SFA Face Key King Decision

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So Dave King finally makes his move, and goes to call the Sevco Rangers EGM.

I think it’s too little too late, but it raises a couple of questions for the SFA.

First, King is nominating himself as chairman, and he is nominating Paul Murray to join him. Neither man is eligible to serve on the board of a Scottish football club for the next two years, as a consequence of their having been part of the one that consigned Rangers Football Club to the grave.

King is, furthermore, ineligible for the next nine years, because of his criminal conviction on multiple counts of fraud, money laundering, tax evasion and corruption in South Africa. He is the very textbook definition of someone who fails the “fit and proper person” criteria.

It is not the fault of Scottish football that these men are Sevco Rangers’ only hope of being rescued from the fate of imprisonment at the hands of Mike Ashley and Sports Direct. To bend the rules for these guys would be astonishing, and unacceptable.

The SFA has never commented on King, although he has been hovering on the fringes of football in Scotland for the last three years. Their rationale has been that it was not their business because he was not yet looking to assume boardroom responsibilities anywhere.

Well, now he is. Murray is too. If the EGM ends in success for King and his people then he becomes chairman automatically. The time is now for convening a hearing and telling this guy to get on his bike, because the rules are clear.

The Sevco Rangers fans will complain, bitterly, and the media will react with fury … but it will be impotent fury and the feelings of the fans can’t be a consideration.

It is not a complicated issue. It is clear cut and simple, and there are no circumstances under which Scottish football supporters should accept anything less than the SFA showing strict adherence to the rules.

Sevco Rangers is in no immediate danger if these men are denied places on the board. They can install their mates, they can run things from afar, or the whole consortium can spit their dummies out of the pram and walk away, and still, as long as Ashley is willing to write cheques, the club will limp on, without suffering an administration event.

One of the people who will sit in judgement will be Peter Lawwell. Sevco fans will not like it, but they will have to live with it. There is no reason why he should recuse himself from proceedings, which ought to be a formality.

I repeat; all the SFA has to do is follow the rules as written down.

This is bigger than one club. This goes to the heart of football governance in Scotland.

The SFA has a big decision to make … and the clock has started ticking.

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  • Ryan says:

    We all know he will be allowed to take control, probably already has N. Donkeys and Peter Lawwell’s dirty say so. This will probably already be rubber stamped as it’s pretty clear the SFA/SPFL are acting in collusion with the three bears and the wandering tax fraudster. I wish it were different way it is though.

  • bhigowen says:

    Surely you don’t expect Kings ex secretary at old Rangers Campbell Ogilvie to turn him away,after all he was insramental in changing the rules to allow TRIFC to enter the SFL,helping his pal will be a doddle.

  • Mark Murphy says:

    I can’t help but notice that Dave King always seems to find an obstacle to put in his own way when it comes to matching his words with deeds.
    He gave David Somers the easiest excuse to reject his “£16m” equity/beat combo “offer” a few months back when he refused to name his backers – when surely no real “Rainjurrs man” would have been commercially or reputationally compromised by such involvement. Now, when there must have been “Rainjurrs-men”-a-plenty (no women, you’ll note) from which to choose for board seats, he picks two he must know ought to be ineligible for such a role.
    I can readily believe that King considers himself above mere football regulations – the full judgement which included the “glib and shameless” quote is a testament to his arrogance. But I can readily believe that he is happy for others to crush his ambitions, while he claims “well, at least I tried.”
    King supporters will note that the fraud charges against him were dropped s a result of the deal with SARS which kept him out of jail. But otherwise you’ve nailed King’s situation and the SFA’s responsibilities. Keep up the (continued) good work.

  • Ian Baillie says:

    Where does King get his money from? Was it left over from the South African tax and fraud case? Or is it just all more smoke and mirrors from motor mouth King.HH.

  • Andrew Watt says:

    I am often critical of your articles being too long winded.
    This one is superb and to the point.

    Well done.

  • Gazza says:

    Defo smoke and mirrors. MA is forcing the SFA to put up or shut up. He is running every little scheme. That guy is defo the type of businessman you would want on your side. Cross him and he has the money and connections to paint terrible pictures.

  • jas says:

    If Lawwell has any sway in the decision then the rules will be bent, you can take that to the bank!

  • John Mulholland says:

    SFA Apply the rule book are u kiddin, where this mancky mob and the SFA..SPFL are concerned there isnt one !!!!!

  • Idz says:

    Scared of gers with money behind them are you kids I mean wee boys

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