Today Is Our Day Friends In Celtic, So Do As The Boss Says And Have Some Fun.

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There are people who will tell me not to be this confident.

That ship has sailed. I’m confident for good reasons. We have the best team. We have the best manager. We’re playing at home. We have a stupendous home record against the teams from Ibrox, and especially this version. Our manager has led us through 16 of these games. He has lost one. They are coming to our house angry and afraid.

Why shouldn’t I be confident? Because anything can happen? Yeah, but if I let that stop me from looking forward to stuff, I’d be a hermit unable to have fun at all. Because in life anything can happen. The worst that can happen here today is that we lose our three-point lead. The title won’t be gone if that happens, it’ll just be tougher to win. At best though we can put it to bed, and based on the evidence I see in front of me we’ll do just that.

The boss caused some controversy last weekend when he said that we would have some fun today. He’s right. The team will take the field in a mentally strong frame of mind. We have our top players fit and available. There are players in our ranks who scare the living daylights out of them. There are too many of those players for them to stop.

Our manager has owned Clement these past few weeks. Owned him. He lives inside his head like a brain eating worm. Some of their club’s players are at loggerheads with the fans. A couple of the guys likely to start today have one foot out the door already.

We have found our form at the right time, after a season of frustration. I see nothing to fear here.

The SFA hasn’t even been able to give us Beaton, because they played that card earlier. Twice, in the hope we wouldn’t even get to this point. Too bad, so sad, here we still are. It’s the Ibrox club who harbour nervousness and reservations about the ref.

None of this guarantees us the win. But there’s an X-Factor. That’s us. The fans. Not one of their fans will be at the game. 60,000 of ours will be, and for the afternoon we’re going to make Celtic Park a wall of noise. If we score early, it will be raucous. I cannot wait to take my seat. That’s the only place I want to be in the whole world come kick-off time.

It’s been a long time since I’ve come into one of these games as relaxed as this. Not over confident, just completely unworried.

I am sure the players feel the same way. I am sure the manager does too. That’s why he said we’d have fun. The game is supposed to be fun. Days like today are supposed to be fun, and I think we’re going to have fun today. There are literally zero nerves, and although that might change before the kick-off, I feel right now like the manager has looked when we’ve seen him interviewed this week … as steady as a rock. As cool as a cucumber.

Guys, there are only a few hours to go, and wherever you are watching it, whatever you are doing for it, please enjoy it. I think you will. And remember; you deserve this. We deserve this. This team and this manager deserve this, I believe we’ll get it.

I will see you all on the other side my friends.

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  • Captain Swing says:

    I’m confident we will prevail but always wary of the hubris before these games… like many of your readers I was there in the Celtic end through the 80s and 90s when even our better teams couldn’t win meaningful matches against the actual Rangers (rather than the Madam Tussaud version we will watch today) and we wondered if it would ever end, but end it did and our sustainable approach instilled by the bunnet eventually paid dividends against Murray’s buccaneer capitalism – not so much moneyball as financial incontinence – before their ‘loasdsamoney’ attitude eventually killed them as they tried to keep up with us.

  • BJM says:

    100% agree everything looks positive for us ,but still a nervous wreck,
    What odds Willie collum coming down with mysterious injury or illness
    and one of the rangers supporting refs is shipped in.
    I know collum is incompetent but I would prefer that to a cheat.

  • Terry says:

    Only thing slightly worrying is they will resort to the dark arts, play our tempo calm we’ve got this ?

  • Paul D says:

    Today should be our finest hour in what has been a strange season. Come on the Celtic!

  • Jim Armstrong says:

    Hail Hail fellow Tim’s, at least 3-0 today

  • Michael Paterson says:

    There’s also the Collum factor. Confident but nervous. Hopefully be celebrating later with a cool glass of Sevconian tears. ??

  • Steven Welsh says:

    I so hope your right JF ?

  • Cyril Donohoe says:

    Il take me hat off to you James nerves of steel, i am a wreck here fingers crossed we get the win

  • John L says:

    2-1 At half time , YES.

    Kenny Miller, what a blue tinted spec,s prick.
    Never a penalty as A Johnson planted his leg in front of Lunstrum, wow, just WOW.

  • John L says:

    Sorry, never a sending OFF he said.

  • Clachnacuddin and the Hoops says:

    Didn’t watch James – Too nervous and on daily blood pressure tabs probably a wise decision to go a spin instead…

    But back to the good news of 2-1…

    Probably too close for comfort against 10 ‘peepil’ but we have prevailed…

    Lookin Sooooooooooo forward to Sportscene tonight for sure over a Lager and a Malt –

    Enjoy the party big time Bhoys n’ Ghirls and stay safe from the more dangerous elements of The Huns if pissed !

    Hail Hail 2-1 and all Celtic supporters Worldwide !!!

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