Keevins Continues Trying To Slither His Way Around His Epic Rodgers Humilation And Climb-Down.

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This morning, Keevins filed his latest piece of absolute tosh. That his bosses think he’s worth the salary is astonishing to me. They might think he’s a controversial character; he isn’t. Keevins has never sparked a single proper debate, except about whether there should be a minimum IQ requirement before someone is allowed to be considered a pundit.

What does qualify someone to have a newspaper column?

Well, believe it or not – and I’m sure you do – the bar is actually set staggeringly low across right-wing newspapers and in the tabloids. And when I say low, I mean that you could find an average person typing away in Costa Coffee whose opinions and coherence and logic are superior to some of those making a living spreading ignorance and bile across newspaper pages and the internet.

This is not new by the way. We’ve always had these people. We had Kelvin McKenzie before we had Richard Littlejohn and we had him before we had Katie Hopkins and there will be someone, at some point, who makes her sound moderately less batshit.

These aren’t “controversialists.” They are cynical bigots playing on the fears, paranoias and ignorance of their audiences and at the same time revealing their own shallow, surface level understanding of the world and the subjects they write about.

Let me give you a “controversial” view so you can clearly see the difference.

A bad columnist makes a bad newspaper.

There are people in publishing who will say that if your paper can hire one of these rabid individuals and this drives readers in their direction that it’s all good.

But the minute you start treating your readers like absolute morons, when you start bombarding them with easily provable lies and gutter propaganda, you change the nature of your publication, because the only way you can keep those readers is to go lower, stupider and angrier. In the end, you lose all the readers you had who were there for your insight and honesty, and that forces you to hire even more lunatics in order to keep the shrinking demographic you have left.

There are segments of the right-wing press in Britain, as in the US, which have built their audience shares on being so divorced from reality that it’s difficult to see how they can ever pivot back towards sanity without a profound, wrenching shock which upends their whole business model and forces them to rebuild their customer base anew. Most of them would go out of business overnight if such a radical turn in their coverage took place … and it all starts with hiring that one “controversial” columnist, in a grab for the lowest rung of the ladder.

I have read genuinely “controversial” pundits, and I know the difference between someone who is smart and trying to provoke a debate and someone who is so uninformed that you read their writing and come away from it wondering how anyone can ever hold such views. Some people who think of themselves as “controversialists” have come to that conclusion because they are so colossally stupid and their work is so incredibly poor that they provoke contempt and derision.

Keevins is one of those guys, a guy who is the journalistic equivalent of a swarm of midges. You definitely know they are there, because they are a source of constant irritation. You cannot imagine what function they have in the natural order and you wish to God you didn’t have to encounter them. Does that make them important? Relevant?

His column today is part of his effort to airbrush his entire season of anti-Rodgers criticism out of the narrative. In this case he’s holding up his hands about a single incident, when he wrote off our title challenge at Kilmarnock, because a Radio Clyde listener sent him a cake with his comments inscribed on it, to literally make him “eat his words.”

A more appropriate thing to send him would have been a bag of shit, as it has the general flavour of his remarks over the course of the campaign, and the pitiful efforts he’s putting in to pretending that we all imagined that. But all that stuff is on the record.

“Brendan Rodgers has only dropped two points in seven away matches this season. And just two points out of a possible 15 in the league at home. But the Celtic manager is under tremendous pressure, starting today when his team play host to Aberdeen. It wouldn’t be hard to feel a sense of a season unravelling.”

You know when he wrote that? On 12 November.

We were eight points clear at the time, albeit the Ibrox club had a game in hand.

But there was Keevins, talking about a crisis at Celtic and a campaign starting to unravel.

“Today they play (Aberdeen) … Rodgers now has a “domestic” on his hands. One false move and it could trigger mayhem among a support who need no more reasons to be apprehensive and pessimistic … If Brendan’s still at Celtic next season I’ll be astonished. The manager has been sold a dubious package. If he doesn’t win the league title, Rodgers will be scanning the Situations Vacant column on a voluntary basis.”

This was the story the media was trying to feed us from the minute Rodgers came back. We were being told that he was a busted flush, a shadow of the manager he was, and the rest of that article was basically a love-letter to Clement who they had embraced as a hero after jettisoning the last guy they had branded a hero without missing a beat.

Keevins thinks it’s a joke that someone has had to resort to those measures to get him even to admit that he got something wrong. I’ll tell you what would be cheaper; getting cakes inscribed with the things that Keevins gets right.

You could probably fit that on a single Greggs chocolate eclair, and only then because his predictions out-with Celtic are so scattershot that he has a broken clock chance of being right once in a while. His newspaper is the real joke, because it employs him.

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  • Guillermo Mac says:

    I wouldn’t be so merciless, James, regarding the output of this ‘journalist’. There are some concerns. I feel there could be mitigating circumstances behind the drivel he produces. Is there a family member present when he is rattling the keyboard? What is his care package?

  • harold shand says:

    Next competitive game . If we haven’t scored within the first half hour he’ll be sitting on that radio show slaughtering the team , Rodgers , summer signings , the fans , everything

  • Clachnacuddin and the Hoops says:

    It’s really strange that a so called Celtic ‘supporter’ like him acts the way you report to us on here James…

    But it’s not really because he seems a strange guy when I listen in for schadenfreude on Radio Clyde whenever Celtic beat Sevco or whenever The Sevco Huns drop points !

  • John Copeland says:

    To give everyone an idea as to the embarrassingly low quality of SMSM ‘ journalism ‘ in wee Scawlin’ we have , how about this doozy from the BBC’s Alisdair Lamont ? Talking to Peter Grant on Sunday Sportsound about any possible Matt O’ Riley offers from elsewhere ,the sage of the mic asked if an offer materialised ,being so good ,would it be ” unturndownable ” ? Whaaaaaatt ! The word doesn’t exist ,yet this latter day ‘ Billy the Kid ’ gets paid the big dough to spout out this type of garbage ….go be a scoop at the BBC ! Pathetic….

  • Tony B says:

    Sleekit codger Keevins appears to live in a state of permanent astonishment, going by his ouput.

    This has undoubtedly had a deleterious effect on his mental health.

    Batshit indeed, but still not as loopy as your average Trump level hun.

  • Gerry says:

    think we all realise that good old Spew, has more faces than a broken town hall clock, and more erratic predictions than an amateur meteorologist!

    Does anyone know what age the old fossil is, or would we have to rely on a palaeontologist?

    Either way, he really is of no interest or significance in Scottish football, and should maybe get a writing job for Saga or Gardener’s World magazines! No disrespect to either publication!

  • Bob (original) says:

    Keevins and The DR have indeed won the face to the gutter,

    with the title becoming little more than a social media content repository,

    with ever more adverts posing as ‘news’ articles.

    Will Keevins be trusted to switch off the lights when The DR closes for good…?

    Won’t be missed.

  • The Joker says:

    The ARSEHOLE wrote 2 or 3 paragraphs today and put it out there as his weekly article,what an embarrassment.
    The auld fud has the cheek to pick up a coin fir that as well.

  • Board Out! says:

    Pish STAINED Soup taker!

  • Jamie D says:

    James, why do you give this moron any mentions at all? He is not deserving of any space on a Celtic blog as nobody I know reads the drivel he writes. Maybe if we just ignore him, he will eventually go away. On another matter that has come to my attention; Celtic interested in an Israeli goalkeeper. I am sure he will be busting a gut to come and play for us with the idiots waving Pro-Palestinian flags. Sometimes you reap what you plant.HH

    • Bob (original) says:

      “…the idiots waving Pro-Palestinian flags…”

      You have a pop at Keevins,

      yet you write the above, sweeping statement?

      I won’t call you any names.

  • Jim M says:

    To use 1 of spew heevins previous comments, he’s, living in cloud cookoo land , an embarrassing fool who steals a wage from anyone who employs him , the old saying right enough, a fool and his money are easily parted , no wonder the broken daily record is heading into oblivion, hopefully with that old decrepit bastard strapped over the bonnet.

  • Roonsa says:

    See that guy who sent him the cake? How can that guy call himself a Celtic fan? Giving this guy fuel to keep his tawdry little fire alight is tantamount to slandering your own team. I wish so-called Celtic fans would stop being so bloody stupid and just totally dingy this cretin. You get a pass James, just. Coz it’s yer job n’ ‘at. But anyone who gives up their free time to join in his silly little games should be shot point blank in the chest with balls of their own shite.

  • John L says:

    So right James.
    On one of the not too many times that I turned that radio station on . He said, BR had, had his backing for most of the season! What a dirty little four faced wee shit he is. Apart from most of the hacks being current buns. They are shit scared of the club across the city, they would rather butter them up, than upset them.
    Roll on their next NIGHTMARE. HH

  • Jo says:

    The JOB is to sell newspapers to the largest demographic in the West of Scotland- not US , he’s doing us a favor – keeping the Sevco fans deluded.

  • James McAllister says:


  • Brattbakk says:

    I don’t know why Keevins is employed and I don’t understand why people get worked up over his nonsense. He’s always been hopeless and now worse than ever whether it’s on purpose or not, the guy is a total irrelevance to me. You could make money betting against everything he predicts.

  • Andy D says:

    Do we know this Celtic supporter? Or did his editor dream up this stunt to give Keevsy something to say? Or, gasp, did he send it to himself?

  • Kimble says:

    Doon in london canny get the daily ragord anymore is it the start we need going going gone

  • sligo123456 says:

    I detest this clown of a guy. He is an ugly wee ba×÷@rd with that crumpled up frame of his along with that horrible attempt at a grin!

    Normally I am a placid guy who gives others a chance (benefit of the doubt)! He is an utter joke and the DR should be taken to task as to why they pay this clown a wage!

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