Celtic’s Board Has Heard The Warning Shot. There Are No More “Second Chances.”

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There’s an old joke from the old Soviet era military which goes something like this; “Why can’t a corporals son become a general in the army? Because the general has his own son.” If you look at them struggling in Ukraine right now, that’s part of what’s happened to them. The cream has most definitely not risen to the top there or anywhere else.

When you choose from a narrow range of options based not on what someone’s skills are but on cronyism and nepotism you are asking for trouble. Celtic’s board gambled by appointing Mark Lawwell. They gambled by taking the signing policy away from the manager and putting it in the hands of somebody else. The arrogance it took to think that their scattershot team building plan was the right way to go is staggering.

These guys have another chance. It’s more than they deserve, and I have to be honest about that. This weekend the season comes to an end, and to some extent it will close the book on their colossal and stupid gamble. The manager has succeeded in spite of them. Now he has to be backed in full, and not just half-heartedly or with compromises.

The importance of getting this window right can’t be overstated. We’re likely to be facing an Ibrox club which, in terms of the squad, could be substantially weaker than the current one … that might sound ridiculous, but I believe it nonetheless, based on the calibre of player they are trying to sign at the present time. If that’s the standard … wow.

But for too many years now, our board has gotten by on staying one step ahead of them. For once, this will not suffice. The thing is, no Celtic supporter who I know thinks for one minute that they are in any way an acceptable benchmark for us. They are not the people we should be judging ourselves against. We should be looking beyond Scotland for our challenge.

If we set ourselves up as a European team, if we make that our ceiling, if we aim high then there is no way the Ibrox club will be able to stop us. Not next year and not for many, many years into the future. This club is in a far stronger position than they are, and we can open up a gap they might never be able to close. If this club shows ambition.

And it has to. We’re linked with a couple of new players every day, and some of them are interesting because they do not fit the usual profile. They are in their late 20’s, with lots of experience, and they are physically strong. We need those kinds of players to give some weight to the squad, but we don’t need a ten player signing spree like last season.

But it will need to be a bigger rebuild than we would ordinarily have liked. It needs to be fully committed to, and the professionals have to run it. Tomorrow will close a sorry chapter in a very familiar book. It must be the final one, the very last.

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  • Mr Magoo says:

    My worry is that we hammer the huns by a record score and the board decide not to get the players in to take us forward in European competition.
    Time will tell.

    • Patriick Mclauglin says:

      There is no chance that we hammer the huns with a record score its a cup final and who plays for them will give it 100%.Me like most celtic fans would bee happy with any kind of victory to seal the double on a very average season.Also dont have to look back to far to see how finals span out being favourites.Hearts penalty kicks,Kilmarnock league cup final beat 1/0 so for Joe Hart any victory in his final game hail Hail.

  • bertie basset says:

    James , old sayings like ” fool me once shame on you , fool me twice shame on me , will be to the forefront of B R mind i reckon ,
    regarding russia , check out American Colonel Douglas Mcgregor you’ll find another view on the war from him , not one we are fed by the media owned by a certain group , two days ago the Irish government recogonized the palestinian state and no mention of that can be found by the same media owned by them , one can only wonder why ?
    Good luck tomorrow to the team !!

    • James Forrest says:

      Russia invaded Ukraine. Yes? What else is there to say?

      No justification. No legitimacy. No excuses. They even lied to the world about it.

      That’s it. End of story. Leave the Palestinians out of it, they are two seperate issues.

  • Clachnacuddin and the Hoops says:

    IF – we are fortunate enough to prevail tomorrow then Daddy Lawwell will likely say that Sonny Lawwell signed the players…

    He surely wouldn’t – Would he ?

    He probably wouldn’t be that daft to say it…

    But I’ll bloody well guarantee that he’ll think it for sure !

  • Bigchunkylardass says:

    Good luck we that while Pedro the Hun is the chairman…

  • Graham Laurie says:

    Continued domestic dominance will end up FINISHING Sevco within the next three to four years if not sooner. When the penny finally drops with the GULLIBILLIES that they’ll never be able to catch Celtic, they won’t be able to GIVE Season Tickets away, resulting in rows upon rows of empty seats at the Crumbledome and that will lead to liquidation part II on Edmiston Drive as the SECOND Ibrox club bites the dust. You’re right of course James, we need to look beyond Scotland and start making a serious impact in Europe. Getting into the last sixteen of the Champions League and winning the Europa League shouldn’t be looked on as an unrealistic target if we invest in signing the right players who are capable of performing on that stage.

  • Willie says:

    Great article. Celtic must look well beyond using the Huns as a Benchmark.

  • Eldraco says:

    James it might not be 10 players am saying 5 or 6 for cl squad but doesnt matter if its 10 or 5 its the quality which means the spend and the ridiculous wage celtic set. Up both these and we compete.

  • Jim m says:

    Not a hope in hell with lawwell in charge, previously stated his obsession with having the old firm brand and that means sevco being relevant.
    We’ve been in this situation before and his meddling means nothing will change.
    He’s that arrogant he’ll think he won the league!
    This team and the manager DESERVE everything that can enhance the march forward to actually compete in Europe and put sevco out of sight and never again have to put up with the shite show season We’ve just witnessed.
    That lawwell bastard slithered off once before after his meddling caused the failure of 10 In a row , his and his sons incompetence almost caused us this league and automatically entry to the champions league, this time he can fuck off for good , he’ll cost us and celtic more grief if he stays and probably the resignation of Brendan Rodgers if the status quo is to repeated.

  • Dan says:

    Going by the disgusting amount of corporate tickets for today’s final it seems cash is still king for Celtic, no regard for supporters. This club is run like BP and Apple. I am not holding my breath for any decent profile signings. Probably the usual prospect signings

    • Quietly Brilliant says:

      Sadly You Are Correct Dan, SHARE PRICE and BONUSES are KING. I know a lot of Fans Who are Holding Fire just now with their Season Tickets until they see the Level of Player Spending.

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