This Callum McGregor Rubbish Is Exactly The Sort Of Thing Celtic Fans Expect This Week.

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What a day, right? We knew there would be plenty of nonsense in the run-up to the weekend, and what a start we’ve had. Giakoumakis and the “true” story of why he left Celtic – he demanded a pay rise and didn’t like the weather – we’ve had Daniel Kelly rejecting a new deal, although apparently he and the club are both on the same page about wanting one completed and best of all we got the Callum McGregor story, and it’s the pick of the bunch.

McGregor was lucky not to get “VAR reviewed” apparently.

For what exactly? A minor incident, not even commented on by any of the punditry, not commented on by the Hearts manager, not raised with the referee, but something that got a crappy refs pundit podcast into the news, which in my opinion was the whole point of them raising this.

To the best of my knowledge, there’s no footage of the incident in question, so no way for us to look at it properly.

To me, this is just posturing.

“Was worth a check it’s not nothing,” they said about it.

Except that, yes, it actually is nothing because that’s what every single other person who watched the game said about it. Nothing.

It’s so unworthy of discussion that not even notorious Celtic haters like The Village Idiot brought it up, and had there been anything at all worth talking about in this, no matter how minor, he certainly would have.

The thing that pisses the critics of VAR off more than anything is that it should not be refereeing games.

Yet that’s what these jokers are suggesting, that VAR, which is involved in way too much already, highlight every little thing, that the ref spend as much of his time reviewing stuff on the monitor as he spends out on the pitch.

More of VAR is not what the doctor ordered here, unless the doctor in question is administering Prozac.

This is one of the most meritless stories I’ve seen in the media for many, many months and it was sort of inevitable that stuff like it would spring up this week.

And look, I appreciate that non-mainstream outlets have to sing for their supper (if you read the piece on Jackson you’ll know how low a standard of content you can get away with if you are in the mainstream) … but I’m always troubled by this notion that if you’ve no news to report that you can just manufacture controversy.

It does nobody in this game any favours, and that’s all they’ve done here, and at the Celtic’s captain’s expense.

Of course, the mainstream media is echoing it.

That’s as predicted.

If it knocks anyone at Celtic off their game for even a moment, they will consider it a job well done.

The trick is not to be too annoyed because in the end it’s all just white noise and we’ll continue blotting it out.

What continues to infuriate me is that there are real, honest to God stories out there if the media wants to look and write them, but that’s too much like hard work, and so we get this.

And there’ll be plenty more of it before we get to Saturday.

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  • Tony B says:

    They are shitting themselves about Saturday and delusional if they think anyone at Celtic will be affected by this magumba.

  • Bhoy4life says:

    Ive seen it on tiktok, its very naughty and we’d be calling it out if it was one of ours on the deck, it doesn’t look good at all.

    • James Forrest says:

      Lol then you join the … ahem … two people who are banging on about it lol.

    • J Hartley says:

      I suggest you stick to tik tok…and leave everything else to the adults…

      • Bhoy4life says:

        I reckon I made adulthood long before u seen daylight and was standing in the jungle as well..its all about opinions otherwise we turn into them.

  • Martin says:

    I have no idea what incident they’re referring to. But there was a missed Hearts red card on 34 minutes where James Forrest took a boot to the face. We know Yang got a red for nearly kicking someone (from Hearts no less) in the face so…

  • Clachnacuddin and the Hoops says:

    They have trolled Celtic all season so they could try something but Cal-Mac could just appeal…

    If it meant levelling it all up they might well cite The Hearts player that booted Forrest in the face as well…

    It just shows the evil that we are truly up against in this bloody rancid football country –

    C’mon Cal-Mac… Make choppy waters for The Sevco Huns – Cos choppy waters = Pure Sickness…

    And The Sevco Huns are definitely pure sick !!!

    • Helen says:

      Always the same whenever the Hoops are winning. No song and dance made about Shankland’s deliberate hand ball which was clearly seen – yet an incident that the officials didn’t regard as a foul far less a card, and also no-one from Hearts complained about, is the main talking point for some of these bigots. They simply won’t accept the fact that we are coming together at the right time – so come on my lovely Bhoys and let’s get a positive result on Saturday

    • Jimmy says:

      So every man woman and child in the country is to blame for Var and the media.
      You are always negative yet we have been ultra successful over the last 15 years.
      If you were around in the dark days who knows how your mindset would have been. You don’t read a paper and don’t go to the games, yet you are always on a downer. We are on course for a double after the treble of last season. Get out into the sunshine and stop trying to bring everyone down.

      • Clachnacuddin and the Hoops says:

        As you correctly state Jimmy, I certainly and absolutely would not read a paper – Bloody Hell that would be the ultimate insult to whatever intelligence I happen to possess…

        This site is my news source and therefore I refer to the excellent content that James always highlights and Thank God that he does, but you’ll no doubt think that these articles are ultra negative as well…

        Trust me the only downer that I was on was the hangover from hell after returning from England last week where I very much enjoyed blowing the grand plus £127 total of £1127 on footy tops, top restaurants, plenty sunny beer gardens, and even (on the Q/T) a gentleman’s club because… well – I am a gentleman after all !
        Ok the team I seen played pish – but hey must I say that’s a positive and beautiful performance – Nope, not happening because it wasn’t…

        I’d hope you wouldn’t be so daft being a Celtic supporter to financially fund papers that perpetually detest our club but if you do and you enjoy their anti Celtic content that James reports on here on a daily basis then ‘Lead on McDuff’ that is your prerogative just as it’s mine to not take that line and condemn these very said Celtic haters…

        Oh hey buddy, I was there during these days of six years without a trophy, and d’ya know what – I don’t think the cheating was anywhere near the off the scale and in plain sight mantra that it is nowadays but if you are content with it then once again that’s your prerogative just as it’s mine to comment and condemn the situation the way The Celtic Blog does in such an articulate and excellent manner…

        Clearly it takes all sorts to make a world and while I’m a very easy going fella, I’m not so easy going when it comes to injustices against ma beloved Celtic FC while it’s obvious that you are very much more forgiving than I am regarding that sphere – As I say we are all different and Celtic are indeed a broad church…

        For what it’s worth – part of my day today will be partly involved with sunshine, into town for a birthday present, cut ma lawn the size of Hampden Park, then take a few old footy programmes for a read while I wait for the fishing lure bobbin to wriggle and catch my midnight feast…

        I’ll need it after ENJOYING blowing that £1127 last week…

        Anyway – Rant over… Until the next one – Because the way Scotland treats Celtic as sure as night follows day there will be one from me !!!

        • Jimmy says:

          Gentleman’s clubs. Over a grand at such a place. You probably bored the arse off the patrons there with your stories of your garden. But hey as you say we are a broad church indeed.

  • Joe McQuaid says:

    The “incident” in the first couple of minutes (before we score), CalMac clearly hurdles the Hearts player, with ref and linesman in position. There was no stamp. A nonsense story (which I saw one of the Sevco blogs trying to push).
    We stick to the script – one game at a time and good things will happen.

  • Bob L says:

    You are correct, James. As always, watch out for the anti Celtic spin this week, but wise heads will see if for what it is. Simply Depressed this lot are … let’s all hopefully enjoy Saturday as Brendan suggests

  • John L says:

    If our manager said, six months ago we were 7 points behind, now it’s 3 and, on Saturday we can be level.

    In the last six months, we are the only team to beat Kilmarnock twice.

    If BR said shit like that, they would be all over it.
    Clement losing his marbles ,is the BIG story, but our rangers supporting media are such a bunch of pussy,s.

    Roll on Saturday HH

  • Will William says:

    I remarked at the time that l hoped Calmac hadn’t made anything like the slightest contact with the Hearts player because the VAR would be all over it.
    Obviously,after a couple of minutes my fears had subsided as there wasn’t even a hint of a review of the incident.
    Perhaps the VAR was otherwise engaged in cracking one off to the month of May photograph in the Sevco calendar.
    Clancey was an absolute disgrace on Saturday because apart from the kick to Jamesie’s head which was ignored there were at least two instances of swinging arms to the face /throat area of Celtic players which also went without sanctions.
    Added to that were numerous bookable offences which he played advantage to but never revisited the fouls at the end of the phase of play.
    I noted that the Orange Bastard Al Lamont in his commentary on Sportscene said Taylor went down holding his face when the hearts player had not made contact with that area but had forearmed him in the windpipe,obviously in an attempt to cast Greg as a cheat because he was not holding the area which had been hit.
    I would love to put it to the test and smash that ,not just the huns,their Ayrshire cousins and St Mirren.streak of piss in the same area to gauge his reaction to the blow…….it might even shut the hun bastard up for a few minutes.
    We are going to have to be at our absolute best on Saturday,not to beat Sevco,but to make the mission of the SFA special ops squad unworkable.
    They are the teams we really need to beat in the last three league games.
    What a stinking cesspit of a football nation we really are……….DISGUSTING !!!

  • Fat mike says:

    White noise or not, it’s something for the referee to focus on, if calum comes within seven feet of fabio Silva it’ll be a straight red tavpen no doubt

  • Johnny Green says:

    Desperate Peepul do desperate things to try and gain any perceived advantage that they can possibly manage. We simply scoff, laugh and have fun at their impotent antics….. but really, when it all boils down to it, they are more to be pitied than scorned.

    Who the fk am I kidding, let’s scorn them unrelentingly until the day they die all over again.

  • Chris Owen says:

    Love your blogs man to me this is just an attempt at mind games which shows they are as good at that as they are at football just remember James we believe in you and our team to do the business so just go out there n have fun …lol loved that and the reaction pure class man

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