Blame Celtic Mentality Getting Refs Nowhere

Date: 26th November 2010 at 1:59 pm
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So here we are bhoys and the special girl who read this, (Hi Mum) Its Friday yet again and everyone and their granny knows what the big talking point is in not just Scotland at the moment, but in the whole of Britain. So the refs all went bowling and scored a collective which leaves the Scottish game in a right wee mess! (Notice the Scottish haven’t used the phrase ‘into disripute’ or well, only when describing Neil Lennon they wheel that one out)

So who’s to blame? Well if you’ve been living in Scotland over the past week then you’ll know all the major radio stations and newspapers as well as news programmes have placed the blame squarely on . George Peat said the time for ‘hinting and inuendo’ was over, then he wouldn’t explain who he was talking about, he only left ‘hints’. Everyone knows are NOT to blame on this one. Every one of the 12 managers in the SPL have history of giving the referee’s a torrent of abuse after a bad decision against their team, Peter Houston even had a go at the referee after he let his team away with a penalty…who was that ref again?

16 Years ago, when I would’ve been 1, even I knew Michael Kelly wasn’t the most popular man at Celtic Park, but anyone who has grudges against him should put them to one side for 10 minutes and go watch him tear Kenny Clark apart on Newsnight Scotland on Tuesday night. The BBC didn’t see that coming. They gave Kelly a platform to defend Celtic and they didn’t expect that, they were ‘done a belter’. Speaking of Kenny Clark, I read him in Tuesday’s Sun and he was adamant that no referee from a foreign country will referee a game this weekend because ‘they want to show solidarity with the refs here and wont cross the picket line’…then he goes onto explain the time he was drafted to the middle east to referee a game when no referee out there wanted to ref the game due to the hostility they would face if they gave a penalty either way…contradiction anyone?

Then the BBC again, last night’s sportsound, I haven’t heard it myself but it has been well spoke about that they were doing all they could,even throwing the kitchen sink at an Israeli referee NOT to officiate this weekend in the SPL, why would this be? In my opinion, The BBC are well aware that if the games go ahead on Saturday and Sunday, then Celtic will have won. We have always been hit with the ‘stop criticising the refs, without them there is no game’ line. Well if that particular line is well and truly sent packing this weekend, what is stopping us criticising them further? The BBC know Celtic are onto a winner and its hurting them, like its hurting every non Celtic fan in Scotland and the world over.

The Aces Are Certainly In Celtic’s Hand

The , to me, sound very much like an ex-girlfriend. An ex that you found out cheated on you so you dumped her, her first reaction is to blame you and convince everyone in your social circle that it was your fault she played away from home. Well it doesn’t wash in that social circle and it certainly doesn’t wash in the Celtic V circle. They have been made out to look like spoilt brats, the whole world is laughing at the Scottish Refs, I think the scottish term ‘get up and get on wae it ya big jessie!’ is appropriate in this case.

And why haven’t the done anything about this in regards to the referees? They should be sacking ALL grade 1 officials and fast tracking grade 2 and 3 refs into the big leagues, surely they can’t be any worse than what we’ve got at the moment? The referees are paid good money to cheat Celtic, so why should Celtic, as well as everyone else for that matter, allow them back into the Scottish game after they’ve thrown the toys out the pram? All I’ve read and heard over the past few days is ‘the have to stand up to Celtic’ so that makes me wonder; Why haven’t the stood up to the referees and sack them? Because if Celtic decided not to fulfil and SPL fixture, or they withdrew from the Scottish Cup, we would most definitely be hit with a huge fine as well as probably a points deduction in the league for, you guessed it, ‘bringing the game into disripute’ . So why are the refs getting sympathy when they should be getting the sack?  Over the past week they’ve caused more damage to the Scottish game than any manager, player, director, or set of supporters ever have, they’ve even done more damage than a January snow storm!

So with all that said, lets look forward to the visit of Inverness on Saturday, and lets all cheer the referee onto the pitch, greet him with chants such of ‘whos the god in the black?’ ‘best ref in Scotland’ ‘you’re just a tim with a whistle’ or all of the above. On the footballing side, Inverness’ very impressive away record is coming to an end on Saturday, Celtic will put their recent bad results behind them and record a 2-0 victory, with goals from Gary Hooper and Majstorovic, well he’s due one isn’t he!

Thats me for another week people, enjoy your football over the weekend and don’t let those poor refs guilt trip you into feeling sorry for them.


P.S, Isn’t it interesting that most SPL managers have all gave their opinions on the referee strike, most of them stating they are against it. Who hasn’t stated he is for/against it? That wouldn’t be the Celtic manager would it?

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10 thoughts on “Blame Celtic Mentality Getting Refs Nowhere

  • Impartial Observer
    4 years ago

    If you want to write a decent blog, there are three essential ingredients. Firstly you have to have the basis of a story – facts, maybe. Secondly, you need to attempt to offer a balanced arguement before settling upon a conclusion. Lastly, you have to have a very basic grasp of the English language.

    Unfortunately, this falls short on all three. Normally I would suggest that you keep trying, but I don’t see much point. Best just to give up.

    • lordofthewing
      4 years ago

      If your going to post on a blog at least don’t be a cock. I would tell you to keep on trying but….

  • Eddie
    4 years ago

    before i start, im sorry for the rant, but ive had enough with the ref’s. Basically the refs are striking unless they are aloowed to continue doing what ever they want without the fear of having to explain themselves or to be accountable to anyone then they are going on strike!! they are a disgrace to themselves, to ref’s around the world and to football in general.

    All teams (possibly with one exception) complain about the ref’s so its time the SFA did somthing other than sfa! but i wont hold my breath on that one.

    The main complaint Celtic have had is that the game officials lied to them. they have even admitted it and NOTHING has been done to them for this. Forgetting the fact that the 4 match officials were so quickly and easily talked into lieing about their actions, the “head of ref development” was happy to also continue this lie. If they are so quick and happy to lie this time, what else have they lied about. Honest men take much longer to be convinced they should lie than that. and knowing how easy it is to get the other officials to lie to cover you, what would stop the ref or assistants from just making any decisions they feel like. they have already proved themselves dishonest, immoral is on the same path.

    Remember this is the same sfa that had to abandon its defence when it was taken to court because it had intentionally held up the registration of a player to Celtic, therefor hindering Celtics chances of winning the title which obviously ment they were helping our rival secure their 9 in a row. Thats not somthing thats up for debate or speculation, that is not somthing thats a conspiracy theory, thats a FACT. (on a side note, i worked with Jim Farry’s neice at the time, i know for a fact he was “doing what he was told” in that case and had accepted a “substantial” pay off to remain the scapegoat and never go public whith the truth)

    Now we have employees of the same sfa now looking very much like they are trying to do the same but in a suppposidly less obvious manner, we also have the head of the ref’s development caught sending insulting anti-catholic e-mails (no matter how you try to defend insulting the pope and making fun of the abuse victims it is still anti-catholic to spread these jokes)and offering to call off any strikes as long as no one investigates HIM!! to be so confidant he could call of the strikes then he MUST know the majority of ref’s are supportive of him in this matter, more so than the alleged reasons given so far for the strike!

    As for the media, lets not hold our breath for them being open minded about this, even the former Celtic player on the radio and press have sold the jersy, have you heard proven or nicholas, derek johnston is more Celtic minded than these two clowns nowadays.

    the only honest journo in speirs and hes a self confessed hun!!!

    I got the the stage a long time ago of hoping the refs were biast, if they arnt then the problem is just that they are rank rotten, and i refuse to accept the media endorsed outlook of “well, theres worse refs in the world than ours so lets get behind them”, NO we should NEVER accept 3rd rate just because its better than 4th rate.

    Other teams and fans, especially rangers should be getting behind us here. Lets face it if i was one of them (just got a cold shudder there) id want everyone to know our titles and triumphs were because we were the best, not because the refs helped us. As things stand there is a MASSIVE question mark over every title they have had since 1995 (ish) well since the Cadete saga. I know id want it cleared up, and id want the ref’s other officials and governing body to play fair.

    Even if playing fair ment they had to go into administration if i was a rangers fan id still rather that than ref help to win.

    this is killing our game and our reputation.

    Come clean SFA & Ref’s, going on strike because you dont want to have to explain your actions is rediculas. And if you dont want managers and officials to talk to you in the angry manner they do then dont give them reason to and be honest with them.

    • lordofthewing
      4 years ago

      Other teams, esp the huns are very quiet over this.

  • joeg
    4 years ago

    The problem we have all created is clear to see. We have made this about us, and worse still, allowed them to make it about us and them. The establishment is corrupt and destroying the Scottish game. This should be the focus, not that we feel cheated. this isn’t just about us. We have watched a Scotttish game plummet from highs to the gutter and all because those who are in power are all in it for themselves and their alegencies. The likes of the cancerous Dallas is a typical example. he and his “pals” like Brines, Dougal, Clark, McDonald etc, are corrupt. They prove it over and over again. But they do it to more than us. They are consistent only in their support of the “establishment” and rangers. What we need is to get others behind the puish to get the cancer cut out! Dallas is that Cancer.

    • lordofthewing
      4 years ago

      ‘hot tip’ is Willie Young to replace Dallas. Fuck me.

  • lordofthewing
    4 years ago

    Do you really think that if the games go ahead Celtic have won? The petulant ones have hit the most needy in the Scottish game with their idiotic and pointless dispute.

    They are just trying all 41 clubs ire on us. We better have a good hand.

    Plus, throwing a kitchen sink at an Israeli is a war crime. We should get Chick done.

  • ianin440
    4 years ago

    Great knockabout stuff! How come the refs picked a week when the Bhoys had a 3pm home game?:-)
    Obviously I hope the game is on. I feel for all the players and fans who will miss their weekend match. Midweek football can be okay but in winter its not so good. :-(
    The refs and their insidious propaganda machine are starting to annoy. I think that abuse for refs, if THAT is what was bothering them, will increase.
    Come on the Bhoys!

    • lordofthewing
      4 years ago

      I don’t think the propaganda machine is finished. I fear that we will have a midweek game.


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