The Title Party Tomorrow Will Be Great. But Everyone At Celtic Knows It’s A Work Day.

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Liam Scales gave a good interview the other day in which he laid out the challenge facing our team over the next week or so. The title party is tomorrow, and we earned it and we’ll celebrate it and we’ll enjoy the experience. But once it’s done, it’s back to business, and the team has to find a way to lift itself one last time before the season ends.

This should not be a problem for the club. Indeed, the captain has already said pretty much the same as Scale. We have our celebration and then put it to one side. Win the cup, and as Callum said, “we can then go and enjoy the summer.”

Nobody at Celtic is thinking primarily of the party though. The party is guaranteed, no matter what happens on the pitch. Wednesday night took care of that. But tomorrow is not just a big event for us all to enjoy; it’s a working day for these players first and foremost and the work comes first. They will take into that game all the focus and drive they can.

A few weeks ago, we talked about how five wins out of five, and winning this league in style, would give us a break from the kind of people who would seek to say that this is a poor Celtic side. We just broke through the 90 points barrier. We can put another three on top of that with a win tomorrow. With 93 points we’ll have done the equivalent of win 31 out of 38 games; that’s a huge achievement by anyone’s standards.

We’ll have lost just three times. Two of those losses came within a week, and they are the reason this title race wasn’t won at least a month ago. The only other defeat was courtesy of John Beaton on VAR. That’s the one that might actually have derailed us had everyone not reacted to it very calmly, in spite of what was at stake and how the clock was ticking down.

The support of the fans has been critical to this, and tomorrow there’ll be a full house roaring these players on. It will be tremendous. The mood will be raucous. It will truly be a partly atmosphere.

But the game comes first. And St Mirren will make it tough. They always do. Another performance like we saw on Wednesday would be outstanding from that point of view. It would put a cherry on our title win, and send us into next weekend buzzing.

Celtic has two more games to focus on. The one before the title party and the one after the title party. The players who have been and seen it all at this club know that a title party is always special, but that a double party will be off-the-charts. Callum is right; that’s how you want to go away for the summer, riding on that high, regretting nothing, feeling good.

I can’t wait for tomorrow. This is the day we’ve spent the season waiting for, and which at times has seemed so difficult to imagine. But the team focussed and played through the doubts and the torrent of negative headlines … and that’s how we got here. It’s how we’ll put another three points on the board tomorrow, and then head into the cup final on a high.

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  • Gerry says:

    Spot on James! Really looking forward to going and lapping up the celebrations! We all deserve this ! HH

  • Clachnacuddin and the Hoops says:

    Yep – Cup Final places to be played for for sure…

    And that most important of football things to be continued – MOMENTUM !

    A great day for all us Hoops supporters worldwide…

    The only thing we’d need to watch for is if any Sevco Hun Supporting Sympathisers in The St. Mirren team might wanna injure a key player ahead of The Scottish Cup Final to aid their heroes –

    It’s not so Bonnie Football Scotland that is full of football related dark arts and filthy skullduggery so it could happen…

    But Cal-Mac and Brendan will know that all fine well and take steps to avoid it all –

    Enjoy Enjoy your day Bhoys n’ Ghirls…


  • Kevan McKeown says:

    A win would be good, tho nae injuries and havin all the squad available for next week’ll dae me. HH.

  • John Copeland says:

    That national bastion for honesty ,integrity and excellence in it’s scooping of fables – the Scottish Sun – has forewarned the entire city that Celtic fans shall have a ‘ booze fuelled ‘ celebration tomorrow after winning the league title ,once again ! Fun in the sun ! And that shall be the narrative for the SMSM and Sunday papers ? Every piece of paper dropped onto the streets of Glasgow shall be forensically examined and tagged in condemnation for Celtic fans from the envious scoops .Words like ‘ appalling ‘ and ‘ disgraceful ‘wont be adequate enough in their criticism for fans having Fun ? You can sense the terrible pain that those loyal hacks and mouth pieces are experiencing right now .. can’t you ? And the cup final is fast approaching too …..

  • Fun time frankie says:

    7 0 ,or 7 1 the morra and the 1 is only because of VAR cheating SF A bastards fcuk all servo scum.

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