Celtic Fan Media Has Reacted Brilliantly To A Relatively Quiet Window So Far.

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Across the media, there are stories and rumours flying every other day. Yet, Celtic remains in stasis. On the surface of it anyway. Because there has to be stuff going on behind the scenes, and all of us know full well that there will be.

Some of the hacks don’t quite know how to respond to this, as some of their output makes clear. Others are looking for any sign that Celtic might be about to be gutted of its best players, hence a rash of stories about Kyogo, Carter Vickers and, of course, Matt O’Riley. The Record’s piece tonight saying Atletico Madrid won’t pay what Celtic are demanding – although nobody outside Celtic Park actually knows what that is – is just the latest piece of nonsense.

The truth is, our club is doing things professionally. We’re not leaking stories. We’re not giving away our intentions. We are working diligently and quietly and that’s important. But just as important is that people respect the process and allow it to work.

That’s where I think the fan media have been absolutely outstanding here, because they’ve done that.

The Celtic sites are not acting out. The fans in general are not acting out. There is, to use a pop culture expression, something of a “peaceful easy feeling” amongst the fans right now, in part because we’re all still coming down from the double high.

There is no sense of panic. The boss has had time to suss what he needs and is now working to get it.

The media cannot even scare us with the usual spook stories about players who might be leaving. Every one of those stories is knocked down before it’s been up 24 hours. The Paolo Bernardo story was ripped to pieces, deservedly, in an excellent article on The Celtic Star tonight.

Similar demolition jobs have been on stories about Kyogo this summer.

Which is to say nothing for some of the pro-Ibrox junk has been in the news recently, and which we’ve all had a role in subjecting to mockery.

People who think that because they are doing business and we’re not that they’re stealing some sort of march on us … I suggest looking at exactly who they are buying and asking yourself this; if this was Hearts signing these guys, would you be concerned?

Don’t get me wrong, this can’t go on for weeks and weeks, and sooner or later there are going to people starting to demand that we see some life.

But for now, all is quiet and that’s how it ought to be.

This is not giving people a free ride, it’s allowing the club space and time to get things done.

We should all be willing to do that, and most of us are.

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  • Dora says:

    Hi James, you strike me as a fella who enjoys a proper band/musicality!!
    Check out Fontaines DC new stuff- unreal..!!
    Spanish band member wearing the hoops…can I actually love that band any more-it runs deep-almost as much as the mighty Glasgow Celtic but no fear-nothin will ever get there….

  • Roddybhoy says:

    Think you are being very understanding James but never forget how bad we can be when it comes to transfer windows. There are still people at Celtic park who’s only ambition is to be a bit better than Rangers. So on a personal note the Jury’s out for me atm. Been left feeling so underwhelmed too many times to think that everything is all rosy in the transfer window garden

  • Roonsa says:

    I still feel uneasy, James. We have had absolutely nothing to suggest that the board will behave any differently from the way they did during the last 2 windows.

    I agree. Give them the space to do what needs to be done. But let’s face the possibility that what we are really doing is giving them enough rope to hang themselves.

    I tell you this now. If this is another case of we tried to sign this guy or that guy but we just couldn’t get them over the line, it’s tough. Yeah. I’m not being sold that pish again. And if it’s more project type purchases then no, that’s not going to work.

  • DannyGal says:

    You’re correct in saying no-one is panicking James, but I’m not 100% sure about your “peaceful easy feeling” amongst the fans.
    Is it possible DD is waiting to see what rangurs do before pledging major funds to Brendan? Just as he did last year! That was a financial decision based on “their signings won’t stop us winning the league, so why spend £50m to make a minimal improvement in the Champions League? Without a financial return?

  • Kevan McKeown says:

    Absolutely. Keep them guessing. They’ll just make up shit anyway, it’s what they do best. Let’s hope we hear soon, some positive, encouragin news from the club.

  • Holysmokes says:

    The window opened on Friday so it’s not time to worry yet! The club has millions in the bank, they have next season’s season ticket money, they have bumper Champions League money, they have player sales (Johnson, Haksabanovic, Lagerbielke? – hopefully not O’Reilly but every player has their price), they have sell on clauses (Giakomakis, Frimpong?) but that doesn’t mean they should throw money around left, right and centre. They should continue to seek value. The truth is, that having a successful transfer window, i.e. one where you come out significantly stronger than you went in without breaking the bank, is as much art as science. it’s about scouting and numbers, yes, but it’s also about patience, flexibility, decision making, negotiation, timing, and, of course, luck. Any transfer is a gamble and any transfer window has so many moving parts that it takes a lot of time and skill to make sure your money works for you. The manoeuvres are being made by the board but without showing their hand. When the time, and the number, and the player is right, they will make their move.
    I know this because if they do not invest substantially in the playing squad this summer, there will be insurrection.

  • Clachnacuddin and the Hoops says:

    Great article yet again James and very sensibly put over as well…

    “Peaceful Easy Feeling” – It truly is indeed…

    Such a lovely warm glow pouring through every sinew of our fibre being given where we were in March, then The Title, The magnitude of winning it, The Trongate Party, The Ghirls winning the next day the way that they did in injury time, The Scottish Cup Final….

    Jeez – What this football club does to you is beautifully surreal so very much of the time…

    Oh Celtic I love you – Oh Celtic I do !!!

  • Bigchunkylardass says:

    Aye, all the players we’d be lookin at are playin fir their countries right now!

  • DixieD says:

    I have an uneasy feeling about this window which I’m hoping will be peaceful and easy when it closes. We’ve all been let down too many times to have total trust that this board will get it right. I still worry the tired old mantra of “it’s been difficult to get deals done with the Euro’s ongoing. That’s the level of player we’re in the market for, so it’s proven difficult to get the right deals done. We could have brought guys in, but they wouldn’t have been right for this football club” being churned out as the windows about to close and we’re scrambling about trying to get a keeper!!

    • Woodyiom says:

      “as the windows about to close and we’re scrambling about trying to get a keeper!!”

      Your last line is the crux for me DD – we’ve known Joe Hart was leaving since the 22nd of February (basically 4months ago) so there can be NO excuses for not getting his replacement in before the start of the season which is now only 6 weeks away.

      If our new No 1 isn’t between the sticks on flag unfurling day then we know the board are up to their old tricks. Time will tell….


    I’m more inclined to think the Board will be saying to us ‘ ?Take it easy, take it easy…’ while leading us along the
    ‘Long Road out of Eden’.

    They are after all just a bunch of ‘Desperados’.

  • Eamonn Little says:

    Peaceful easy feeling,The Eagles,classic mood music and perfect description.Having said that if there is no movement on at least one or two targets by the time we play our first pre season friendly against Ayr United two weeks on Friday then people will start asking questions,because the truth is a sizeable amount of us just don’t trust the suits to give the manager what he needs

    • jacko says:

      celtic with lawel back is our hindrance every year he says we have enough money for players but he never loosens the purse strings we will never get a managers choice as long as lawel is at th club

  • Paul Foster says:

    Celtic are a mess we are short of players in key areas while the rest of the spl make moves ours is all talk no action typical Celtic board typical Brendan Rodgers waiting for scraps

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