The Record Confirms Itself As Wholly Idiotic In Its Quest For An Anti-Celtic Story.

Image for The Record Confirms Itself As Wholly Idiotic In Its Quest For An Anti-Celtic Story.

“Matt O’Riley lands ‘small’ Celtic reality check from smirking Nicklas Bendtner as Denmark snub sparks brutal pile on” reads the clownish headline in The Record tonight.

But Nicklas Bendtner, the ex-Arsenal forward who has amongst his other achievements a drink driving conviction which got him banned from his national team for a year, and a 50 day jail sentence for common assault, wasn’t criticising Matt O’Riley in backing his absence from the national team, and nor was he critiquing Celtic.

No, the Daily Record has printed the “smirking” spiel of a player who was criticising the standard of Scottish football as a whole, and who therefore shouldn’t be entertained by the media here. Who was it got “the reality check”? Not Celtic, and not Matt O’Riley.

The word “small” is highlighted in the headline, but it’s not a reference to him or to us … but the SPFL itself.

Pirie cannot help himself at times. That man is goon.

Read the paragraph, for example, where he talks about the moment in the interview which references our league.

“Bendtner also suggested the level of the Scottish Premiership and Celtic won’t have helped him make the squad. Pressed on the topic, he laughed: “Yes, it’s small.””

Bendtner wasn’t asked to comment on Celtic, Pirie has simply inserted us in there to make it sound as if Bendtner was having a go at us.

It’s a shocking piece of “journalism”, the enhancement of a quote to mean something that it wasn’t intended to.

Pirie has simply invented that part of it. He’s making up the news as he goes.

It says a lot for these people that they think that this is their job; hit Celtic at all costs, even if it involves publicising an arrogant slur on the league itself.

The media really does piss me off at times, and this is one of those times. Bendtner’s career trajectory is actually pretty awful; he started at Arsenal where was a player of some promise, and he ended up playing the best years of his career in Norway and his native Denmark … perhaps those leagues are better than ours, but that remains to be seen. They certainly aren’t higher on the co-efficient ladder.

In truth, his comments aren’t really as critical of O’Riley as Pirie would have you believe either, although he and other journalists are rushing to give them the maximum publicity. He’s a former player trying to make himself a media career, and he thinks the best way to do that is to counter the mainstream narrative in Denmark, which is that their national coach has made an horrendous mistake here out of parochialism and ignorance.

“If you look at those who have been selected, they are more skilled,” Bendtner said, which is questionable, but an opinion he’s entitled to. “It is always a debate, but if we look at it in black and white. Did he have a chance to play in other games? No. Then there is no reason to take him along. Although he is extremely talented and might be a man for the future, he is a young lad.”

It is hardly the searing condemnation of O’Riley, far less “the reality check” Pirie seems to think.

This is just another avenue down which they’re attempting to undermine his time here at the club and push him in the direction of the exit door … the paradox there, of course, is that we will earn ourselves a vast fortune when he does leave.

Still, it is grubby and unseemly, and shocking the lengths people like Pirie will go to in order to push this narrative.

Shooting at Celtic is their sport of choice, and if they accidently hit some other targets along the way then that’s a price worth paying just to get their anti-Celtic headlines.

What a deplorable shower they are.

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  • Fun time frankie says:

    Pirie is just a 100% richardhead no more no less end of.

    • Roonsa says:

      I read that as Radiohead. I was pure like what?

      Talking of which, boo Radiohead, boo Israel!

      More shoe-horning of political statements into comments same time tomorrow folks.

  • James Fullerton says:

    Why doesn’t our club send Lawyers letters to all the hun infested media to let them know they will not tolerate fake news and lies regarding all things Celtic Football Club

  • harold shand says:

    Celtic ruined the Daily Record sport hacks summer


      Ruined ALL their Summers, not just the Sports Copy n’ Pasters,
      in 12 of the last 13 years.
      A lot more Unhappy Holidays are planned for them.

      Happy Hoopy Days

  • Fat mike says:

    It’s just like all those “al riyadhiya” reports linking goldson and tavernier to Saudi, the link leads to the homepage, and if you search it, their names have never been mentioned in an article on the entire website… I’ve been a journalist and an editor and my two biggest fears were lies and libel.. does nobody check this shit anymore?? He literally has made a living out of printing nonsense

  • Kevan McKeown says:

    It’s jealousy full stop. Their own ‘favourites’ have, apart from their keeper, absolutely naebody tae write about thats worth any big money. So they resort tae the ‘next best thing’, shitemonger about Celtic players. If theyre no tryin tae unsettle, or undermime them, theyre wishin them out the door. It helps them feel better.

  • Gerry Mullen says:

    Could this be the same Niklas Bendtner who, still only 30, played for Rosenborg in 2018 when Celtic beat them home and away in the Europa League?

  • Clachnacuddin and the Hoops says:

    Yet more anti Celtic evil from this utter piece of shit – That crayon scribbler that scrawled it I’ve simply never heard off obviously…

    It continues and Celtic seem happy with it to continue –

    Surely no sane Celtic supporter would financially fund this utter cesspit of an organisation…

    Fuck – I’d actually rather fund The Sevco View (Their club weekly mag)…

    Any Celtic supporter who funds this from their own hard earned cash surely has to be seen as a closet Hun !!!
    Buying it for a granny, granda, old neighbor that canny get to shops etc makes Celtic supporters exempt from the line above…

    It might be useful if a family with young kids were unlucky enough to come down with norovirus that didn’t make it to the toilet

    Because as sure as fuck it’s use for nothing else from what I see on here –

    Apart from its Daily doze of evil about Celtic Football Club And it’s supporters !

  • Brattbakk says:

    I read a similar story about Jota, written in a way to belittle Celtic talking about how bad he’s been since he left. The manager left him out the squad, that was the only fact in it, no mention that he got sacked and Jota’s played regularly since. He’s scored as many as Morelos and Kent combined since they left. There was no need to turn it into an anti Celtic story but they can’t help themselves.

  • Jim M says:

    Daily Rectom, full of shite

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