Today Is All About Real Celtic. Who Cares What Team They Can Put Out?

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The talk of the media today is about which Ibrox team will be out for the start of the match and who might make it onto their subs bench, but you know what? Only one team matters here it isn’t theirs. The fact of it is that we’ve beaten every version of them which they’ve put out this season, even with our own savagely weakened team.

All this blubbering they’ve done over their injury list is pretty pathetic when you consider the state of the Celtic team which rolled into Ibrox for the first derby of the season, when I think everyone in the media expected them to win.

The victory that day should have settled a lot of the jitters, because it revealed Rodgers to be the manager he always was, a master tactician and strategist who had lost none of his hunger or his ability. That we were very soon in a commanding league papered over a lot of early cracks; it’s as the man himself said to fan media at the end of the final game – “now they’ll see the Real Celtic.”

Because we’ve not been our best this season, and we all know it, and that’s in spite of another title and a 93 point haul – the equivalent of 31 wins from 38 matches. That’s a very good record by any standards. Yet there is a ll sorts of talk about this being a “poor Celtic team” as though that meant anything to those us with memories of the Barnes or Macari teams of yesteryear. If that’s the definition of the term then this Celtic side isn’t even close to it. It’s also not the worst Celtic team to win a title, an honour you can toss around to your hearts content, but it has a few contenders as well.

Even in this campaign, as characterised by poor performances and poor runs of form as it has been at times, we’ve proved that we are, by a comfortable margin, the best side in this country and that’s why, without being arrogant about it, so many of us are confident that this team will have enough about it to secure the double today.

Their fans got awfully excited for a while, especially when they edged in front of us, but the truth is, whenever they’ve had to do it when it mattered they’ve not been at the races and our record against them thus far reflects where the real gap is, the one that’s beyond what you can see in the league table.

That’s why I have no difficulty in making the claim that it does not matter what Manneken Piss is able to throw together out of that squad of his today; we will win as long as Real Celtic shows up for business and gets on with it without being distracted by all the sound and fury the Ibrox club will hope to bring to bear.

This will be all about us. What we can do when we have the ball, how hard we work when we don’t, and all the little tricks the manager pulls in between. We have had a quiet, calm week whilst they tried to find solace in another defeated league campaign and looked for inspiration from the glory years, commemorated in the bronze image of a man who helped kill the last Ibrox club which they unveiled today.

And in between times, they offloaded a torrent of excuses in advance of this match and Manneken Piss himself indulged in self pity about their injury list as though he was the only manager in history who ever had to deal with such a thing.

We have better players, the better manager and the stronger mentality. Whatever the can cobble together, whoever they put out on the pitch, this is about us. If we’re on our game then the Union Bears and their other assorted masked gimp goons face a long walk up the road with only their misery for company along the way.

Enjoy the day, friends, and as per usual I’ll see you on the other side.

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  • Charlie Green says:

    On the penalty Celtic should have got.

    Brown- it’s a penalty

    Neli Lennon- his arm is in an unnatural position but it is the correct decision.

    They are trolling Celtic with this guy.

  • Dan says:

    No final should be played in that shithole again. That pitch is an embarrassment and anti football. No flair player played today, the ball kept sticking in the surface and you could see the extra beef the players were putting on passes. Well done James Forrest for mentioning the pitch after the game. SFA are an absolute joke. Beautiful sunny day and it was still cutting up.

  • Clachnacuddin and the Hoops says:

    The very last minute – Fcukin AWESOME, AWESOME, AWESOME, AWESOME….

    What team did they put out ?

    A bunch of Fcukin Losers yet again !

    Ole, Ole, Ole, Silverware again Ole, Ole, Silverware again Ole, Ole, Silverware again, Silverware again, Silverware again Ole Ole !

  • Fun time frankie says:

    Those manky scumbag sevco bastards are allowed to harrase women and children in the galogate when 400 yards away if they wanted a barny there a plenty of hoops Real Men they could have a right with ,but just like the British army attack the women and children ,I’m absolutely ashamed to say I come from this bigoted little shithole.sorry about the spelling James I’ve had a few beers and I’m so fuckin angry.

  • JohnMc Guire. says:

    what i have seen the klan was almost at a full strength team , so i have to ask how many players does the shitetalker want to play ,too make it even 16 starts and if the bhoys score they can maybe send more on say about 20 for them and 11 for us that sounds alright we no it so does the wee dogs in Glasgow no it the guys a pure Fanny .

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