A New Deal For Rogic Should Be A Key Priority Before The Season Ends

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When you look at the priorities we have left for the remainder of this season, one of them is clearly to win the league and another is to win the Scottish Cup.

Those are the major requirements for the club and for the manager.

There are other priorities.

One is clearly to decide the future of the manager himself, a decision, as I’ve said, that I think has already been taken inside Celtic Park. I may disagree with it (if it’s the one I think it is I definitely do) but at least our club will have settled a major issue.

Another major issue, though, is the future of Tom Rogic.

Rogic’s fantastic last minute goal at Kilmarnock almost certainly saved the manager from taking major flak.

He is one of the boss’s major success stories, and a hugely surprising one.

I would have sworn blind that Tom’s Celtic career was over; when he returned I thought we’d see him in pre-season and then he would vanish.

He has been outstanding.

That’s no exaggeration.

He has energy and graft and he gets into good positions and he scores goals.

He’s a fantastic player, one of the most improved at the club.

He absolutely needs to be signed on a new deal, and quick.

I don’t want uncertainty about his future haunting us all the way through the summer. This is an issue that ought to be settled, and fast.

This isn’t James Forrest, a player who has promised much and delivered little, who we’ve been patient with and even tolerant of long after the point where we should have offered him a new deal in the first place. This boy has something. He’s an asset.

He left Celtic Park and came back a better player. Even then, he had the odds against him, but he’s broken through in the most crowded area of the team and he doesn’t look out of place; that speaks to his huge talent and his appetite for hard work.

This is the kind of player we should be building the team around.

Signing him up on a long term contract is imperative, so come on Celtic; get it done.

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