Are Celtic Now Finally Going Through The Gears? Or Still Going Through The Motions?

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Last night, The Record broke a story about us finally sitting down to get the deal for Bernardo over the line.

This comes after the same paper broke the story that we had finally made our move for Adam Idah and that we looked as if we’d get that done.

Someone at Celtic is talking to the media. But what are we being told? Both stories say much the same thing; that talks are underway but they might take some time.

In the meantime, what? In short, are these reports designed to keep us in a holding pattern or is there actual stuff happening here?

Once upon a time, I was an avid reader of the business cartoon Dilbert; if you’ve never seen it, I recommend Googling it and checking it out.

If you’ve ever worked in an office environment every single thing in those cartoons will make perfect sense to you and you’ll laugh uproariously at them. Scott Adams, the creator, released a book called The Dilbert Principle, upending the Peter Principle, to suggest that the true incompetents are promoted in any corporate environment to executive positions, where they can do the least harm to the workforce.

One of the great maxims I remember well from Dilbert goes like this; real work plus the appearance of work equals total work. By that equation, people all over the world get by every day doing less than they should. The maxim says that as long as you produce something modest but look busy you can basically cruise through corporate life.

It’s easy to believe that the incompetents at Celtic are dawdling here and thinking that as long as the media is writing that they are busy that we will accept that. Celtic never comments on business being done but twice in a week we’ve had stories about bids?

As I said in a previous piece, the Celtic board gets no benefit of the doubt. The only thing fans are going to be impressed by are results. If we’re finally rotating through the gears and starting to work at pace, then brilliant. If we’re going through the motions that’s a problem.

And the only way we’ll know is when deals are finally done, and the team is stronger than the one that finished the last campaign. That’s the crucial thing here.

No more “talk of talks” Celtic. Get business done. Get something solid for us, and start answering the doubts with actual accomplishments in the market.

It will be good if we’re on the brink of deals for Bernardo and Idah. But let’s not forget that signing these guys will just about restore the strength of the first team squad as it was when the season ended. Just about. We’ve also lost Hart and we’re on the brink of selling Oh.

There’s been a lot more talk about people going out than people coming in and what we’ve got to show for it are media reports about those two players, and stone silence on everything else.

Rodgers said we’re working. I believe that. Frankly because he’s entitled to the backing this summer that he didn’t get in the last one, and because even this board knows how close it was in the last campaign and we can’t have a repeat of that.

Whilst it’s obviously encouraging that “talks” are underway they aren’t enough unless they lead somewhere, and in a timely fashion.

Get. Business. Done. Celtic.

By the end of this week, before we fly to the States.

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  • Gordon Raeburn says:

    I agree James that even if we get those two we remain less strong than last season. However, I might be in the minority here but signing Bernardo for me is getting a project. He wasn’t and won’t be a starter whereas Idah might be. I can’t see any situation whereby we go into the season stronger. The board just don’t do this. AND still no keeper. What an absolute farce.

  • Eldraco says:

    How is signing idah and bernado who i dont want an improvement on last season?. We played bain yesterday ffs!. Nothing, nothing at all screams next level Cl here.

  • Johnny Green says:

    I like to think that I am pretty patient, but after watching the game on Friday night against Ayr and seeing our back up players, I was instantly concerned as it was quite painful to watch. I didn’t really see much to get excited about and was shocked that Oh was playing, why would we risk him with a possible injury when he is about to leave the Club….or is he?….and by they way he contributed nothing. So, I am finally beginning to get a bit twitchy at the lack of transfer business, it’s definitely time for us to do something positive, get it done Celtic.

  • Eamonn Little says:

    Don’t hold your breath James.Im sorry but this board have let us down so many times it is becoming impossible to trust them.If they board that flight and it’s still as you were,then that is gross incompetence ,end of.We need 3 in just to stand still from last season.Please prove us wrong guys.

  • Roonsa says:

    I would expect us to get the Bernardo and Idah deals done anyway barring stupidity on the part of the clubs they now belong to.

    Celtic need to give the fans something so I suspect that’s all that is going on here. But I am fairly sure that’s all that Celtic are blabbing about. It doesn’t mean that’s all that is going on obviously.

  • Kevan McKeown says:

    If this pattern we’ve seen developin time and again, the silence followed by lack of activity, continues until again we fall well short in strengthenin, it will prove beyond doubt and the Celtic support who ever doubted it, will surely realize (finally) once and for all, this board have absolutely no European ambition. Yes, the money generated from winnin titles has hugely helped, but it’s the loyalty of our support that have first and foremost, put our club where it is financially and made the club (and of course lawwell and Co.) seriously and increasingly wealthy. It’s the supports money they’re rakin in, every day, every year. If they fail the manager and support again before the season starts, it’s the last time this, what effectively would be, show of totally contemptous, arrogant, greedy, lack of ambition, should be accepted. Obviously hope ahm proved very wrong. Tho until we actually see positive and satisfactory activity, they can’t blame anybody for havin little, or no confidence in them.


      Well say what you really mean….

      Seriously, you’re spot on. This must be ‘Last Chance Saloon’ for the Board.
      The Club’s awash with money, mostly fan’s money and the Board risk a serious backlash if they
      let down Brendan and the fans again. Oh, and get Lawwell tae fluck. He’s bled enough from Celtic for his Pension Pot
      and wasted untold millions over the last 20 years by his meddling in team affairs. The most overrated CEO in Scottish football history and will still be pulling the strings as Chairman. Every Senior Executive at Celtic has been put in place by him and owe their loyalty to him, first and foremost. Not the way it should be. His appointment as Chairman was a Scandal.and not good practice in modern Business practice.

  • Brattbakk says:

    We all fear the same thing and probably rightly so, there are clubs out there with lesser budgets and more ambition, Copenhagen is a great example as mentioned the other day. We need a lot of quality this window not just to beat the mince in Scotland but to push the club toward our potential and give the fans value for their investment. I’ve not given up hope that this will be a successful window but we’ve not been given any encouragement either.

  • Clachnacuddin and the Hoops says:

    Anything in The Rancid Record is just Lies, Lies and more Lies !

  • DixieD says:

    I said a while back that it wouldn’t surprise me if the board is waiting to see how much we get for O’Riley before committing to serious spending. With every passing day and every further transfer link to him, I’m starting to think I could be right!!

  • Charlie Green says:

    The trouble is the window is shut by the time it’s realised we’ve been shafted by Lawwell again.
    The reason millionaires end up dying of malnutrition and hyperthermia is because psychologically they cannot spend money having developed an irrational fear of being poor.

    The opposite can also grip an individual. The thought of money going into the account becomes the raison d’etre and I believe Lawwell is salivating over the proposed transfer of O’Reily and the incoming money rather than scouting for a suitable replacement.

    I am repeating myself but would have loved to have seen a tifo with Lawwell and Nicholson wearing Sevco scarves at the derby. Would make the point that they have helped them more than us.

    Idah and Bernardo are good but they weren’t first team choices so signing them would not be progress albeit desirable.

    I guess Lawwell’s job is to serve Desmond and the shareholders and in that, he has been first class however were Celtic to do well in the CL surely that would bump up the share price so maybe it is false economy.

  • John M says:

    Signing both will not improve our team. Both did not command first team starts.

    Nobody is buying at the moment. The euros are on. EPL teams are all waiting.

    Things will move shortly

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