The Pin Badge Sales Which Sum Up The Ibrox Fans Retreat From Reality.

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There are few things more amusing to me than the Ibrox fans sense of perfect timing.

Even as things change and we catch up with them and prepare to take the prize as the most successful club in Scotland, one of the Ibrox forums has taken delivering of a new set of shiny staunch pin-badges, and they are selling very well indeed. And I laughed when I read that.

I don’t know if you’ve seen these, the famous “Struth badges”? They are quite something.

“Let others come after us,” they read. “We welcome the chase.”

And I find that absolutely hilarious, especially right now, as they are no longer the ones being chased, unless it’s for second place. “Let the team in third come after us,” they should read. “We welcome the chase for the second Champions League place.”

It is almost Trumpian in its retreat from reality, isn’t it? How completely disengaged are they from the truth and the facts? Those badges are like a parody. They are the kind of things a Celtic website should be selling right now, as a piece of mockery.

But they think that if they just shove their fingers in their ears and go “na na na na na” that they can shut out the rest of the world. And maybe that works, I don’t know, I’ve never tried it but I rather suspect that it just makes you look and sound like a loon.

Remember when I posted a few months ago about the demented discussion that was going on over on that forum about which of our titles should “count”? They seemed to think that they could just ignore all the ones where the NewCo was climbing the leagues.

There were others who said that because their team was quite poor – second biggest budget in the country, second biggest wage bill poor, keep in mind – in the early years that they shouldn’t count either.

These are the things they believe in.

This is how their minds work, so perhaps it should not surprise us to see them coping with recent events by retreating further into denial, but this one is a beauty. The way those badges are selling even as the words on them become more and more nonsensical is absolutely amazing to me.

Celtic fans routinely find themselves laughing at this lot, but this one is elevated to a higher place.

Celtic has just struck them where it hurts the most, wiping away their “most successful club” claims, and one of their forums is trading in badges boasting about the record they just lost, and the fans are queuing up to buy them as if that will make everything okay again.

It’s the same strategy I wrote about the other day when I talked about the mentality and the culture of their club, the one which has become about grievance and anger and which consoles itself with the idea that things will fall into place “next time.”

It’s the same mindset which sees them clinging to the past … but a past that’s out of date?

This is a hilarious new low point, even for them.

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    “ …..but a past that’s out of date”.

    Sorry to be pedantic James but should that not actually read as:

    “…….but a past that was never truly theirs”.

  • Tony B says:

    They like being chasers. They have finally accepted their place in the order of things.

    Gives a new slant to the saying “we chase them everywhere”.

  • scousebhoy says:

    they lost the right to that claim in 2012 successful football clubs do not go bust and get liquidated.

  • Roonsa says:

    Yeah James. It’a all very well and good laughing at that lot. We’ve chased them alright. Chased them into a bloody corner and they know they are fucked. Fair play to them, they won’t back down without a fight but the writing is on the wall for them.

    Meanwhile, back in the land of the living …. that Johhny Hayes story from earlier gave us all a timely reminder that we have worries of our own. Please don’t forget the feeling of self satisfaction after last year’s treble. Sure Ange was out the door but Brendan was back and this time he means business. There’s no way he’d come back unless … etc etc etc.

    Until I see that deadwood he had forced on him kicked into touch and some decent recruitment take place, there is no way I am getting too cocky about hun woes. They know all about their (myriad) troubles. I am not sure that we do ours albeit not as myriad.

  • Sophie Johnstone says:

    Don’t tell me they will be adding most pin badges sold to their list of accomplishments,what a sad inferior bunch they are

    • Clachnacuddin and the Hoops says:

      Not that I’d ever financially support the rag to check Sophie but….

      Don’t be surprised if The desperate and rancid Record footy department are lurking on here, see your ascertation and have it in their late editions or digital editions…

      At least they put Struth Badges on them as Truth Badges at Liebrox would see them raided by The Trades Description Act officials for sure !!!

  • BJ Buchanan says:

    The preferred Sevco tipple is of course Deludamol, which when taken seems to show their team as the superior one against Celtic in the Scottish Cup final, where they had only 37% possession and mistook corners for goals, giving Joe Hart a holiday and blindly punting long diagonal passes to invisible wingers. A fabulous drug, really

  • Craig says:

    Class mate let them hallucinate while we grow bigger

  • JMF says:

    Badges? Badges? We don’t need no stinking badges.

  • king murdy says:

    yea james…i go onto FF if i’m bored…read those posts…thought WTF !!!
    they really are unreal….
    ZERO self awareness….

    only 56 days until the ‘tic start their defence of spfl….fukn hell !! dragging….

  • Joseph stevenson says:

    I heard sevco have complained to uefa asking that slavko vincic never referee any of their games again after he failed to award them 2 penalties in the champions league final. I feel though that I have to give them credit, being Scotland’s 17th largest supermarket chain they have done remarkably well. Well done saveco

  • Davie says:

    How many pin badges need to be sold to sign a player.
    The current impersonators at ibrox will try to claim all the goodies of the previous residents.
    Have the impersonators made any claim on the diabolical debt left by the previous residents.
    The problem at ibrox is fans and the hierarchy think they are the same club.
    Well someone can buy Graceland of Elvis r.i.p.
    However because they live there it does not make them Elvis.
    Maybe a few large banners from the green brigade would remind them that they are just poor impersonators with very little history.

  • SLC says:

    The best bit is that these badges were obviously ordered when they thought they were in pole position, and now they have to sell them…most likely they are sold for less than what they were purchased for…mirroring their boards inept financing…ain’t life grand!

  • Graham Laurie says:

    GULLIBILLIES and their MONEY!!! ???

  • Johnny Green says:

    God love them, they are just remembering their past history, you know, the one that they bought from the history shoap when they went tits up.

    They are more to be pitied than scorned, but the scorn is much more pleasureable.

  • Clachnacuddin and the Hoops says:

    Ah well then – There are statistics, damned statistics and Lies !

    So The Survival Lie Statistics..
    = 118 trophies ? by 136 years = 0.867 trophies per season for Celtic…

    = 118 trophies ? by 152 years = 0.776 trophies per season for Sevco / ‘Rangers’ (died c.2012)…

    Now the Struth / SFA Crookery statistics…
    = 118 trophies ? by 136 years = 0.867 trophies per season for Celtic…
    = 117.5 trophy.? by 152 years = 0.773 trophies per season for Sevco / ‘Rangers’ (died c.2012)…
    Yes these are the stats unless the ‘shared’ title with Dumbarton FC who had the better goal average / goal difference is ‘conveniently’ forgotten of course…

    And finally The TRUTH statistics…
    = 118 trophies ? by 136 years = 0.867 trophies per season for Celtic…
    = 3 trophies ? by 12 years = 0.250 trophies per season for Sevco / ‘Rangers’ (died c.2012)…

    So there it all is in fact n’ figure for all to see…

    We are by far Scotland’s most successful football club…
    Not Europe’s (they come from Spain) nor The World’s (they come from Egypt) but certainly Scotland’s for sure…

    You could always try to sell badges James with something on them like…
    “We welcome the disgrace chase” !!!!!

  • Limavady hoops says:

    Why is it they count the lost clubs titles is everyone who
    Broadcasts sport sky bbc etc as simple as there newco they have a long way to go to even catch the sheep shagger never mind the mighty hoops

    • Magua says:

      Limavady hoops

      If Aberdeen, Hibs or God forbid, the Jambos got their respective houses in order, the Huns would be well down the table.

      Hail Hail.

  • Gerry says:

    Do we now replace the old idiom ‘ pinning the tail on the donkey!’
    To the new game at Ibrokes…’ pinning the badge on the donkeys!’

    Rosary beads out…Let us bray!

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