had it explained to me as perfect as your article on how dire the peepul situation is,,it has given me the second biggest smile this year,,

  • Charlie Dornan says:

    Very True Words here James…got to share this…HH ?????

  • Patricia Goldie says:

    What a great article. James your articles are unmissable. Thank you for your great insight to what is really happening in Scottish Football.

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