“Celtic In Crisis” Is A Summer Favourite For The Press. Imagine Us In Ibrox’s State.

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The situation across the city is farcical now. We have people in the media dismissing it as of no relevance to the campaign.

We have others casting around for someone to blame so that those who are at the club there don’t come under scrutiny. But finally, at last, we have people in the media who are demanding answers and saying that the club owes that to the fans.

Folks, if this had been us our feet would have been held to the fire long before now.

Pre-season is a favourite time for our media.

It is usually the only time that they can paint Celtic as being in crisis.

We are in crisis if we don’t sign players on time. We are in crisis if those players are not perceived as good enough. We are in crisis if we are breaking in a new manager. We are in crisis if we don’t win the first pre-season game. Lose it, and then fail to win the next, and the broken badge graphic is pulled out of its storage space on H drive.

Once the games kick off, they usually don’t have any justification for making the claim. There were two notable exceptions; Ange’s first season when we had people in the media predicting that he would be sacked by October, and last season when we were under attack from the minute the first ball was kicked. More often than not, though, the talk of “Celtic in crisis” halts once the business is underway as the countdown to sacking another Ibrox boss starts.

Not this season. Not yet anyway.

Although we’ve got no new signings they can’t put us under that kind of spotlight at the moment.

Should we go to America and get easily beaten by City you wait and see the talk start that we’re not ready for the Champions League and that the board should be ashamed. None of that will matter once the actual campaign starts, but for a while they will get the chance to cheer themselves up with their usual chatter.

I cannot even imagine the media outcry if we had been coming off Ibrox’s end of last season and we’d signed a bunch of projects and freebies in response to that and then were hit with this stadium cataclysm.

This would not just be “Celtic in crisis” headlines.

The coverage would be wall-to-wall.

The media would not be having a field day as much as a feeding frenzy.

Every person in the upper echelon of our club would be left without a name.

And if we had changed our story multiple times as they have the coverage would make that which Joe Biden is getting right now in the States look tame. The media reaction if we had tried to blame a former employee would have been so scornful and so searing that every Celtic official who went near a camera or a microphone would come away feeling sunburned.

As I said at the start, some of the media has started to turn, and they are demanding answers on behalf of the fans.

But there are other questions that should be getting asked, such as about the costs, the damage it does to the manager’s spending plans, the refunds they’ll need to offer … the consequences of this are going to be enormous.

You would not know that to read our press. If you want to know what it should be like, ask yourself only what would happen if this was us.

We’ve been called a club in the midst of a summer crisis for much, much, much less.

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  • Clachnacuddin and the Hoops says:

    Awesome article once again James !

    And yet an odd (shameful – because they are and they know it) Celtic supporter will still buy them and contribute towards keeping the scum in a job and a decent wage…

    Why they are like this (The Scummy Scottish Football Media) who knows –

    It can only be down to the situation where all of their desperado and dwindling readership must highly percentage wise be predominantly Sevco Huns with an IQ of current outside temperatures or just maybe that all their crayon scribblers and those editors who allow their gutter level lies go to print are of the same ilk…

    It’s strange indeed but then again the one and only thing that I ever agreed with former SFA supremo Stewart Regan was his ascertation that – “Scotland is a peculiar football country’”

    For once a truth spoken at The Shameful SFA – That it took an Englishman to speak the truth truly tells you all you need to know about this ‘football’ country !

  • Fat mike says:

    James, I just want to point you to this article. It disproves everything you’ve just laid out, no matter how many references to movies or roman history you can muster. Celtic are in crisis and this proves it.
    Keep up the good work mate, shows them up for the clown college a proud profession has become.. HH

  • Unrepentant fenian says:

    Bang on James except you forgot about the old cracked crest they pull out whenever they get the chance we are always judged to a higher standard bit of a backhanded compliment when you think about it i am reminded of what a true friend is one who tells you what you need to hear rather than one who tells you what you want to hear the press dosen’t help them one bit by not getting in about the stadium farce.
    Celtic 1st celtic forever

  • Tam says:

    How many players have left them Lundstrom, Barasic, etc etc we were told by the smsm this team are the best for years. So in that case you enhance the team “not”breakitup.. would l like to see CELTIC sign players”yes” but not because we can because they make the team stronger.if it’s a negative story about”the rangers print it then kill the story” if it’s negative and made up about CELTIC print it give your opinion and seek like minded people for their opinion and the story lasts an lasts. The latest deflection story about the stadium debacle sum’s the smsm up

  • Dinger says:

    As long as there’s a crown the union jack wavers at Ibrox sfa and media will get away with anything they do or say

    • Clachnacuddin and the Hoops says:

      It looks like a crown is gonna be there a helluva lot longer for those Union Jack wavers at Liebrox and The SFA and The Scummy Scottish Football Media will as you say continue to get away with anything they say or do Dinger…

      A lot of this in no small part will be due to These Celtic supporting Bhoys and Ghirls that helped to vote in Butcher’s Apron loving Labour in Scotland…

      Thanks a bunch Bhoys and Ghirls who did vote them – Fuckin NOT !!!!

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