Which Celtic players are away for Euro 2024 and Copa America 2024?

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While a normal summer for Celtic fans means a break from the game and a chance to reset for the new season, Euro 2024 and Copa America are keeping us busy right now. It’s always good to watch some of the club’s best players turn it on at the highest level and see how they measure up on a bigger stage, outside of the SPL.

This can be a double-edged sword though, as players who stand out can sometimes attract the interest of other sides and leave once tournaments are done. We’ll just have to hope that the club can resist the lure of mega-money for any of our top men who shine at either competition right now.

Having Celtic players appearing at Euro 2024 and the Copa America this summer does at least bring added interest to games for Bhoys fans. Below, we discuss some of the Celtic athletes currently playing in Germany and over in the US that fans can keep an eye on:

Euro 2024: Four Celtic players involved


The Celtic players to look out for at Euro 2024 are:

  • Anthony Ralston
  • Callum McGregor
  • James Forrest
  • Greg Taylor

It’s perhaps no surprise to see that the four Celtic players at Euro 2024 are all turning out for Steve Clarke’s Scotland side. Although Scotland is a Euro 2024 dark horse according to iGamingNuts, they have enjoyed a slowish start to their time in Germany.

To be fair, the opening drubbing against a strong German team that was keen to impress on home soil was not the disaster many hacks cried about and they showed a lot more bite against Switzerland in their 1-1 draw. This still leaves them with a chance of qualifying but I suspect that a win against Hungary would be a major shot in the arm — even if they could make it into the last 16 without it.

How have the Celtic players at Euro 2024 performed?

In the opening games of Euro 2024 so far for Scotland, only Ralston and McGregor have been involved. Why Clarke won’t chuck Forrest on when he is obviously one of the best attacking players in his squad is a mystery, but I wouldn’t hold your breath on him seeing the light anytime soon. Greg Taylor may also be lucky to see any play time under Clarke in Germany it seems.

Ralston has played both group games so far at right-back and has come in for a lot of stick from the press. Yes, his no-look back pass for the Swiss equaliser was a major cock-up, but it was one of those things even the best players do inexplicably sometimes. He’s still the best right-back in the Scottish squad though, and there would not be so much negative attention from the press if he was Ibrox-based I would guess.

Callum McGregor has enjoyed a smoother ride so far and acquitted himself well. He got around the pitch nicely against the Swiss for example, keeping possession and even getting an assist for McTominay’s goal. Although he looked miles off his usual levels against Germany, almost the whole team did.

Copa America 2024: Which Celtic players are out in the USA?


The 2024 Copa America is being held in the USA from 20th June to 14th July and has two Celtic players involved. One is Carter Cameron-Vickers who pulls on the United States shirt at the international level.

Although some are fretting he might not remain at the club into the new season, I think the Carter-Vickers transfer rumours are rubbish and we can enjoy watching him in the Copa America without worrying. Is someone like West Ham really going to pay the money we’d want for someone with a questionable fitness record at best? I love Carter-Vickers don’t get me wrong, but it is doubtful that he is going anywhere.

The US hasn’t played any games yet in the tournament so we can’t say how Carter is performing, but if he shows the same form that he does for Celtic plus stays fit, he should do fine.

The other man to keep an eye out for is right-back Alastair Johnston, who plays for Canada. He hasn’t had the best start to the tournament, as Canada lost their opener 2-0 to Argentina. To be fair though, Canada did play pretty well and it’s always flirting with danger with people like Messi, Martinez and Alvarez to worry about. Johnston seemed to have a decent game and he’ll be back in the next few matches to show what he’s about.

Euro 2024 and Copa America 2024: Fun end to season for Celtic fans


It’s been a great season to be a Celtic fan again, with Brendan Rodgers taking us to another title win and a cup win against that lot from Ibrox. The fun doesn’t have to end yet though, as Euro 2024 and Copa America 2024 both have a few of our best players in action to watch. Cheer them on in as many games as you can catch!

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