The Ibrox Women’s Team Boss Is As Unable To Face The Reality Of Celtic As Clement Is.

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The dust has finally settled on the league campaigns of both the men and women’s teams, and after a week of recovering from the men’s team victory, which launched me into a long weekend, I feel it’s the right time to look back at a couple of the odd stories from the last seven days which did not make it onto the blog already … and I want to talk about the women’s team again.

There was an amusing little sub-plot to the end of the women’s title race, and that was the war of words between our own manager, Elena Sadiku, and Jo Potter, the women’s boss over in La La Land after the Ibrox manager had decided to launch a bizarre attack on our players over the doing of the Huddle, a pre-match ritual which not a single person has ever complained about before, in no small part because doing so seems a bit deranged.

Sadiku responded perfectly to that nonsense, blasting back with a superb riposte which had every Celtic fan applauding like film-lovers who have just watched a masterpiece.

“I think she just wants to have something to say and be tough about it so, you know, I don’t care what she’s saying. We always do the same thing, if you see the previous game, they always do the same thing so I don’t know where she got that from. If that’s something that she wants to focus on then let her focus on it, I don’t care, couldn’t care less.”

And we all loved that because it shows that our focus was exactly where it belonged; on the actual playing and winning of games and not losing ourselves in some meaningless sideshow. This obsession they have with the soap opera results in loss of focus.

This is perhaps one of the reasons why we’ve won both titles.

Because we care capable of putting all the nonsense aside and focussing on the big picture.

We keep our eyes on the prize, and we focus only on that. Elena and the team just got on with the job. She said her piece in the media and then got right back to work. Over at Ibrox, I’m sure they stewed about it as they must have over the Huddle in the first place, as they do over everything.

The similarities between how Potter reacted and how Clement reacts to every setback are obvious.

Some have speculated that there might be a club-wide media policy to be deliberately antagonistic. I don’t know what possible good that could do, but I do know that they’ve never offered us one iota of credit for either of the title wins, and that both came off as particularly bad losers in the aftermath. Clement tried to focus on blaming his predecessor.

Potter simply refused to accept the reality of it at all, making the ridiculous claim that her side were the better team over the course of the season, when it was our girls sitting at the top of the league when it was done. That nonsense was shot down by Leanne Crichton of the BBC who reminded her that “the league table never lies.”

But it’s not just that refusal to accept that Celtic were deserved winners.

It’s the absolute lack of respect to an opponent, the complete contempt which radiates not just from her but Clement as well.

They are classic examples of people who go into Ibrox and swiftly become consumed in the poisonous atmosphere of the place.

And this should be a cause for concern for Potter and for Clement both; what has that club done to them?

They are both coming across as bitter and a little bit unhinged, and maybe it is that people inside Ibrox are in their ears, and telling them they have to adopt a certain person in dealing with the media … and perhaps Ibrox just automatically attracts these sorts of people.

It does seem to, and it reflects badly on them.

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  • Woodyiom says:

    After Saturday’s presentation I headed into the Merchant City with one of the guys who sits near me and during our walk to the centre we were discussing the KM tirade and how bad the general Scottish punditry is on TV and we both agreed that Leanne Crichton is, by a country mile, the best TV pundit on Scottish football TV. She puts every one of her male counterparts to shame so its no surprise to me that she put down the Ibrox Womens team manager’s stupid comments so easily and so quickly.

  • James McHugh says:

    As you say something happens to people when they join that rancid club I remember I used to like big Alex mcleish when he was at Aberdeen as a player a and i would have loved to have seen him in a Celtic shirt but when he went to that mob as a manager what a change in the man they must inject something into them to make them just horrible people

  • Damian says:

    This was a complaint Potter made after the cup semi-final last month, which Rangers won 2-0? Has it happened again since?

  • Tonydtic says:

    Look out on Saturday, the sevco cup final shirts will not bear our name but ours will have both team names on them.
    If we win they’ll be in the dressing room before we’re presented with the trophy. If they win (curse the thought) we’ll likely stay on the park for the presentation. Although we are a out of practice at losing cup finals I still expect us to do the right thing

  • Robert Downey says:

    I have been saying much the same for a while now James, it started when Gerrard was appointed and continued until Van Bronkhurst was in place, he has been the only Sevco manager to show Celtic any respect in recent seasons, as for Beale he couldn’t bring himself to mention CELTIC by name.
    The atmosphere there must be absolutely toxic, players who have never even seen Celtic are totally disrespectful, I talking about Morelos and Cantwell and the fat Belgian in particular.
    It’s too bitter and distasteful to be merely professional jealousy.
    There has to be dark forces at work over in G51

  • Sophie Johnstone says:

    The both of them have definitely taken copious slugs of the sevco kool-aid.turned them into raving looneys

  • Clachnacuddin and the Hoops says:

    After reading that I’m actually delighted that Amy Gallacher’s winner came in injury time now as that will sicken that Sevco Bitch Hun Manageress far more than it would if we’d hammered The Hi-Bees Ladies 7-0 !

    I obviously didn’t think that at such a nervous time but I sure as hell can now and most definitely do…

    You can just imagine her going into injury time and us being 0-0 and her so bloody cocky…

    So thanks Amy and the rest of the girls for being so ‘cruel’ to that arrogant Sevco Hunette Boss with that late, late show…

    Elena must have a wry smile and beautiful feeling today for sure…

    She who laughs last laughs longest and all that !!!

    • Joe McQuaid says:

      Not that it dilutes our enjoyment but Amy scored in the 90th minute (so no question of dodgy injury time being added for Celtic to score). Having attended the match with my two English born (and Celtic mad) girls, the joy was fantastic and the smiles just as broad as when Palma netted the winner on Saturday. A two trophy day weekend to live in the memory!

  • Board Out! says:

    Wan soor Faced UGLY Boot! The kind of bint u’d take hame fur the 1st time & ur AULD MAN wid DISOWN YI LOL!

  • Good to be top says:

    Board Out!
    You surely must be kidding. Why would you take her home at all? Are you blind?

  • Kevin Dunne says:

    Anything connected to ipox has always been and always will be ridden with ungracious,self righteous,self obsessed,hatered for ANYTHING Celtic, Celtic woman have done the huddle for long time and now the filth feel it,s wrong , was it wrong last season when Glasgow city lay down to SEVCO to stop Celtic winning title ,and no one can say hand on heart it wasn’t laying down in final mins

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