Haksabanovic’s Pitiful Parting Shot Is Better News For Celtic Fans Than He Knows.

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I am always amused when someone takes a shot at us and misses the mark, or better yet when they blow their own foot off in the process. That’s ironic when the subject of this piece is Haksabanovic, a player many think should have tried that to see if it made him a more effective footballer.

To be fair to him, that was never his biggest problem. His attitude was.

And that attitude is going to get him into trouble wherever he goes. In some ways he was in danger of becoming our version of Tik Tok Todd across the city. Except that we have a better a squad and were smart enough, under Rodgers, to get him out of the building.

He does like to mouth. He does like to talk. He does like a wee social media whinge. That’s not good. That’s someone whose head is not fully on his football, and when you still have a lot to learn as he does then you really ought to be concentrating on that.

Rodgers prefers players who know what’s important and concentrate on it.

He has no time for players who think they are entitled to something, and he’s especially not impressed by those who think the best way to get the manager’s attention is to stamp their feet and broadcast their unhappiness on Instagram. So, a parting of the ways was almost certain.

In the aftermath of his departure, he’s almost gone out of his way to advertise the reasons so many of us were a bit “meh” at the idea of keeping him around.

He’s had two digs at the judgement of people at the club, and today he’s actually clarified that and said that it’s the manager who has forced him out the door. He says the board wanted him, but Rodgers wanted him out and so that’s the reason he’s gone.

Maybe he thinks we’ll lobby the boss for his return.

But if you’re like me that claim will have gladdened your heart instead of causing it to sink. That claim will have made your day as it has made mine. Amazing that he can have been around Celtic without really understanding the fans and the way we think.

I mean let me see if I understand this; Brendan Rodgers made that decision against the wishes of the directors?

He actually over-ruled their view and chose to keep a player the bean-counters had hoped to retain?

And this is … bad news?

This is a negative?

I don’t know … but I was pretty happy when I heard that.

I was smiling. I am sure I punched the air. The control is definitely where it belongs. The authority rests where it needs to. The power lies with the boss and that’s exactly where we would all want it to be.

Haksabanovic has brought us glad tidings.

He obviously doesn’t know that.

But this, finally, is the first confirmation that Rodgers sits atop the throne.

Long may he reign.

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  • Adam Thomson says:

    Welcome to Ms Joanne mc nairn as the new secretary of the club and thank you to Mr Duffy for his service .I know you do not publish all my comments but I am only speaking the truth ,keep up the good work james .

  • Guillermo Mac says:

    Haksabanovic returned for training after last summer’s close season sporting a tattoo which read ‘Get rich or die trying.’ On hearing of this, I immediately lost any interest in where he goes or what he does, as long as it is as far away from Celtic Park as possible.

  • Jimbo says:

    Think you meant “get rid of” rather than “keep”

  • Clachnacuddin and the Hoops says:

    That’s two good ones that’s left the building then…

    Him and Sonny Lawwell –

    Perhaps it was ‘Sonny’ that he was referring to when he said ‘directors’ wanted to keep him at Parkhead…

    Well done to Brendan for showing them both whose the top dog in charge at Paradise !!!

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