A Guide To Sevco’s Big Champions League Nights

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There are a lot of who read this site avidly; I know that from the amount of Twitter abuse I get from them, and from those who comment on Facebook.

I find the nature of their comments hilarious most of the time; the word “obsessed” is used a lot.

On Celtic and posts.

In relation to articles on The CelticBlog.

Makes you think, right?

Anyway, whilst we’re enjoying the thrills, the highs, the lows and the money that comes with games against massive teams, they’ll be otherwise engaged.

With them no longer having even the revamped Irn Bru cup to look forward to their own midweek evenings will confront them with the option of watching us or not. They won’t do that; they tell you that all the time, although I do suspect they are absolutely full of it.

A lot of Celtic sites and newsgroups have already done, or will do, their own “Guide To Celtic’s Opponents”. We know Barcelona so well we could just recycle old articles about them! Any more draws against them and we should ask for the home dressing room. City are  probably the most written about team in the UK right now, and I thought another article on this group and the teams in it would just be a waste of time, and would be largely overlooked by our fans and totally ignored by theirs, and I like to them a little something if it keeps them coming back … so I’m going to do, just for them (as well as for my own and our amusement)  a Sevco Guide to Champions League Nights.

Their own “group” has already been drawn for them; I saw it on Twitter earlier.

So let’s look at the line-up and at the they’ve got to look forward to.

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