Ibrox’s Shallow Dundee “Victory” Makes Them Look Cheap, Grubby And Vindictive.

Image for Ibrox’s Shallow Dundee “Victory” Makes Them Look Cheap, Grubby And Vindictive.

Tonight, the Ibrox fan forums and their media allies are unbelievably joyous over the “verdict” from the latest SPFL case against Dundee, which has found in Ibrox’s favour and granted their ludicrous claim for expenses due to the cancellation of two games up there.

The exact sum is not known, but it will be miniscule in comparison to what Ibrox pays every week to that squad of serial losers it runs over there. In the context of the financial positions of both clubs it just seems cheap and nasty and grubby and mean.

They might have had a case, but that doesn’t mean that they should have pursued it. Why would they? The money involved will be so modest that it means almost nothing to them; for Dundee this is serious stuff, considering the fines they’ve had levelled against them at the same time as they’re bearing the cost of relaying the pitch.

Ibrox would not even miss the cash, and they can write it off as an expense for the tax-man. It will probably be a sum much higher than necessary into the bargain; if Dundee have to pay these expenses, they should be based on what would be the cheapest local hotel rate, not the ridiculous “we are from Ibrox so we do it in style” demand they’ll get.

In behaving like this, the club across town come across less like one pursuing a legitimate grievance and more like one pursuing an ancient and imagined debt … when you break it down this is clearly, in part, about the ridiculous “dodgy email” saga from the COVID shutdown.

In part it’s also about how the result went against them when the game was finally played; the Ibrox club clearly believe that the timing of that fixture hurt them with their having lost the match against Ross County just days before it. Again, that reeks of bitterness and makes this into an act of pure spite. That sums up the whole way their club operates.

Their forums are certainly not hiding their joy over it, for that very reason, with many of them actually blaming Dundee for costing them the title, an absurd suggestion but one which many of them appear to be taking wholly seriously. Others, again, thinking about “emailgate” have somehow concluded that it was a conspiracy involving us … maybe the Unseen Fenian Hand controls its own weather machine. Some think we’ll pay the fine for them.

“Hope they go under because of it. Unlikely, but would be nice,” one of them said, revealing the hatreds that flow through their forums on a daily basis.

Of greater significance are the number of the Peepul on that forum who have wondered whether compensating the fans out of whatever sum the club gets will be a priority; ha! It’s a nice idea, but they can whistle. That’ll never, ever happen.

But the tone of the media reporting is also pretty hard to stomach, and Dundee must be pretty pissed off that so many people seem pleased at the way they keep getting hit for this. They’ve screwed up here, and there’s no doubt about that, but they would hardly be the first club to prioritise putting their money out onto the park than anything else … other clubs prioritised that over paying the tax man, and then tried to hide that fact.

It’s amazing the sins and offences that our hacks chose to focus on, and it’s amazing the ones that they will casually brush aside. Dundee was slammed over that alleged scandal with the email and they continue to be hammered over this.

In the meantime, the SPFL has announced tonight that it has signed a brand-new main sponsor up … it’s William Hill, tying us ever more closely to the booze and betting industries and leaving us no room to escape, and why? Because Ibrox destroyed the last deal, with cinch, for their own selfish ends, in another attempt at settling old scores.

That’s what their club is all about. That’s the kind of stuff that it does, and this Dundee thing is just another in a long line of spiteful acts which I suppose are meant to make them look important and strong, but instead make them look small and vindictive, the complete opposite of the way they want to project themselves.

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  • Eldraco says:

    5 quid each tae help oot dundee why not

    We have a deal wi dafabet conflict of interest?

    Finally am watching

    Johnny hayes and bernado in 4mill for the 2
    Big nocki says stick it am staying 3 in nothing oot

    Sm watching

  • John Copeland says:

    That’s what I thought too about claiming the cost of travelling to Dundee as a business expense and was tax deductable ,so little money was actually lost to the postponement of the games ? I trust Hector is keeping a fresh eye on this development as theRangers and ‘tax’ are sworn enemies as we all know ….like a boa constrictor and a mongoose !

    • Dermot Mullins says:

      You need to make a profit before an allowable expense is tax deductible. Hard to see how when in their 12 years of existence Sevco have racked up losses of over £100 million.

  • KC67 says:

    Two words spring to mind – Skint Tramps.

  • Jim M says:

    Again more likely appeasement to keep the knuckle draggers onside , hope they enjoy their hollow victory, same as their moral 1 , SEVCO ZOMBIE FILTH

  • John says:

    Dundee should double the price of tickets for away fans in there next 2 home games against the Hunz to pay for it.

  • John C says:

    If there’s a gofundme or equivalent foe this, I’d contribute a tenner!
    Given the teams, local and small businesses their previous incarnation bumped, I think it only fair…

  • Shiltrum says:

    It’s about revenge cross us at your peril . Everyone Anyone at its best .

  • Board Out! says:

    Corrupt SCUM Past, Present & Future! Now Mintys gone & aw his pals fae the Edinburgh Tory Banking Establishments unable tae prop up this Corrupt INSTITUTIONALISED SCUM CLUB they seek to get their funds by ANY means possible!! Begging bowl out for Scottish Govt for £3M which will NEVER be paid back! Their PAIN IS GLORIOUS unfortunately our Tory Board will not BURY THE HUN BASTARDS they way EVERY Fan would if they could!!

  • Dennis Begley says:

    They don’t win too many trophies so they have to appease the neandrethals by posturing, the SFA are cowards with Iain Maxwell being the biggest one, they will never overlord it over Celtic as we are on their case and they know it.

  • Roonsa says:

    And they always have to be so triumphalist about the slightest thing that goes their way.

    Remember back in 2012 when they were shat info creation and they were going to “enjoy the journey” / “make new friends”? Epic fail on both counts. My favourite is still the Motherwell play off game. That will always live with me. Comedy GOLD!

  • king murdy says:

    they are just fukn scum james….i wonder…IF they had won the pre-arranged match, and went on to win the league, i wonder if they would have pursued dundee for the expenses…i somehow doubt….they are STILL lashing out at anyone or anything….man…losing that league really put it up them – as cpl. jones would have said…and as we all know…”they don’t like it up them”…
    as you say…it just goes to show how cheap and sour they are….the board, their players and the horrible poxy fans….the whole fukn rotten lot……
    i used to think my view of them would mellow with age…i’m in my 71st year, and i hate the bastards even more now….

  • Derek says:

    Had to laugh at the comment,they could write it off as an expense to the taxman,if memory serves me well the club off queen and union diddled there beloved leader out of revenue for years,what a pity the taxman didnt write them off and remove the stain of arrogance and ignorance from scottish football for ever

  • Clachnacuddin and the Hoops says:

    They might have won the battle but they are definitely losing the war on things like this…

    They always hated Dundee United despite them being kitted out in their beloved orange to them they were the Fenian side in Dundee.
    Then it went tenfold with the hatred when Mr Thompson the chairman publicly said they had to ‘start again at the bottom’ –

    But hey ho – They still had Dundee in their eyes the ‘proddy’ side of the city (personally I don’t think that neither Dundee nor Dundee United fans give a continental fuck about all that stuff that the Sevco Huns would like them to)…

    Now they are well hated there as well as at United and Aberdeen and many places elsewhere as well, though I guess they still have the likes of Airdrie and Falkirk to cling to for the ‘we are loved’ comfort blanket…

    They also have a thread on Swallow Swallow gloating and taking joy in a potentially impending administration event at Inverness Caledonian Thistle that has reached five pages…

    For fucks sake Caley and Thistle could have killed of ma beloved Clachnacuddin FC but I still wish them well as they struggle out of their predicament despite having that ugly and nasty Uber Hun Gardiner as their chief executive…

    They also have a thread putting the boot into Scotland and while I don’t deny that I detest the bent and corrupt and dishonest SFA freeloaders – I still want the team to do well and all the fans of whatever club they follow to have a pure fab time and a pure fab piss up over there in Germany !

    Social media has been the biggest disaster to ever befall them, fans of all clubs can engage through this means and see Sevco and it’s fans for what they mostly all are…

    Probably fifty years ago we were the most hated footy club in Scotland due to a lack of education and a slightly (in those days) twisted media…

    But not now for sure…

    And with the way that the demographics of the young Scots are changing at a rapid rate of knots, unless they ditch their butchers apron waving mantra they will never swim against the rapidly flowing tide that is heading down the sound towards them !

  • Dave says:

    Swings and roundabouts situation, wait till the Clyde overflows into ibrox, all teams can demand compensation from them.

  • Joe McQuaid says:

    Couldn’t agree more James, especially you consider whether the hotel was strictly necessary for the purpose of fulfilling the fixture – a preference or nice to have for sure but really necessary?
    But if you assume a travelling party of (say) 40 and a room rate of £250 for the night then looking at a cost of £10k – which I understand equates to about 23 minutes of Tavernier on the pitch. Small minded and spiteful.

  • Effarr says:

    Celtic should take a stand against advertising gambling and drinking, two curses on society
    for some people and their families. Either that or remove Brother Walfrid`s statue to Carfin
    Grotto or St Mary`s, Calton where it would get the respect it deserves.

    • Johnny Green says:

      I like drinking and gambling and I don’t feel cursed in any way, so get off your high horse Efarr, and I bet you that I will drink too that.

  • Scouse bhoy says:

    Clach your spot on with everything there but mr thompson was wrong if he said they had to start at the bottom again. That was impossible as they went bust and ceased to exist.

    • Clachnacuddin and the Hoops says:

      Very true indeed Scouse Bhoy And I often have to remind some of our own about that and always will and certainly will to their lot for sure…

      I think though when every other top flight chairman voted against them (Kilmarnock Apart who ‘abstained’ ) that Mr Thompson (I can’t remember if his name was Eddie or maybe Steven) was the only one who went truly public in a very honest manner about his intentions…

      Kilmarnock should be bloody well ashamed and as a club the board showed their true colours…

      I often wonder what the opinions of The Killie Supporters was regarding that situation !

      • Johnny Green says:

        Clach, I don’t remember any of the top flight chairmen speakung up againt them, only Turnbull Houghton at Raith Rovers had the balls to go out on a limb and condemn them,

        • Clachnacuddin and the Hoops says:

          I think Thompson at Dundee United was vocal about them being ejected booted out the top division…

          That would have done fine for Doncaster and Regan for sure –

          But then the late great Turnbull Hutton gave it to them and Scottish Football both barrels big time and had a huge influence in them getting kicked into the bottom division as a new club…

          Thompson and Hutton in particular received the predictable death threats of course –

          If only there were more of their ilk in Scottish Football (Steven Thompson DUFC and Turnbull Hutton) the country would be a far better bloody place for sure !

  • The Quiet Man says:

    Perhaps if they change their inclusion byline from Everyone Anyone to something like.. hmm..oh aye..Everyhun Anyhun they at least have a sporting chance of achieving their goal. Just saying like.

  • Johnny Green says:

    It’s no big deal, I hate the huns and detest the Dundee club and fans, so let them harm each other in anyway they can. As long as it does not affect us, I’m cool with it.

  • Gerry says:

    I was a tad perplexed by all their hullabaloo about the Dens Park pitch etc. Let’s not forget, that the first version of “the Ranjurs,” used to train regularly on the sands of Gullane!

    Big Jock Wallace would have taught them how to tread nimbly in the sand, or walk on water, with big Tam ‘Jaws,’ Forsyth lurking in the shallows, waiting to snap at any unsuspecting player, that displayed even a modicum of skill.

    The information manual on this, must have been sold to pay the face painter, and thus, never reached Sevconia.

    Joking aside, there is no doubt whatsoever, that this Phoenix club still believes, there are many scores still to be settled throughout Scottish football. They scupper commercial deals, they engage in petty wars with other clubs and badger all and sundry, to try and get what they want.

    Let them continue with their trivialities, as the hatred of Ibrokes continues to grow amongst so many clubs and associated fanbases! All of their own making !

    The best idea would be for them to return to those Gullane sands, slip under the rocks, and learn some dignity, allied to, an ability to behave with some gravitas.

    It is very doubtful that they shall ever learn from their mistakes ! HH

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