The Board Let Down Our Ladies Like They Did Rodgers. The Women’s Triumph Does Not Excuse That.

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Yesterday, our women’s team won their first ever league title.

Congratulations and thank you to every one of them.

It was a pleasure to be in the ground to watch it. It came at the end of a quite incredible four-day period in which the men’s team won our third title in a row and we got to celebrate that with a party in our closing game.

The women’s team has done the club proud. I am thrilled for them, and for those who have followed them week in, week out, which I’ve been unable to do. This site is still trying to find a women’s writer, and we’ll hopefully have one for the start of the season … but just because we don’t have articles on them every week, it doesn’t mean we don’t care.

I’ve followed them every step of the way.

But I’ll tell you, this season does not end without a little frustration.

Lawwell and some of his cronies were at the women’s game, once again acting as though they played their own role in the success.

Rodgers was there too, and he must understand exactly how all involved feel. As with his side, the women’s team had to win this league with a weaker squad than last season. We lost Fran Alonso because he was expected to do more with less … the only right thing this board has done is getting the right successor in. No small achievement, but still …

They owe the women’s team in the next campaign. Big time.

They have to strengthen the squad and take retaining the title seriously. A lot more seriously than they took winning it this time around. The women’s team are a full part of this club, which is why I went to support them as I do with the men’s team.

It is time the board acted like they do too.

Celtic has had a phenomenal season, with these two title wins.

But you could not get a clearer example of how far removed that success is from the men in the boardroom than the women’s team having to work with limited resources after their heroics of last season. Those above them are absolute pygmies, the lot of them, forcing poor players on Rodgers and allowing the Ibrox club to outspend us on the women’s side of the club. It’s a joke. I am as thrilled for Elena Sadiku as I am for Brendan. They have not only done it in spite of the board but in doing so got them out of jail at the same time.

Hard questions would have been asked if our women’s team hadn’t won this title.

Had the men’s team not one theirs all Hell might have been paid.

It does not get this board off completely because those who were tasked with doing more with less managed it.

It certainly does not vindicate this club’s diabolical approach to this stuff.

After the painful end to the last campaign, it was huge for the women to get over the line this time. With the proper backing I fully expect that we can build dynastic success across the whole club, but those above Elena Sadiku and the players have to take that as seriously as the women do, and if they are up to their own job the future is bright.

Thank you to the ladies team for giving us the perfect end to what was already a great week, and that the goal-scorer, Amy Gallagher, carries on a great legacy – with Patsy Gallagher her great grandfather – is a beautiful thing and weaves together all our stories.

This is what our club is, this is what those who are its custodians are duty bound to honour.

Rodgers and Sadiku have done their part.

It is down to others now to do theirs.

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  • Terry says:

    After The cup final the fans should make it their aim to chase Lawwell from the boardroom. The guy is a parasite and will hold the club back at every opportunity. Celtic should be miles ahead of Sevco but that Cretin is making them relevant .

  • Bob (original) says:

    Is it going to be Groundhog Day – again – with the Board?

    The day after the Cup Final, we should be getting an indication of

    just how ambitious our club directors and DD really are.

    The day after the Cup Final is when we start preparing for retaining the SPL title,

    and – finally! – start the appropriate squad improvements to try and be competitive

    in Europe.

    If Lawwell / DD remain cheap with transfer funds,

    then this summer, BR should be very vocal with his demands…?

    • Quietly Brilliant says:

      I’m Holding back on Giving them Any Money ?. Until I see the Quality of Players Coming into the Club.

  • Michael Doran says:

    Maybe you’ve started this already. The behaviour of BBC Scotland since Celtic won the league in style.
    Pig-sick are most of their blue nose staff.

    It started right after Celtic whipped Kilmarnock and was brought to a peak after Celtic’s celebrations on Saturday afternoon.

    Since then, they’ve been giving it big licks about the ‘shocking behaviour’ of those fans.
    Even giving it top billing on their news bulletins.

    Was it 2021 when they got the league title and 50 of their ‘fans’ were arrested with loads of hooliganism?

    So, how’s about a wee write up real soon if its not already underway!

    Regards and hail hail

  • Charlie Green says:

    Would love to see a GB tifo with Desmond, Lawwell and Nicholson in Sevco jerseys at the cup final.

    • Roonsa says:

      What? That’s just mental. It doesn’t even make sense.

      • Charlie Green says:

        Makes perfect sense. They have done more to lessen the gap than the Sevco board! we should be out of sight by now and this next transfer window will no different.

  • Effarr says:

    Just wondering what kind of goalie is in the women`s team. Maybe Rodgers has plans for her
    next season.

  • Roonsa says:

    Another great article James. I look forward to seeing your site delve into the womens game. I can’t say I am a big fan of womens football but I am open to being so once we get more coverage. Well done on making that commitment.

  • Davie says:

    Lawell is only interested in profit, Lawell jnr is leaving the club but my opinion is h is on garden leave until the profit bonus payouts, Daddy taking care of his boy.
    Both Lawells should be gone from Celtic, fans don’t want either, especially Daddy after the doomed 10iar fiasco.
    Never forget he and Lennon lost us Ten in a row, which should now be 13.
    When you put bonus before the team and fans then you have failed the club.

  • john clarke says:

    Womens Football World Cup Final TV broadcast (BBC) of England’s Three Lionesses vs Spain was watched
    by 14.46 Britons. Young children starting to play football love seeing the women play live or on TV.
    I don’t know if Celtic TV and others are TV broadcasting local women games into select Pubs and Clubs.
    There can be money in it. You only need to observe the growth in numbers following the English W Super L.
    Well played Celtic ladies.
    I will be keenly watching the women’s football games at the Paris Olympics.

  • Camdenbhoy says:

    Silent Majority don’t agree with this always negative view of the board. On our bus roughly a third mostly youngsters have that mind set. Most of us older fans think board are doing ok, get pass mark but could do better . it’s there job to balance it for future not just next season. This spend money is not the answer partly because there is a limit to how much we can sell players for ! . After watching Celtic through the terrible years ( in boardroom I’m talking about) of 1970’s -1980’s this is a welcome change. Be careful what you wish for.

    • James Forrest says:

      You are in conflict with the manager’s own view. He could not have made that clearer all the way through the season.

      Tired of happy clappers casting up those years to us.

      I grew up watching us lose all the time. The 90’s are permanently seared into my memory.

      And you wanna know why I am not happy with some of the people who run the club? Cause I’m done watching Them win titles.

      There is so much wrong with your analysis, starting with the “spend money is not the answer.” Since when did any of us say that it was?

      Spend it BETTER. Ten signings last summer, not one of them any good? Tell me THAT money couldn’t have been spent better.

      You know what the biggest problem with your analysis is?

      There is no analysis in it. Just eyes wide shut.

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