The Glib And Shameless One Is Back, But It’s Not To Ride To The Rescue At Lego Land.

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There was some excitement on the Ibrox fan forums last night as the hopeful news swept through their members that The Glib & Shameless One had emerged from his South African bolthole and swept back into Scotland.

Was he here to ride to the rescue on his dashing white steed? Was the story even accurate? Well, apparently it was.

Because yes, indeed, he was here yesterday and he might even still be lurking about. So, lock your doors and keep your valuables where you can see them, at least until he’s definitely gone again. You can never be too careful when someone like him is around.

Yet for a brief time last night he was exalted on those forums as a man who might just step in and save the day, by bringing some honour and professionalism to the proceedings.

There is a cult crime movie called Things To Do In Denver When You’re Dead; I’ve always loved it, and especially after I realised it’s named after the brilliant Warren Zevon song.

In the movie, a rag-bag of desperados are tasked to commit a crime, they botch the job and the orders come down that all are to be executed.

The movie is about the various ways they go about dealing with that situation.

One of them, Easy Wind, decides to run and Jimmy The Saint, the guy who put together the team and who will suffer the same fate as his people, gets busy crafting his exit. Jimmy sets him up with a safe haven with a notorious crime lord, Baby Sinister.

As he’s saying goodbye to his friend, Easy Wind looks at the guys who will thereafter be trusted to protect him.

“When your saviours look like those mofos,” he says, “you know you done stepped in it one time too many.”

Well, exactly.

Can you even imagine how desperate you have to be that you would see Dave King as a potential rescuer?

What kind of trouble would you need to be in to see him coming over the horizon at you and think that life had suddenly just got better?

This is how desperate their fans are right now for a sign, any sign, that there is a hero on the horizon.

Football Insider, which even their lot know is barking and utter rubbish, even managed to scam them the other day with a story about a takeover bid!

Sadly, for them, and I suppose for those of us who consider King hilarious and his constant butting in amusing in a way Tony Blair trying to lecture the Starmer government is not, the Glib and Shameless One was not here to ride to the rescue or even to offer them some advice.

He was here at St Andrews to caddy for Gary Player, his mate.

What a shame.

Because he spoke so highly about Bennett that it would have been hilarious to hear him offer a critique of him. He got the club into so many court cases that it would have been beyond satisfying to hear him rant about people who should be sued.

The truth is though, he doesn’t want to know.

He couldn’t care less about The Peepul and their plight, and he never actually did.

He’s an egotist who was only ever interested in his own self-aggrandisement.

If he could find a mug to buy those toilet paper shares of his they would never hear from him again, and neither would the rest of us.

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  • John Copeland says:

    Incidentally , King has split the golfer Gary Player’s family apart . Dad Gary , sought to get King’s s advice on some financial matters and his son has refused to speak to his father as he knows that King travels around South Africa on horseback . The son is also well aware of King’s horrendous financial reputation especially with the SA tax case some years back and wanted his father to disassociate himself from King entirely . Concomitantly ,King caddies for Mr Player from time to time . King is like a hungry honey badger on the prowl …he wreaks havoc to everything in his path ! Dave ‘ Grit ‘ King …

  • Adoo Fellaffadyke says:

    Boat Drinks!

  • Johnny Green says:

    Did he not pop over to Parkhead to check his prediction that the house of cards would collapse in on itself after 55. Maybe he got his prescient message slightly mixed up and that, when we get 55, that it will be the huns that will disintegrate.

    Now that would be much more likely.

  • Clachnacuddin and the Hoops says:

    I’d think that he’d be getting pissed off with Sevco by now…

    His confetti shares now in confetti, confetti, confetti shares –

    And didn’t The crippled one not screw him outta £20 million allegedly…

    Aye well – Dine with the devil and all that…

    No sympathy here for sure !

    • John C says:

      I often thought getting his 20 million back was his true motive for wrestling the reigns of control.
      Then he got them and realised how much of a shit show it actually is over there.

      I’ve also often wondered, how, given his tax troubles in SA, he could be considered a “fit and proper person” to run anything, never mind a football club where the ruling body demand such a thi g!!

      • Clachnacuddin and the Hoops says:

        If Sevco wanted to bring the likes of Brady or Hindlay or say a living equivalents such as Mick Philpott or Lucy Letby and their ilk onto the board then of course if it’d be what Sevco wanted that Sevco would get from The SFA and SPFL…

        They would see absolutely ANYONE as fit and proper persons if that’s what Sevco wanted…

        Yes even Letby and Philpott….

  • Jim M says:

    Dodgy Dave, the only guy that could give del boy a brass neck

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