Most Celtic Transfer Rumours Are Not Worth Writing About. So This Site No Longer Will.

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So, Dominik Livakovic will not be the signing we’re all craving. Nothing about that surprises me. I expressed my clear doubts about this story yesterday based on the indolence of our press corps. There are absolutely no standards at our tabloid titles.

They will pull stories from anywhere, and they never bother to look into the credibility of those sources.

If you live abroad and you have more than a token handful of Twitter followers you can get yourself coverage in a Scottish news outlet which is far too lazy to check out your bona-fides, and this reflects on those outlets too, because it fosters distrust in the stuff that they publish.

I have no need to verify the credibility of The Daily Record, because they do not have any.

I try not to write transfer stories. I generally don’t share rumours on this site. I can’t think of anything I’d like to write less than gossip. But sometimes – as with yesterday – I allow myself to speculate on what the implications of a particular rumour would be, if they turned out to be true. I actually don’t think that’s a much better use of my time; it seems rather pointless when you consider how few of these stories ever actually go anywhere.

This was no exception. The truth is, we’re not going to know where this window is heading until we start closing some deals. I no longer think there’s anything to be gained by speculating on what might happen if one of these rumours turns into something more.

Later on today I’m going to do a piece on our striker situation; it’s not based on rumours but on a personal opinion on the best thing we can do in that area.

As far as the transfer window goes, I intend to listen to the manager and get my information from the one place we can absolutely count on to bring us the truth; the official club site, when deals are actually done.

And from now until this window closes, I reckon that’s the only time I’m going to do any further transfer stories. The only circumstances where I’ll change that policy and write something before a deal is done will be when the media has something iron clad that you can take to the bank, and we’ll know those stories when we see them, and that will only happen when the deal is so close to being completed that the ink is dripping onto the contract.

A lot of our fans are growing frustrated at the lack of business.

The longer it takes for the first one the more the frustration will grow. This is a natural consequence of having a guy like Lawwell still at the club; there is a general mistrust in the air, and with last summer very fresh in our memory, as well as the January failure to bring in a left-back, we all know why.

My own frustration is that in the absence of actual information we’re going to get this avalanche of nonsense from hacks whose lack of sources and their inability to work their shoe leather is reflected in the increasingly desperate recycling of tall tales and drivel which have characterised this window so far.

The way to stop it is to give them a real story … but then, of course, they’ve ignored a couple of them this month already, and I think they are sitting on an even bigger one which they absolutely don’t want to have to write.

In the meantime, I know what I’m not writing any longer; any more stories based off of their incompetent rubbish.

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  • Gordon Raeburn says:

    I am more than frustrated about the lack of movement in transfers. This has the fingerprints of Lawwell all over it allied with his lackey Nicholson. I see another handful of projects coming in and the usual lies about how we couldn’t get deals done in the last week of the window. Our club will not modernise until Lawwell and his cronies are gone.

  • JimRaTim says:

    I hope you are well.
    My apologies for using using your comments free text box as a way of getting this link to you.

    Apparently there were 40 objections received by Inverclyde Council.

    • Clachnacuddin and the Hoops says:

      Anyone who votes for Labour, Tories, Lib-Dems, Reform or BNP encourages this…

      All these political parties are lovers of The Butchers Apron after all !

  • Alex Moody says:

    “Once bitten twice shy”

  • john clarke says:

    I have a thought bubble based partly on a reported comment from Ben Siegrist a few weeks ago. He mentioned players being hidden when coming to the Club. They were told how to represent the Club. How to avoid harassment. It was an induction.
    This transfer window may not have the usual Presser for every single incomer, immediately after they sign. There may be an induction gathering for new players followed soon after by their introduction to the media.

  • John Copeland says:

    If only the daily Record and it’s fellow haemorrhoids ,oops ,sorry ,tabloids , would take a leaf out of your book ?

  • Kevan McKeown says:

    The media will use clickbait tae justify their jobs. The ‘silence’ from our own club would be a good thing, if the purpose is tae keep this media guessin and the board did show ambition. The other side and where we’ve rightly nae trust, is we get this silent treatment season after season by lawwell and Co. The ST money’s banked, the days drag on, then it’s the usual lack of activity or and gamblin with the season at the end of it. Nae European ambition. Usual repetatve strategy. If this happens again, it’s ridiculously obvious ( as if it hasnae been already) they’ll keep doin it as long as the Celtic support keep fallin for it.

    • Jim Duffy says:

      Yes kevan,we get the silent treatment till the window closes and then it’s all the usual pish,didn’t want to join Celtic,agents asking too much ,but hey the season tickets are all snapped up DD and Pete Lawell get there big bonuses and we’re back as bad as last year going to get gubbed in Europe,eh if there’s only as gullible as Celtic fans eh!it’s the same old story,fuck getting humiliated in Europe and being the team every other Euro team wants to meet,a bit like Scotland as long as we buy STs all the money rolls in and fuck the fans .

  • Jim Duffy says:

    Are we actually going to close any deals James,this has got big Pete liewell written all over it ,I hope Brendan stands up for himself against pl and DD but I’m not so sure after his last mantra ” I’ll work with what they give me” this is the old poker playing biscuit tin mentality again and how any Celtic supporters think different I’ll be amazed.

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