The BBC’s “Gossip” Section Is An Embarrassment Of Untrue Stories About Celtic.

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If you don’t know what the BBC’s Scottish football “gossip” page is, then I congratulate you on having avoided it, because there are times when I sincerely wish that I had as well.

Today the headline on a well-known news aggregator which I frankly think this site advertises enough as it is without any sort of corresponding assistance from them, reads as follow: “Kyogo & O’Riley to exit while Armstrong returns to Celtic?”

If you’re sitting reading that for the first time and thinking “Eah? What? Kyogo is leaving Celtic?” then you can relax, because there’s no indication of any sort anywhere which would lead you to conclude that although much of the media is going over every word that comes out of his mouth to find a way to get a story which suggests that he might be.

“Honestly, I’m not sure what my future holds,” he is said to have told the Japanese media, which is true for every player when their club is in the midst of a rebuild.

The stories about him leaving have focussed explicitly on a return to Japan, though, and he added this. “But I want to work hard overseas for as long as I can, and if I can come back someday, I’d like to come back to Japan and play in front of you all.”

Which is the extent of his remarks. Nothing controversial in there at all. Rumours of interest in him from other parts of Europe have faded in recent months to virtually a whisper. So where is the BBC getting its justification for the Gossip column running that?

The same place as the Armstrong story; from the worst website in our football landscape, Football Insider, which this site and others have condemned over and over again as nothing but a repository of clickbait and sports fiction.

They have no “insider” knowledge to speak of, just a stable of people with some past connection to the game who speak as if they are still “in the know.” If that dire site ever gets a single story right it will be the first time.

That site should not be legitimised by the national broadcaster.

It has precisely zero legitimacy.

They doubtless base their “exclusive” on the utterly discredited Urawa Red Diamonds story, which as you can see, the player himself has shot down as if he needed to. But they have created phantom interest from elsewhere too, and according to them Celtic is willing to accept a £25 million offer.

That’s the level that site operates at; not even the lower end of the scale but at the “look how clever I am for stating the obvious” end.

They have the cheek to claim that as an exclusive. Kyogo is 29. Of course we would accept a £25 million offer for him. It doesn’t require inside information to recognise that, any person with a shred of common sense knows it already.

And we’re going to sign a 32-year-old Stuart Armstrong on a free? To do what? To get a lesser player than the one we had before he left?

The chances of that are as slim as the chances of us getting, and refusing, a £25 million offer for our Japanese Bhoy. The Armstrong story stinks of the sort of lack of any imaginative thinking that in this window has linked us to Jota, Tierney and Edouard already.

That serious professionals in an allegedly serious business would spend their days constantly churning out obvious garbage is amazing to me. Jota at £25 million, Edouard at £20 million, who could possibly believe either of those stories, or anything suggesting that Tierney is on the brink of returning to Celtic when virtually every word he has said confirms that he sees himself staying in a top five league … it’s astonishing.

Now we’re adding Armstrong and why?

Because he played under Rodgers and is available free. It’s just lazy.

The story about O’Riley comes from Neil Lennon. Doesn’t he have a job to go to? In the last week he’s been in the media “refusing to rule out” a return to Celtic. He doesn’t have to. There’s more chance of us lining up with Armstrong, Edouard, Tierney and Jota in the team next season than there is of Lennon ever finding his way back to Celtic in any official capacity.

He still refuses to accept that he made mistakes, big ones, last time he was here, although he only has to look at the calibre of clubs which have hired him since to see that the football industry itself basically agrees with the verdict on him which many of us passed at the time.

Their O’Riley headline is his saying that his departure is “inevitable” this summer, which is just a stupid thing to say. Because there are three elements to any deal which all have to be present for it to happen.

First, Celtic has to be willing to sell. Secondly, that will only happen if there is serious interest from a club which is willing to meet our valuation. And third, the club itself has to be sufficiently exciting for O’Riley to leave Celtic to go there.

I don’t know whether we’ve got much chance of keeping him should the first two conditions be met, but the second in particular is not an insignificant hurdle to overcome, and so the word “inevitable” is a fairly ridiculous one to use here. Likely, perhaps, but that’s as far as anyone who knows what they are talking about would ever be willing to go.

But at least Lennon is in the media industry to an extent. He’s also still current in football, with a new job waiting for him in management at the end of the summer.

So whilst I think he’s talking rubbish using the word “inevitable” he’s got more credibility, by far, than Football Insider does, and that the BBC has managed to stitch together its “gossip” headline out of a daft Lennon comment and two stories with that as the primary source shows how far they’ve fallen themselves.

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  • Clachnacuddin and the Hoops says:

    Aw well Good old BBC Scotland strikes once again then James…

    Like yourself I simply don’t read it (and technically I don’t have the right to) –

    But The BBC are not all bad as the excellent Springwatch and it’s awesome camera work and fine commentary proves…

    But of course that’s produced by BBC England –

    I’m sure that BBC Wales will have good output as well…

    And BBC Ireland certainly do as I watched the excellent Mark Caruthers rip that TUV twerp Jim Allister to shreads on their political programme The View on Thursday night…

    It’s something that the Scottish mob would never dare to try with The Butchers Apron loving Labour, Lib-Dem and Tory politicians in Bonnie Scotland for sure…

    But BBC Scotland – Does anything useful ever get produced by them ?

    Well I like the women’s football and I suppose I don’t need to listen to any bias towards The Sevco Women as it’s in Gaelic on their Gaelic channel…

    Oh – It’s just come into ma hungover mind that they actually DID do one good programme – Tommy Burns – so credit where it’s due there for sure…

    But my goodness anything decent coming outta that bastion of bigotry is few and far between for sure !!!

  • Roonsa says:

    I am not sure why you get such a bee in your bonnet about Football Insider, mate. Anyone with more than half a brain cell would know right away it’s a clickbait site. There are quite a few Celtic sites of this nature that troll social media.

    I understand with MSM you can demonstrate there’s an anti Celtic / pro Sevco agenda. But with sites like Football Insider, they talk as much garbage about Sevco as they do us. I don’t even read their headlines. I see Football Insider and I’m like NOPE.

    • James Forrest says:

      It drags the whole of the blogosphere down pal. All of us. Makes us all look bad.

    • Clachnacuddin and the Hoops says:

      When it comes to The Scummy Scottish Football Media – I For One Am……

      Football OUTSIDER !!!!

  • Kevan McKeown says:

    This is what galls me. Lennon obviously thinks ‘all is forgiven’ even more so now, because a section of the Celtic support cheered him along with BR at the end of the Kilmarnock clincher. And it’s absolutely correct, he has NEVER accepted any responsibility for his last disaster at the club, where he also treated the support with complete self important contempt and disregard. Far too arrogant for that. And yet, he still has the brassneck tae think his media opinions are relevant tae our club. Should shut his mouth, tho that’s no gonnae happen.

  • Kevan McKeown says:

    Also, I meant tae add. One ‘rumour’ that seems tae be stickin, is the KT return. Can’t think why BR would want tae bring back an injury prone full back. If anythin, it sounds like the type of ‘stunt’ lawwell would pull, thinkin it would win over the support. Nae disrespect tae KT, it would be a bad idea. Let’s face it, would he be back if he wasn’t injury prone ? No chance. Right now, it’s all just spec tho.

  • Effarr says:

    But does “someday” not indicate a time well into the future? Someday also, he will be an older
    man getting a bit weary of keeping fit and be happy to go back home to wind down, maybe
    that is the “some day” he is talking about.

    As for Lennon, he has become one of THEM. He is now into shredding Scottish football.
    Maybe it was him who started the rot.

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