If Ibrox Moves For Miovski It Won’t Be “The Rivalry” That Stops A Deal Getting Done.

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As Celtic fans continue to debate the possibility that we might make a move for Bojan Miovski a rather amusing report has surfaced tonight linking the club from Ibrox with him. The hilarious thing about that report – such as it is – is the notion that what might scupper the deal is the “rivalry” between the two clubs. Have you ever heard such nonsense?

One thing above all else will stand in the way of a deal being done there. The Ibrox club, facing multiple crises at the moment, do not have the money to even make them an opening bid which would not automatically gain entry to the Scottish Comedy Awards. Without the pot to piss in or, at the moment, a home with a window to throw it out, they don’t have a prayer of tempting the Aberdeen board to do anything other than laugh at them.

All summer long so far we’ve had crazy stories about how they might go for this player or that player, and when you look at the fact that have, in fact, signed people it might be easy to forget that they’ve not spent any real money. A lot of smoke has been blown to disguise that fact, but the chances are high that when we do announce our first signing that the player we bring in will have cost more than the total of their transfer spend as it currently stands.

Let me tell you, a club which is still frantically calling around looking for a ground to play in is not in any position to spend big money. They were in a precarious enough spot before they admitted the truth to their fans about the ground renovation delays, considering the much anticipated eight figure offer for Butland didn’t come in. And what happened with the Saudis? Damn that Steven Gerrard for changing his mobile number and immediately blocking their calls!

Didn’t our sites all say they would be lucky to attract those bids?

The way the media talks about that club is so flagrantly dishonest. Aberdeen are accused of being viewed as a club which would “hold them to ransom.” What rubbish. There is no ransom here. Clubs have a valuation of their players.

If that valuation is fair and reasonable then they are entitled to hold out for it. In previous pieces about Miovski, and Idah, I’ve said that if we make bids their clubs have to be realistic. They can choose not to be, if they want, but that would mean getting nothing but what we consider an unreasonable number would almost certainly be considered equally unreasonable elsewhere … anyway, that’s not what we’re talking about here.

Even Celtic’s opening offer, should we make one, would be much higher than Ibrox would be able to muster, even in the final push for the player. Shankland is worth much less than Miovski; isn’t it funny that a lot of folk close to Hearts say that he’s financially out of their reach? If they can’t get a deal done for him then there is no chance of them getting the boy from Aberdeen.

And everyone knows this. Everyone knows what the real problem is with them admiring Miovski; cold hard cash, or the lack thereof. Rather than just say that the media would rather drum up nonsensical reasons to do with rivalry.

Clubs do business with rivals all the time. If they can afford it. They can’t. That’s the only story that matters here. The rest is just hot air.

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  • Clachnacuddin and the Hoops says:

    More Lies for Liebrox then eh….

    Who’d have thunk that scenario then – (Chortle, Snigger, Laugh, Contemptuous Snigger)…

    It’s gotta be The Daily Record ?? – Whatever it’ll be someone from The Scummy Scottish Football Media for sure…

    Thanks for flagging it up James or I’d never have known –

    Cos they ain’t even getting £0.0000000000001 Pence or whatever it is that they get for a click hit from me for sure…

    Not now – Not ever more !

  • Tony B says:

    The huns are skint, borassic lint, total strangers to the smallest coin of the realm.

    They are therefore in no position to buy anyone who costs real money, as opposed to the pay you next year deals that they commonly exploit.

    Small potatoes and getting smaller. Of no consequence and beneath our interest or attention.

    About as relevant as Third Lanark and just as dead.

  • Jim M says:

    The facts are , sevco are yet to determine where they’ll play until ibrokes is repaired, your guess is as good as mine on that .
    Financially the repairs are emptying them , paying for somewhere to play will cripple them, they have no money, no assets in the team , the sinking ship SS IBROKES is taking on water at an alarming rate , even heading for the rocks to attempt to salvage something is futile as they have Uncle Albert from only fools and horses at the wheel, and we all know how that ends.
    I genuinely believe this is administration again as the only scraps they can salvage is falling on their collective swords and hope and PREY that liquidation is not over the hill waiting for them like the boatman primed for the return ticket to hades.

  • Jim M says:


  • Bryan Coyle says:

    The hun media totally blank the Ibrox shitshow and come out with pish like this they are unbelievable.Cowards to a man beneath contempt.

  • Captain Swing says:

    Clubs playing out of iBrox do have a long and undistinguished history of spending money that they don’t have. That said, this smacks of a story planted in the press by Aberdeen to smoke out a bid from Celtic…..

  • DannyGal says:

    This means they’ll go in with a low-ball offer and the media will blame the rivalry. Had to laugh when they said Barron is ready to run the “gauntlet of hate” from the red army!

  • Jim Duffy says:

    I still wonder though,why Celtic haven’t yet made a bid to get miovski in our team,we can’t wait forever on Norwich deciding what to do with Idah,besides miovski is a proven goal scorer,he may even take that goalscoring threat into Europe,I just don’t know how with all the money we have we seem to drag our heels over every possible signing,ie Mcginn,Fletcher etc is this big liewell trying to play poker again to save a few hundred thousand,I’m not sure Brendan is solely in charge of recruitment, when Ange was here these deals were done and dusted within days ,but he didn’t have liewell poking his nose in, Celtic need to start moving on getting new players in and soon.

    • watsamatabooboo says:

      He already has mate, he scored twice and got 1 assist in 2 Europa League qualifiers last season, and same return again in 5 Conference League matches.

      Aberdeen had Eintracht Frankfurt, PAOK and HJK Helsinki in group stage and actually performed well against the Greeks & Germans, though didn’t look too clever v the Finns. Miovski was easily their standout player though, he was up top on his own against good opposition and dragging defenders all over the place. Has done it against us and the zombies too, if we aren’t giving this guy serious consideration then questions really have to be asked.

  • JimBhoy says:

    But they have just beaten off EPL interest to sign an SPFL wonderkid, Alfie something. DR get the award for Ibrox sensationalism for sure.

    I am not sure rangers have signed anyone who is first team ready, maybe first team pushed as they have lost half a team and still trying to punt more to pay the rent at Murrayfield or more likely Hampden with the Scottish football power brokers bending to the need of the rangers again, moving around fixtures to suit ibrox and to comply to their other commitments for the ground. It will happen.

    Like I posted 5 or 6 week’s back we will see Celtic’s newbies on the last few hours of the window as always with Brendan and one or two reported that we just missed. Same old narrative.

    Time to invest Celtic, rude financial health with the big cup money coming also and 2 new shirts hitting the market. Time to get us up another level above the Klan’s favourites.

    • Clachnacuddin and the Hoops says:

      ‘Rangers’ definitely haven’t signed anyone who is first team ready…

      Of that much I am absolutely certain –

      Cos ‘Rangers’ are as dead as the dinasours that they were…

      Even if The DR says they’re not – We all know that they are –

      Anyway a very good post with fine points raised !

  • Tony says:

    Slightly off topic, but remember this the next time you hear about new co, same club,engine room subsiduary etc

  • DannyGal says:

    Clement just said himself that he’s just signed development players and these are the easy ones to sign. He said he’s now looking for experienced players which will take longer.

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