The Desperate Record Talks About Celtic Fans “Carnage.” The Media Here Is A Disgrace.

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Yesterday was a fabulous day for this club, with the fans, players and manager all perfectly in sync and with the boss in confident mood when it came to taking on all comers in the next campaign. The scenes inside Celtic Park were wonderful.

The scenes in the city centre were astonishing. The Record and other outlets had their people on the scene, filming everything and hoping to spot trouble. Apart from some isolated incidents of neddishness they didn’t find much.

So, they resorted to an old standby; complaining about the rubbish.

What a pathetic media we have here in this country that they would make a song and dance about a little bit of litter. And that’s all it was. This is no more serious than what you would have gotten at any march or demo, or other event held in the city centre.

This city still has to stand for the scourge of Orange Parades every year and they generate far more rubbish than this, and there’s also a lot more going on at them than the sporadic acts of idiocy they went hunting for yesterday. The Celtic fans did nothing more than drop some papers and glass … it’s not worth these preposterous headlines.

The council cleansing department will have to do a bit of overtime; hey, as a former Parks worker I can tell you that most of them will jump at it. I’ve been involved in clean-up operations, in Glasgow Green, following all manner of events. It’s part and parcel of the job, and to make a big deal out of it is a lot more than any of those who do the job will.

The Daily Record referred to the aftermath as “carnage.” It’s a deplorable word, reeking of bitterness. If they had wanted to write about carnage, actual carnage, they could look back over their coverage of the George Square riot at the end of the COVID campaign, which actually met the definition of the word, both in the event itself and in the aftermath, where the virus got a turbo-boost and undoubtedly led to serious illness and death.

The way they cover our club is scandalous, absolutely scandalous. You think we’d have seen these sorts of headlines if the Ibrox club had been the ones celebrating yesterday? We could have seen Manchester style violence and they’d have found a way to blame it on someone else whilst talking up the behaviour of their supporters.

Honestly, it’s no wonder that the media makes us sick.

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  • G Glancy says:

    let’s tell the world about this carnage and hide the odious performance at George Square during covid…. selective memory syndrome …I can’t wait to explain to the people that visit here the purpose of the orange parades…shows up how weak and accepting of this bigoted nonsense the country is…

  • Dinger says:

    Dirty and deranged lying scumbags would know the truth if it stared them in the face

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